TitleGreentiles School in Victory Road
AbstractGreen Tiles School was in Victory Road.
Several local people have memories of Mrs Dove's Infant and Junior school.
The schoolroom was at the back of the house with big French windows opening onto the lawn. It was a lovely room with the children sitting grouped around tables as children of several ages were being taught in the one room. Most children left at about the age of ten or eleven to continue their education either at a boarding school or in Colchester. Lessons included Reading, Writing and Arithmetic as well as History, Geography and Geometry.
The Principal was Mrs Mildred Dove. Miss Mary Blyth taught at the school, who later took over and ran the school for a year or two
Among the pupils were Sarah Shehadeh, Julia White (daughter of Archie White), John Llewellyn-Jones, Richard Llewellyn-Jones, Antoinette Allen.
Sarah Shehadeh was at the school in 1952.
Anthea Harding was at the school from summer 1953 to 1955.
See DIS2011_SCH for more comments by Sarah Shehadeh.
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SourceMersea Museum