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Philip Morant's The History and Antiquities of Essex 1768

Salcott-Virley Page 423 and 424.


  Otherwise written Salcott-Verley, and Vyrley, or Salcott cum Verley, and sometimes styled Little Salcot, on the north side of the creek. It is very thinly inhabited, having only three farmhouses and about four cottages. The greater number of people, chiefly seamen, live in the other Salcot.

  This parish had the additional name of Verli from Robert de Verli, who held it at the time of the survey, under Robert Gernon. It had belonged before to one freeman. Robert de Verli had also Layer Breton, and a maner in Tolleshunt Darcey, now united to the capital maner.

In this parish there is only one MANER

  Verli-hall, the mansion-house, stands near the church.

  The family of Verli, though at first holding under Gernon, came at length to be proprietors here. For, by an inquisition upon the death of Aveline, wife to Edmund, second son of King Henry III in 1275, it appears, that Robert de Verley held four knight's-fees of the barony of Stansted, belonging to Gernon; viz. Toleshunt Darcy, Little Birche, Saltecote, Cofford, and Samantune. By which two last is meant part of Copford, and an estate here and in Peldon.

  As to the succession of the Verli or Verley, family, it stands thus:- Robert, above mentioned, was father of Robert; whose son and heir was Sir Philip de Verley, who had Robert, that married Margaret, daughter of Sir Ralph Gernon, by Alianor his wife, daughter of Robert de Vere, Earl of Oxford. His son and heir was Philip, who had two sons: John, that died without issue; and Roger.

  In 1314 Philip de Verli passed this estate to Walter de Patteshull, as appears by a fine between Walter de Patteshulte, plaintiff, and Philip de Verli, impedient, of the maner of Salcot Verli, and advowson of the church. Walter, at the time of his decease, in 1330 held the maners of Berwalden and Salcote-Verly, and lands as mentioned above, p. 393, in Wykbergh, Tollesbury, Leyre Marny, and Tolleshunt Knights. Thomas was his son and heir, who must have had a son, Walter, else the Feodary of Stansted agrees not with that of Hedingham, which finds Walter alive in 1351. - See under Great Wigborough.

  This estate was next in the ancient family of Att Lee, of Albury in Hertfordshire, already mentioned above, p.393, and in the other volume, p. 96, 473, 625. - Sir John att Lee, who died in the year 1370, held two fees in Salcote Verley, under John de Vere, the 7th Earl of Oxford, and the advowson of the church of St. Mary's, at Salcote, etc - Sir Walter, his son, held the same fees, under Thomas, the 8th Earl of Oxford; and departing this life in 1395, left three sisters, coheirs; namely Margery, wife of Robert Newport; Joanne, wife of John Barlee; and Alice, wife of Sir Thomas Morewell. - [See in the other volume, p.625]. - Upon the partition of the estates, this came to the share of

  Margery and her husband, Robert Newport.

  He died the 28th of October 1428, and she the 20th of January 1467. Their son and heir, William Newport, at the time of his decease, in 1434, held this maner of Salcote Virley, of John de Vere, the 12th Earl of Oxford. - George, his son and successor, held the same at the time of his decease, 27th of October 1484. And Robert, his son and heir, held it of John, the 14th Earl of Oxford, under the name of the maner of More, with appertenances, in Salcot Vyrley and Tolleshunt Knights. He died 7th of November 1518 - John Newport, Esq. his son and heir, held the maners of More and Salcott Virley, and Mill-feild, of John Earl of Oxford; and departing this life the 26th of May 1524, left an only daughter.

  Grace, then only 8 years old, contracted in marriage with Henry Parker Esq. son and heir of Henry Lord Morley. He died in his father's life-time, in 1550; leaving Henry, his eldest son and heir, who became Lord Morley, upon his grandfather's death, in 1556, and held this maner at the time of his decease, 22d of October 1577. - Edward Lord Morley, his son, succeeded him, at the age of 24 years and died 1st of April 1618. His successors were, William and Henry, Lords Morley and Montegle. [See in the other vol. p.515]. The latter sold this estate to

  Anthony Abdy, Esq. Alderman of London, and one of the Sheriffs of that city in 1630. [See above, p. 177]. He gave this to his third son, John Abdy, created a Baronet the 22d of June 1660, and styled of Moors in Salcot, an estate in this parish which hath chiefly gone along with this, as we shall shew presently.- Sir John dying without issue, this estate came to his heirs, seated at Albins, and hath descended to them, with the neighbouring maner of Bernwalden, in Tolleshunt Knights. It is at present in Mrs Crank.

  The MORE, styled above a maner, and belonging to the same family, is not now acknowledged a distinct maner, but included in that of Salcot Virle. It was holden of the Earls of Oxford, by Walter de Patteshull, in 1351; by John atte Lee, in 130; and Sir Water atte Lee, in 1371; by John Barlee and William Tirwhite; by William and George Newport, in 1446 and 1502; by Robert Newport, in 1518; and by John Newport, in 1524.

  ABBOTS-WIC. - The lands of this estate extend into Salcot Verli, but the house stands in Great Wigborough parish. It belongs to Mrs. Crank.

  This is reckoned amongst the four knight's-fees, or part of them, which Robert de Verli held under Edmund, second son of King Henry III as above-said.

  The Abbot of St. Osith held one knight's-fee under John de Vere, the seventh Earl of Oxford, in 1358, which is supposed to be this estate.

  In the rental of the lands belonging to the Barony of Stanstead, it is called one fee in Salcote Wigbergh and Samanton in le Peeke.

  This Samatun belonged in Edward the Confessor's reign, to two freemen. Odo, Bishop pf Bayeux, and his under-tenant, Ralph son of Turold, held it at the time of the survey.

  Great-panes, an estate here so called, belongs to Mr. Harrison.

  And Little-panes to Mr Philip Havens.

  The CHURCH, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is very small and tiled. The tower being fallen down, there is only a small timber inclosure, which contains one bell.

  This rectory was appendent, originally to the maner of Salcot Verli, and in the gift of the families of Patteshull, and Att Lee, or De la Lee. When, after Sir Walter at Lee's decease, the estate came to be divided between his sisters: Margery, wife of Robert Newport; Joane, wife of John Barlee; and Alice, as recited above. The presentation came to be alternate, between the Newports, who presented from 1410 to 1519; and the Barlees, from 1409 to 1557. It hath of late been alternate, between the Abdy family and that of Rebow; namely, Sir John Abdy's heirs, and Charles-Chamberlain Rebow, Esq. The latter, it seems, by a right derived from the maner of Moulsham, in Great Wigborough.

  Salcot is rated to the land-tax at 142l. 2s [£142.2.0] and Virley, at 244l. 2s [£244.2.0]

William Pretty, M.A. 17th February 1717, upon Dezee's d. Sir Robert Abdy, Bart.

Robert Macno, Clk. 14th March 1740-1, upon Pretty's d Charles-Chamberlain Rebow, Esq.

William Grainger, Clk. 14th April 1761, upon Macno's d. Jane Crank, widow

Morant gives extensive quotes and references to his sources, not transcribed here. Copies of The History and Antiquities of Essex is available at the Essex Records Office and the Local Studies room at Colchester Library. Mersea Museum has photographs of these pages - see links below for more information.

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