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TitleInterview with June Martin née Goody

June's parents were William Ernest Edward Goody (born 9.10.1904) and Florence Minnie Balls (born 28/1/1910). William Ernest was born in Birch to parents William (born in Birch) and Sarah (born in Layer Breton c 1874). William was a stockman on a farm.

William junior (he was known as Ernest) had two sisters Martha, born 1903 and Kate born 1908. It was Kate who was to marry Ernest Wyncoll and move into Goodwyn - an amalgam of their two names - now Mayford - in Peldon and their son was Geoff Wyncoll.

June's parents, Ernest and Florence married in 1929.

Ernest's parents lived in Peldon from around 1917 in Barnard's Cottages. In the Essex County Standard on 30.12.1932, a report tells of William being in a Christmas Eve accident involving a motor bike driven by John Knight of Home Farm. William who is described as being deaf, is knocked over as he steps into the road near home. He wasn't injured.

In 1937, Ernest's mother, Sarah, died.

THE LATE MRS GOODY - Much sympathy is extended to the family of Mr William Goody, whose wife has passed away at the age of 63 years ... Mrs Goody had lived in Peldon about 20 years and was one of the first collectors for the hospital contributory scheme Essex County Standard 9.1.1937

Sadly, only six months later, Ernest and Flo lost their first daughter, Joan, who died at the age of seven.

SAD DEATH OF GIRL - Having lost within the short space of 14 weeks, four old inhabitants, aged respectively 84, 85, 92 and 102 years, the sympathy of Peldon residents has been called forth once again by the death of a little seven-year-old girl, Joan Goody, only child of Mr and Mrs Ernest Goody of Barnards' Cottages, who passed away in the Essex County Hospital on Thursday July 2, after an illness of only a few days. It is about 35 years since a child of school-age has died in the village, and the occurrence has created a deep impression, especially as Joan, who was of a lively and sociable disposition, had taken part in the Coronation procession, being highly commended for her fancy dress; had gained a certificate at a recent scripture examination and had given a recitation at the Methodist Sunday School anniversary on May 30, apparently in normal health. The funeral took place at the Parish Church on Tuesday and there was a large congregation. In the absence of the Rector (Rev A A Giles, M A) who is away from home, the service was conducted by Rev S Yates of Great Wigborough. The hymns, 'There's a Friend for little children' and 'When he Cometh' were sung. Mrs Glenny, the school governess presided at the organ ... On Wednesday, the day after the funeral, a fountain pen was sent from a newspaper with congratulations to Joan on her neat handwriting in a competition Essex County Standard 31.7.1937

In the 1939 register, taken as the country was about to go to war, Ernest and Florence are living in 4, Mersea Road (one of ten cottages known as Barnards Cottages) where June was born in 1942. They lived next door to the Mallets, shopman Les and his father Horace or Horry as he used to be called. Ernest was retired due to ill-health having been a Contractor's Labourer for the County Council. June thinks he worked for the War Ag and also used to be a sea wall walker for the Essex River Board. In 1939 Florence is listed as doing heavy laundry work.

June remembers her Mum doing a variety of jobs. She delivered newspapers in Peldon, worked in the greenhouses at the nursery, worked at the Peldon Rose and worked for Mr and Mrs Banham at Digby's in Mersea. She also worked in the Clarence pub at Scheregate steps, now The Purple Dog.

During the Second World War, Florence supported many of the fund-raising whist drives in the village, in aid of, among other charities, the Women's Land Army Benevolent Institution, and the Peldon Knitting Party and she also attended the newly set-up Women's Institute (formed in 1942).

In 1953, June remembers looking out of her mother's bedroom window towards Mersea and seeing the fields looking white as they were covered in water in the floods. She also remembers Johnny Knight, although a knackerman, used to have a tame sheep as a pet and it used to follow the family everywhere.

Ernest was to die relatively young when June was 19 in June 1967 aged 57. Florence moved in with her daughter, June, in Layer de La Haye and lived with her for 26 years before having to go into a home where she died in February 1999 aged 89.

June remembers neighbours were Mrs Pooke, Ted Wyncoll, Mrs Wopling and son Dick. Ron and Blanche Thursby, Mr and Mrs Coates. George Wheatman and son Nigel. George was a photographer and they lived in the end house.

Elaine Barker
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AuthorElaine Barker
Published10 January 2020
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