TitleMARG - transcribed deeds, wills, other old documents
AbstractMersea Archive Research Group (MARG) is working to transcribe old documents from a number of sources. There is a list of completed documents below, with a few that are work-in-progress. Where the document is from Essex Record Office or the National Archives, the Document ID is quoted and an image of the original document can usually be obtained from them.
When a document has been transcribed, the first column will be a Link to the transcription. If the first column is not a link, the work is not complete.

Wills (mostly)

Abbell, Thomas East Mersea1533Letter from Queen Elizabeth D/DRc M12
Abbell, Thomas East Mersea1558East Mersea Book D/DRc M12
Adaker, Joseph and Joanna West Mersea1673Settlement
Ainger, Elizabeth East Mersea1662Will D/ACW 16/167
Ainger, William East Mersea1661Will D/ACW 16/110
Alcock, James West Mersea1690Will D/ABW 73/148
Baker, Charles West Mersea1742Will PROB 11/720/367
Ballard, J.E. East Mersea1664Will D/ACW 17/223
Ballard, Richard West Mersea1626Will D/ABW 47/14
Baw, Thomas East Mersea1594Will D/ACW 2/160
Bean, Samuel Edwin Peldon1848Will PROB 11/2155/380
Beckett, William West Mersea1633Will D/ABW 52/145
Bellamy, Edward London1656Will PROB 11/258/240
Birde, Robart East Mersea1590/91Will PROB 11/77/208
Bizlle, Benjamin East Mersea1664Will D/ACW 17/67
Blowers, Petter East Mersea 1624Will D/ACW 9/203
Boxted, John West Mersea1622Will D/ABW 44/241
Boys, James Colchester1715Indenture with Potter Family
Braisted, John West Mersea1825Will D/ABW 125/2/64
Brown, Henry West Mersea1649Will D/ACW 15/214
Brown, Jacob Peldon1770Will D/Del T327
Browne, William West Mersea1644Will D/ACW 14/188
Brykenhedd, Raffe East Mersea1548PROB 11/32/273
Bullock, Agnes Great Wigborough1575/76Will D/ABW 4/351
Bullock, Edward Great Wigborough     1595/96     Will PROB 11/87/187
Bullock, Edward Great Wigborough1611Will D/ACW 5/142
Bullock, Sir Edward Faulkbourne1646Will PROB 11/197/603
Buloke [ Bullock ], Henry Tollesbury1571Will D/ABW 4/291
Bullock, Henry Great Wigborough1578Will PROB 11/61/174
Bullock, Henry Great Wigborough1609Will D/ACW 5/18
Bullock, Henry West Mersea1646/47Will D/ACW 14/121
Bullock, Joan West Mersea1624/25Will D/ACW 46/101
Bullock, John Great Wigborough1553Will PROB 11/43/553
Bullock, John Great Wigborough1559Will D/ACR 5/216
Bullock, John Great Wigborough1560/61Will D/ACR 2/165/2
Bullock, John Great Wigborough1575Will D/ACW 4/344
Bullock, John Great Wigborough1607Marriage to Anne Fuller
Bullock, John Great Wigborough1660Will D/ACW 16/34
Bullock, Margaret Great Wigborough1528Will D/ABW 3/12
Bullock, Margaret Great Wigborough1561Will D/ACR 5/194/1
Bullock, Robert Great Wigborough1626Will D/ACW 10/48
Bullock, Samuel Peldon1814Will D/ABW 120/3/15
Bullock, Thomas Peldon1706Will D/ABW 79/7.
Bullock, William Layer Breton1549Will D/ABW 3/154
Burrill, John East Mersea1667Will D/ACW 17/277
Bynder, Thomas West Mersea1615/16Latin will D/ABW 7/178
Bynder, Walter West Mersea1611Will D/ABW 7/24
Callfe, Abraham East Mersea1665Will D/ACW 17/150
