TitleWest Mersea Town Council archives
AbstractSome of the West Mersea council archives were loaned to Mersea Museum in 2019 to be digitised. Some then went to Essex Record Office and others have been put in Mersea Museum archives.
Most of the images are available on Mersea Museum website, but some are only available on the computers in the Museum. Images in the Museum will be higher resolution than those on the website.

All pages were photographed and are visible on the website, but very limited indexing has been done.
Click on the 'View' link below to see each book.

WMC_SB01   Cuttings Book 1 Aug 1961 - Sep 1971
WMC_SB02 Cuttings Book 2 May 1971 - Jan 1972
WMC_SB03 Cuttings Book 3 Jan 1972 - Jan 1973
WMC_SB04 Cuttings Book 4 Jan 1973 - Oct 1973
WMC_SB05 Cuttings Book 5 Oct 1973 - Apr 1974
WMC_SB06 Cuttings Book 6 Apr 1974 - Jan 1975
WMC_SB07 Cuttings Book 7 Feb 1975 to Feb 1976
WMC_SB08 Cuttings Book 8 Feb 1976 to Dec 1976
WMC_SB09 Cuttings Book 9 Jan 1977 to May 1978
WMC_SB10 Cuttings 1978 - May 1979 tucked into back of Book 9
WMC_SB21 News Cuttings 1949 - 1980


WMC_LD01   Requisitioned Properties 1945
WMC_LD02 Welcome Home Fund 1945
WMC_LD03 1935 and 1937 Coronation 1936 Children's Tea correspondence
WMC_LD05 Evacuation 1940. Roll of Householders. List of dwellings.
WMC_LD06 Billeting Tribunal Minutes 1939-40 (only visible in the Museum)


WMC_001 Old postcards
WMC_002 Excavation of a Bronze Age Site East Mersea 1963-64;
WMC_003 Coastguard Cottages fire 1949
WMC_004 Rubbish tip off Kingsland Road (now Rushmere Close)
WMC_005 Church Road development 1967
WMC_006 Wings for Victory brochure 1943
WMC_007 Maps - de Manbey's marsh by Strood and Spinney Cafe site on Esplanade.
WMC_008 Causeway falling down. Waterside Committee 1956.
WMC_009 Aerial views, Berry bus article, WMUDC badge.
WMC_010 Councillor Prigg.
WMC_011_001   Aerial view of Strood and surrounding area c1935 (visible in Museum)
WMC_012_001 Rev. H.K.Hudson dies 1949
WMC_013 A Book of Poems by Alma Soward
WMC_014_001 Photograph Appleby's butchers
WMC_015 Barrow restoration dates, photograph.
WMC_016 Moore's factory. Hillybrooms.
WMC_017 Library correspondence 1926 - 1935.
WMC_018 Making up St Peters Road and Seaview Road (Kingsland Road) 1934.
WMC_019 New watermains map 1982.
WMC_020_001 Esplanade deveopment plan c1975
WMC_021_001 Coronation Memorial Homes Committee 1938
WMC_022 1953 Flood Distress Fund.
WMC_023_001 Empress - Fairhaven proposed link road
WMC_024 1935 regional planning map WMUDC with later updates.
WMC_025 1929 WMUDC Waterworks
WMC_026 Maps
CLF Country Life magazine pages relating to Mersea area (only visible in Museum).
WMC_HMC A Short History of Parish Churches of East and West Mersea. J.B. Bennett. First edition.
WMYC_1950 West Mersea Yacht Club 1950 Year Book

SourceMersea Museum