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TitleWill of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 1559
AbstractWill of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 26 June 1559 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ACR 5/216

Transcriber Elaine Barker February 2021

In the name of god Amen the 26 of June A[nn]o 1559 I John
Bullocke of moch wigborogh et c[etera] doe make this my will
et c[etera] first I com[m]it my soule to all mightie god et c[etera] [Im[primis]?]
It[e]m I will & bequeath unto margaret my wife certer[n]
gyfts & legaseis here under written uppon condicion that
she the said margaret shall take the same as my gyft
in full recompense of her [missing word? = thirds] or dowrie of all thes my
Land[es] Ten[emen]t[es] & other hereditame[n]tes which I have hade
duringe the tyme of her espousage betwene me & her had
& that she shall within vj daies next aft[er] my de[ce]se

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put in sufficient Bond by bill obligatory unto my execut[ores]
as it shalbe thought good by my said exec[utores] that she shall in
all thing[es] obey & do the said Condicion & to be content this
my will to be p[er]formed in all thinges without any other
Lett or denyall or disturbaunce & yf it shall so happen
th[a]t she doe thes Refuse to doe as is aforesaid that then
I will all such good[es] & Legaceis as by this my will is
geven & assigned to her be voyd & of none effect as yf I
had nether geven nor assyned them to her & thes are the
giftes th[a]t is to saye I geve to her under the same co[n]dicio[n]
my second bed with all thing[es] therto belonging & all
such howsshold stuffe which she brought to me at her
mariage with all her apparrell to her bodie xx l[ibre] iiij good
& sufficient keyne xxti Sufficie[n]t & lawfull ewe shepe my
best mare with her Colt. It[e]m I will to her the goinge
of & pasturing of the same Cattell uppon my ground duringe
vj moneth next aft[er] my decese. It[e]m I will that she shall
have the soller called the north Soller of this my howse
wherin I now doe dwell. to have & enioye the same to
her duringe the tyme of vj moneth next aft[er] my decese
provided all waies tht yf the said margaret happen to
marry before that tyme that then she shall avoid the
same my howse and soller & then allso to take awaie her
Cattell from my said ground[es] Allso I will that my
wife shall have a seame of wheate & a seame of barlye &
halfe awaie of chese. It[e]m I geve & assigne to margaret
my said wife by the name of her third or dowrye
one yearlie Rent or graunt of viij li[bre] to be R[eceived] by the man[ner]
of her third or dowrie out of my land[es] Ten[emen]t[es] & heriditam[en]ts
at ij termes of the yeare that is to saie at the feast of Sainct
Michaell thark angle & the ann[un]ciation of o[ur] lady S[aint] mary
By even porcions yerlye to be p[ai]de all the terme of her
lyfe duringe to have & enioye all the same yerlye rent
or or forme of viij li[bre] as is a foresaid unto the said margaret
my wife & to her assignes all the terme & tyme of her lyfe

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as in full contentation & satisfaction of her third or dowry
as is afore condicioned It[e]m I I will that my exec[cutores] use
the hole Rule & order of all my land[es] Ten[emen]ts heriditam[en]t[es]
& fermes Withe good[es] & cattels uppon them untill my
sonne Edward Bullocke shall accomplish and come to his
full age of xxj yers It[e]m I will my said executors
yearlye abought the feast of Sainct michaell shall
make a trewe & p[er]fect accompte of all their reveneues
of all my land[es] Ten[emen]t[es] & heridita[me]nt[es] & other the p[re]miss[es]
unto whom I ordeine & name to be sup[er]visor of this my
p[re]sent Test[a]m[en]t & the same accompt & accompt[es] to be
safely kepte to be deliv[er]ed unto my sonne edward at his
said age of xxj yeares to thentent that he shall take &
R[eceive] at the hand[es] of my said exec[utors] his dewties dew to him
According to this my will & Test[a]m[ent]. It[e]m I will th[a]t
when my sonne edward shall accomplish & come to his
full age of xxj yers th[a]t then he to enter in to all my
Land[es] Ten[emen]ts & heriditam[en]ts to have & to howlde
them to him & to his heirs of his bodye lawfully
Begotten for ev[er] payinge the foresaide yerlye rent of
viij li[bre] unto margaret my wife duringe her lyfe in full
payme[n]t of her third or dowrie as is afore said It[e]m I
will & bequeth unto the said edward my sonne all that
my lease & terme of yeares which I have of and in
the ferme Called mowsohmes in moch wigborow afor
said together with the stocke & p[ro]fitt[es] therof to be p[ai]de
& deliv[er]ed unto him by my exec[utors] at his age of xxj yers
together with all over plus of my good[es] & cattels
first my dett[es] & legaseis in this my will my funerall
done with all man[ner] cost[es] & charg[es] by my said exec[utors]
sustayned, well & trulye p[ai]de and alowed in all thing[es]
toward the p[er]formaunce of this my said will as by the
forsaid accomptes shall & maye appere as is aforesaid