Carter, John East Mersea1629Will D/ACW 11/61
Cheeke, John West Mersea1785Will PROB 11/1137/125
Choppin, Henry West Mersea1628Will D/ABW 49/229
Clark, Hannah East Mersea1843Will
Clarke, George West Mersea1611/12Will D/ACW 11/23
Clarke, Robert East Mersea1619Will D/ACW 8/181
Clover, Jane West Mersea1628Will D/ABW 49/90
Cockerell, Richard West Mersea1754Will PROB 11/810/353
Commyns, Margarett Peldon1607Will D/ABW 10/229.
Convers, JohnWest Mersea1652448 PROB 11/225/174
Converse, Thomas West Mersea1640Will PROB 11/186/233
Cooke, John East Mersea1620/21Will D/ACW 5/129
Cooke, Anne West Mersea1622Will D/ABW 44/303
Cooke, John West Mersea1637Will D/ABW 54/15
Cooke, John West Mersea1790Will PROB 11/1209/149
Cooke, Phineas West Mersea1655Extracts 1655-1704
Cooke, Phineas West Mersea1680Bill of Complaint TNA C 5/464/98
Cooke, Phineas West Mersea1686Will D/ABW 73/24
Cooke, Phineas West Mersea1694Bill of Complaint TNA C 5/152/80
Cooke, Robert1822Will KMC_RCK_003
Cooke,Thomas West Mersea1758Will PROB 11/843/42
Coole, William East Mersea1615/16Will D/ACW 7/248
Cooper, John West Mersea1746Will PROB 11/785/213
Cornelius, John Peldon1641Marriage Allegation
Cotton, Sebastian West Mersea1618/19Will D/ABW 11/171
Coustyn, John East Mersea1503Will D/ACR 1/78/1
Cranfield, Richard Peldon1839Declaration D/Del T327
Damyon, Matthew West Mersea1652Will PROB 11/246/283
Daniel, Samuel East Mersea1709Fine on house
Davy, John Peldon1509Will D/ACR 1/150/3
Dearsley, Lydia East Mersea1821Will D/ACW 40/4/29
Dearsley, Lydia East Mersea1824Manor sale of Copyhold
Death, Samuel East Mersea1638/39Will D/ACW 13/117
Denot, Denise West Mersea1530Will D/ACR 2/244/2
Dunning, William West Mersea1670Will D/ABW 66/31
Durrell, Katherine West Mersea1546Will D/ABW 12/35
Durrell, John West Mersea1609Will D/ABW 12/330
Durrell, Nicholas West Mersea1613Will D/ABW 12/363
Dynes, John West Mersea1651Will D/ACW 15/311
Dynot, Richard West Mersea1512Will D/ACR 1/195/1
Edwards, Israel East Mersea1666Will D/ACW 17/210
Elles, Antony East Mersea1624Will D/ACW 9/228
Ellis, James St Osyth1721Settlement D/P 77/13/1
Elmer, Robert West Mersea1644/45Will D/ACW 14/55
Ennew, Josias Messing1688Will D/ACW 20/248
Ennew, Shadrack West Mersea1784Will PROB 11/996/275
Essex, Richard East Mersea1640/41Will PROB 11/214/499
Fakys, Anne West Mersea1501Will D/ACR 1/33/2
Felld, William West Mersea1663Will D/ABW 62/80
Fereer, Thomas East Mersea1628Will D/ACW 10/233
Ferreur, ThomasEast Mersea1617456 Will D/ACW 8/22
Finor or Finour, AbaruckEast Mersea1584457 Will PROB 11/66/283
Flettwood East Mersea1668Will D/ACW 18/83
Flingant, George East Mersea1639/40Will D/ACW 13/207
Flingant, Mary East Mersea1640Will D/ACW 13/208
Flowre, Thomas East Mersea1540Will D/ACR 4/57/2
Foakes, Joan West Mersea1638Will D/ABW 55/249
Fokes [ Foakes ], Abraham   Peldon1597Will D/ABW 15/49
Fokes, John West Mersea1546Will D/ABW 14/36
Fokes, William Peldon1551/52Will D/ABW 14/65
Fookes, John West Mersea1631Will D/ABW 50/93
Fookes, Thomas Virley1833Will D/ACW 43/5/10
Fookes, William West Mersea1609Will D/ABW 15/121
Foxe, Robert West Mersea1557Will D/ABW 14/106
