ID: WW01_131 / Winifred Hone

TitleDebating Meetings at the Victory Hall - Winifred Hone memoirs
AbstractDumas, Chadwick, Hollick, Scringer, Grimwood

Debating meetings at the Victory Hall consisted of gaiety and wholesome nonsense mixed with sound common sense, attended by a mass of interested people, especially when the speaker was a well known personality. Most nights after dinner - a private one in the small room - no question of for or against, just a free for all. There was A. Dumas, owner of sloop STORMCOCK. He was rather stuffy, pompous and certainly very early Victorian and determined to settle all world problems in his own way. Mr Chadwick, owner of ?, would put a stop to all that with a cutting reply as sharp as the juice of a lemon, while Mr Hollick with not quite so serious an outlook would just say I don't think so, but nothing on earth would make him say why he didn't think so. At a later date they were joined by a Mr Scringer who had bout ? and had extensive alterations which gave the Admiral a lot of work. His friend and adviser Vol. Grimwood came to stay most weekends so we had an addition to the private debating society. Mr Scringer depended on verbal ability, not always experienced knowledge of the subject being discussed. Mr Grimwood kept to facts laid down, level discussion by brilliant conversationalists to be greatly enjoyed. Remember - no diversions like wireless or television in those early days of the twenties.

STORMCOCK ex REMEMBRANCE built E.L. Woods Cantley, 1924. Owned A. Dumas of 10 Gray's Inn Place, London WC1. [ Lloyds Register of Yachts 1935 ]

AuthorWinifred Hone
SourceMersea Museum / Wendy Brady