Forster, Nathaniel West Mersea1851Will PROB 11/2140/307
Freake, Sarah East Mersea1630Will D/ACW 11/208
Freake, Thomas East Mersea1623Will D/ACW 9/145
Freeman, Thomas East Mersea1628Will D/ACW 11/12
French, William Peldon1607Will D/ABW 15/98
Frende, John West Mersea1617Will D/ABW 15/196
Frere, George Fingringhoe1655Will PROB 11/250/666
Frere, Thomas Fingringhoe1663Will D/ACW 17/114
Fuller, Anne Great Wigborough1607Marriage to John Bullock
George, Robert Copford1609Will D/ABW 17/101
George, Walter West Mersea1657Pete Hall Surrender
George, Walter West Mersea1658Pete Hall
Goulstone, John West Mersea1617Will D/ABW 17/217
Goulstone, John West Mersea1618Will D/ABW 17/216
Goulstone, Mary West Mersea1619Will D/ABW 17/229
Great, Samuel Colchester1706Will D/ABW 78/270
Great, Thomas Colchester1760Will PROB 11/874/325
Green [ May ], Betsey Fordham1852Will D/ABW 140/2/13
Gybb, Robert West Mersea1543Will D/ABW 16/96
Hackney, Sarah West Mersea1660Will D/ABW 61/125
Hall, George West Mersea1636Will D/ABW 54/121
Hall [Hutt], John East Mersea1666464 Will D/ACW 17/181
Harris, Thomas East Mersea1625Will D/ACW 10/91
Harris, Thomas East Mersea1649Will D/ACW 15/146
Harrison, Robert Peldon1808Inventory D/DU 2878
Harvey, John East Mersea1635Will D/ACW 12/103
Harvey, John East Mersea1661Will D/ACW 16/98
Harvey, Jeremiah East Mersea1671Will D/ACW 18/182
Harvie, Michael West Mersea1607Will D/ABW 20/97
Harvie, Richard snr East Mersea1666Will D/ACW 18/79
Harvey, Thomas East Mersea1813Will PROB 11/1550/417
Haward, William West Mersea1794Will PROB 11/1276/197
Hawes, Mary West Mersea1799Will PROB 11/1479/284
Hawkins, John West Mersea1667Will D/ACW 65/89
Haxell, John Peldon1842Will D/ABW 136/1/135
Heckford, John East Mersea1578Will PROB 11/61/440
Heckford, Thomas East Mersea1621ERO D/ACW 6/255
Hedyman, Thomas Peldon1502Latin will D/ACR 1/46/3
Heidge [ Hedge ],William Peldon1650PROB/11/268/126
Hogges, JohnEast Mersea1522264 Will D/ACR 2/132/1
Hunt, William East Mersea1508Will D/ACR 1/142/2
Hunter, Joanna West Mersea1690Will D/ABW 73/220
Hunter, Peter West Mersea1688Will D/ABW 72/253
Jackman, William East Mersea1621Will D/ACW 6/259
Jackman, Thomas East Mersea1651Will D/ACW 15/288
Jackman, Robert East Mersea1627Will D/ACW 10/227
James, RichardWest Mersea1625GC 468 Will D/ABW 46/55
Jeffery, John West Mersea1557Will D/ABW 21/59
Johnsonne, JamesWest Mersea1637469 Will D/ABW 54/106
Jolly, Thomas East Mersea1598/99Will D/ACW 4/74
Jollye, Cousin East Mersea1592East Mersea Book D/DRc M12
Joslinge, Richard West Mersea1600Will D/ABW 21/198
Ive, John West Mersea1501Will D/ACR 1/19/1/1
Ive, John West Mersea1518Will D/ACR 2/81/3
Kenot, John East Mersea1504Will D/ACR 1/83/3
Kidby, Edmund West Mersea1695Latin Court Baron D/DEt T167
Kidby, Edmund West Hanningfield1713Will PROB 11/534/26
Kidby, John West Mersea1656Court Leete D/DA T217
Kidby, John Shenfield1693Will
Kidby, John West Mersea1762Will PROB 11/879/94
Killderby, Samuel West Mersea1660Will D/ABW 61/114
King, Adam West Mersea1819Will D/ABW 122/2/33
Kyes, Thomas East Mersea1647Will D/ACW 14/264
Kynot, Richard East Mersea1523Will D/ACR 2/156/1
Lamb, John West Mersea1707Settlement D/P 77/13/1
Lawrence, John Peldon1612Will D/ABW 24/117
Livermore, John West Mersea1671Will D/ABW 66/260
Livermore, Moyses West Mersea1684Will D/ABW 71/136
Locke, William ;East Mersea1629/30Will D/ABW 50/209
Locker (Riddesdale), WilliamEast Mersea1638MR 474 Will D/ACW 13/59
Locker, William East Mersea1667Will D/ACW 18/98
Locker,JohnEast Mersea1679473 D/ACW 20/32
Locker, John East Mersea1682Will D/ACW 20/32
Lorrance, John Peldon1646Will D/ACW 14/144
Lyarde, Henry West Mersea1604Will D/ABW 24/57
Mann, Robert West Mersea1504Will D/ACR 1/82/1
Marchaunt, John Peldon1512/13Will D/ACR 1/ 206/2
Marchaunt, John Peldon1516Will D/ACW 2/41/2
Marke, Edward Langenhoe1623Will D/ABW 45/110
Marney, Lady Bridget East Mersea1537East Mersea Court D/DRc M12
Marshall, Alice Peldon1500Latin will D/ACR 1/5/1
Marveile, Henry Peldon1579Will D/ABW 25/271
May, EdwardLittle Wigborough1808513 Will D/ABW 115/3/51
May, JohnLittle Wigborough1822512 Will D/ABW 124/1/7
May, Henry John West Mersea1891Will D/DMb L4
May, Thomas West Mersea1788Will PROB 11/1165
May, Thomas West Mersea1837Will PROB 11/1981
May, Thomas Colchester1854Will PROB 11/2251
Mazengarb, Isaac Little Wigborough1729/30Will D/ABW 88/2/129
Middleton, Joan West Mersea1557Will D/ABW 25/151
Myddelton, William West Mersea1555Inventory Will D/ABW 25/125
Mole, John West Mersea1527Will PROB 11/1727/413
Mott, William West Mersea1620Will D/ABW 45/177
Munt, Samuel Peldon1653Will PROB 11/275/327
Nicholl, William West Mersea1504Will D/ACR 1/81/3
Northey, George West Mersea1660Will D/ABW 61/251
Nun, Thomas West Mersea1685Will D/ABW 71/231
Nysom, Thomas West Mersea1622Will D/ABW 44/6
Nysom [Nysum], John West Mersea1630D/ABW 52/267
Onge, Rev. Francis Peldon1666/67Will PROB 11/323/175
Overall, Samuel West Mersea1809Will PROB 11/1505
Overall, Sarah West Mersea1813Will PROB 11/1549
Overall, Thomas West Mersea1795Will PROB 11/1334/104
Page, Joan Peldon1523Will D/ACR 2/194/1
Page, John Peldon1516Will D/ACR 2/53/1
Page, Rose Peldon1546Will D/ABW 28/81
Page, Thomas Peldon1583Will PROB 11/77/407
Palfreyman, William East Mersea1503Will D/ACR 1/81/1
Peare, Thomas East MerseaEast Mersea Book D/DRc M12
Perry, George West Mersea1630Will D/ABW 50/214
Picknett, Rev. Joseph Great Wigborough1781Will PROB 11/1090/63
Popley, Rev. Edward Great Wigborough1558/59Will D/ABW 28/230
Potter, George West Mersea1798Will PROB 11/1534/196
Potter, John Peldon1621Will D/ABW 44/27
Prentyse, Elizabeth West Mersea1589Will D/ABW 29/146
Presson, John West Mersea1683Will D/ABW 72/94
Pugle, William West Mersea1607Will D/ABW 30/99
Quincey, Sarah Christchurch, Surrey1842Will PROB 11/2004/69
Reynolds, Thomas West Mersea1658Pete Hall
Robyn, John West Mersea1504Will D/ACR 1/77/2
Rokhell, Edmund Langenhoe1504Latin will D/ACR 1/80/1
Sanders, ThomasWest Mersea1655478 Will PROB 11/231/690
Sayer, JamesWest Mersea1639479 Will D/ABW 56/207
Sayer, William West Mersea1516Will D/ACR 2/44/1
Scarlett, Simon West Mersea1649Will D/ACW 15/200
Sethyck, Eliz East Mersea1557Will D/ABW 33/329
Sewall, John West Mersea1504Will D/ACR 1/84/1
Slye, JohnEast Mersea1588480 Will D/ACW 2/282
Smeth, Mary West Mersea1626Will D/ABW 48/210
Smith, John East Mersea1586/87Will D/ACW 2/231
Smith, JohnWest Mersea1657481 Will PROB 11/298/321
Smith, John West Mersea1660Will PROB 11/298/321
Smith, John West Mersea1675Will D/ABW 68/73
Smith, WilliamWest Mersea1607483 Will D/ABW 36/65
Smyth, AmyWest Mersea1522484 Will D/ACR 2/135/1
Smyth, RichardWest Mersea1622486 Will D/ABW 44/196
Smyth, Robert West Mersea1516Will D/ACR 2/42/3
Smyth, Stephen West Mersea1492Will PROB 11/10/606
Smyth, Stephen West Mersea1625Will D/ABW 47/227
Songer, William West Mersea1607Will D/ABW 36/68
South, John West Mersea1567Will D/ACR 6/45/2
Spalden, DanielEast Mersea1665488 Will D/ACW 17/81
Spurden, Isabella West Mersea1839Will PROB 11/1910/23
Spurden, John East Mersea1766Will PROB 11/922/48
Spurden, Thomas East Mersea1791Will PROB 11/1202/93
Storie, John West Mersea1690Will D/ABW 73/197
Stokes, Christopher West Mersea1607/08Will D/ABW 36/73
Stranglond, Agnes West Mersea1518Will D/ACR 2/77/1
Stratforde, Richard West Mersea1583Will PROB 11/65/181
Strete, William East Mersea1504Will D/ACR 1/83/1
Taillour, Henry West Mersea1501Will from J.B. Bennett
Taylor, Thomas East Mersea1625Will D/ACW 10/21
Thedam, William Great Wigborough1650Will D/DU 4/54
Thornback, Joan West Mersea1636Will D/ABW 54/24
Thornback, George West Mersea1617Will D/ABW 38/136
Titterell, Mercie West Mersea1648Will D/ACW 15/66
Upcher, George West Mersea1517Will D/ACR 2/59/1
Vinour, Ralph East Mersea1517Will D/ACR 2/65/1
Wade, Mary Peldon1602Indenture
Wade, William East Mersea1522Will D/ACR 2/132/1
Wayland, Augustine Great Wigborough1675Will D/ACW 18/267
Wayland, Augustine Peldon1689Will D/ABW 73/61
Wayland, George Fingringhoe1790Will PROB 11/1264/41
Wayland, John Peldon1788Will PROB 11/1173/41
Waywold, Joan Peldon1584Will D/ABW 40/47.
Weaver, RobertEast Mersea1663493 Will D/ACW 16/257 Curate
Webb, Edward West Mersea1692/93Will D/ABW 74/151
Webbe, Annys Peldon1513/14Will D/ABW 1/219/1
Webbe, John ;East Mersea1510Will D/ACR 1/167/2
Webbe Rose [Roose] East Mersea1562Will PROB 11/46/132
Webbe Robert Peldon1509Will D/ACR 1/150/4
Wellam, John Little Wigborough1661Will D/ACW 17/233
Wells, James West Mersea1614Will D/ABW 41/231
Wells, John West Mersea1627Will D/ABW 49/306
Wheeler, GeorgeWest Mersea1630495 Will D/ABW 50/6
Whyter, John East Mersea1547Will D/ABW 39/12
Whyter, Richard West Mersea1528Will D/ABW 39/12
Wilbore, Nicholas West Mersea1606Will D/ABW 41/83
Wilson, Richard West Mersea1624Will D/ABW 46/50
Wilvet, Robert West Mersea1542/43Will D/ABW 39/55
Wode, William West Mersea1511Will D/ACR 1/183/2
Wolvet, Robert West Mersea1517Will D/ACR 2/72/1
Worrall, Sarah Peldon1542/43Latin/English bond D/P 287/14/1
Worrall, Thomas Peldon1542/43Latin/English bond D/P 287/14/1
Wright Nicholas West Mersea1616Will PROB 11/129/312
Wright, William East Mersea1654Will PROB 11/236/544
Wiseman, Richard West Mersea1581Court Case Edward De Vere TNA C2/Eliza/B22/18/1
Wyseman, Henry & Thomas
[ Wiseman ]
West Mersea1600Land Transfer D/P 77/13/1

Strood Accounts

1.MARG_001     Strood Accounts Receipts 1556 ERO D/P 77/25/1
2.MARG_002 Strood Accounts Receipts 1557-58 ERO D/P 77/25/1
3.MARG_003 ;Receipts of the Strood 1559 1560
4.MARG_004 Strood Charges 1559 D/P 77/25/1
5.MARG_005 Strood Accounts Charges 1560 1561 ERO D/P 77/25/1
6.MARG_006 Strood Accounts Receipts 1561-62 ERO D/P 77/25/1
7.MARG_007 Strood Accounts receipts 1562-64 ERO D/P 77/25/1
8.MARG_008 Strood Accounts Receipts 1565 ERO D/P 77/25/1
9.MARG_009 Strood Accounts 1566-75 ERO D/P 77/25/1
10.MARG_010 Strood Accounts 1620 ERO D/P 77/25/2

Peldon documents

Peldon in Domesday Book
Deeds of Pete Tye Farm Peldon 1777 - 1929
Deeds of Sleyes, Peldon
More Peldon Documents

Other documents

228.MARG_228 Memorandum by Charles Lind, Vicar of West Mersea 1748 concerning tithes ERO D/P 77/1/2
280.MARG_280 Hearth Tax Great Wigborough 1673 ERO Q/RTh 8/4
297.MARG_297 Irregularities to be reformed Island of Mersey1680 ERO T/B 134/1
301.Bower Hall 1743 D/DU/491
302.MARG_302 Custumal of the Lordships of West Mersea, Fingringhoe and Pete Hall 1460, 1497 D/Q 1/12
303.MARG_303 Manorial Records - East Mersea Tree Cutting 1501 D/DRc M12
304.MARG_304 East Mersea Manor - letter from Queen Elizabeth ref Thomas Abell 1533 D/DRc M12
305.1589 Crew list for bark PARNELL D/DRc M12
306.MARG_306 Those that would run a virtuous race ... (Poem) D/DRc M12
MARG_306_013 From all the stock of flying fowl (Poem) D/DRc M12
307.West Mersea Custumal 1497 D/Du 491/22
308.MARG_308_001 West Mersea St Ouen's Domesday 1086
309.MARG_309_001 West Mersea Bocking Hall Domesday 1086
310.MARG_310_001 East Mersea Domesday 1086
312.MARG_312 Manorial Customs in West Mersea and Fingringhoe
313.MARG_313 Manorial Customs in West Mersea - tenants destruction of ancient records
314.MARG_314 Survey of Manor of Bower Hall c1575 D/DU 491/9
315.MARG_315 Catalog of Deeds of Bower Hall 1351-1397 T/A 305/1
320.MARG_320 East Mersea Courte Baron ERO D/DU 555/18
321.MARG_321 East Mersea Customary tenants incl. Abell D/DU 555/18
322.MARG_322 East Mersea Demesnes 1589 D/DU 555/18
323.MARG_323 East Mersea Courte Leete 1589 D/DU 555/18
324.MARG_324 East Mersea Courte Leete 1559 Payments Fines D/DU 555/18
325.MARG_325 East Mersea Manor map c1650 D/DU 555/18
326.MARG_326 East Mersea Court of Lady Bridget Marney 1537 D/DRc M12
327.MARG_327 East Mersea letter from Queen Elizabeth 1559 D/DRc M12
328.MARG_328 East Mersea Book: Thomas Abell 1558 D/DRc M12
329.MARG_329 East Mersea Book: Works and Customs D/DRc M12
330.MARG_330 East Mersea Book: Owing to Cousin Jollye ERO D/DRc M12
331.MARG_331 East Mersea Book: Thomas Peare Expenses ERO D/DRc M12
361.MARG_361 The Domesday of Inclosures 1517
363.MARG_363 Court Baron of Great Wigborough, 1652-1667 ERO D/DU 4/5
364.MARG_364 Court Baron of West Mersea 1725 D/DEt T167
401.MARG_401 Earliest written references to Mersea Island 894 etc
402.MARG_402 Charter of King Edward the Confessor 1046

Reference Sources

MTE 1768 Morant History and Antiquities of Essex
MST_BV1     1831 Wright and Bartlett History and Topography of Essex

Keywordsmarchant, dearsly
SourceMersea Museum