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It[e]m I will and bequeath unto margaret my daughter xl li[bre] to
be p[ai]d to her at her age of xxj yers It[e]m I geve unto agnes
my daught[er] xl li[bre] to be p[ai]d to her at her age of xxj yeares It[em]
I geve and bequeath unto elizabeth my daught[er] xl li[bre] to be
p[ai]d to her at her age of xxj yers & yf it shall happen any of
my iij daught[er]s margaret agnes & elizabeth to decese before
their said sev[er]alle ages of xxj yeares. then I will the ov[er]
levers [survivors] to have her p[ar]te so decessed to be equally devidid
betwene them so th[a]t my iij daughters the one to be the others
heire of their legaseis to them herin geven and assigned allso
I will th[a]t yf it shall happen the aforesaid edward my sonne
to decese within his said age of xxj yeares then I will
his p[ar]te as well in land[es] Ten[emen]t[es] heridita[me]nt[es] as all other legases
& good[es] to him assigned by this my will shalbe devided
geven & deliv[er]ed unto my daughters them being a live
And allso I will th[a]t yf it shall happen all my said daught[er]s
to dye befor ther ages of xxj yers with out yssewe of their
bodies lawfully begotten th[a]t then I will that all their
bequest[es] unto my said sonne edward the being a live
more over yf it shall so happen th[a]t all my children dye
before they come to the age of xxj yers without yssue
of their bodies lawfully begotten that then I will &
bequeth th[a]t all my moveable good[es] shall then remaine to
the heires of will[ia]m Bullocke & the heires of John bullok
yf it shall so happen that all my Children doe dye aft[er]
that they shall come to the full age of xxj yeares w[i]t[h] out
yssew of their bodies lawfully begotten that then I
will that all my land[es] shall then Remaine unto the
heires of the said will[ia]m Bullock & John Bullock my
brothers It[e]m I geve and bequeth to eche of my god
Children xij d It[e]m I geve unto Jone my s[er]v[au]nt
vj sh viij d to be laid out by the descretion of my
exec[utors] to the use of the said Jone Allso I will that all
my Children shalbe at the gov[er]naunce Rule & order of
my executor and yf it shall so happen that any of

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my exec[utor] doe dye or ev[er] they have geven up their accompt[es]
unto my Children th[a]t then I will that the other of my
exec[utor] then beinge a live shall then have full power
authortie & strengthe to take and R[eceiv]es a treu accompt
of his heirs exec[utor] or assignes so decessed of all such
legaseis & good[es] out of his or their hand[es] as he had in
his hand[es] at his death or at any tyme before unto
my exec[utor] being then a live with in one moneth next
aft[er] his death with oute eyther fraud or gyle or
any delaye & so he or they to be clerlye discharged
& acquited for ever. It[e]m I geve unto my exec[utor] th[a]t is
to saye thomas markes John Thembell & [p por?]
Ayldward unto eyther of them iij li[bre] vj s viij d whom
I make myne exec[utors] of this my p[re]sent test[a]m[en[t to the
entent they shall the better geve their diligence
toward[es] the p[er]formaunce of this my said will and
Testam[en]t. It[e]m I geve unto John Samme John
Maye & stephen page to everye one of them xl s
whome I doe name assigne & appointe to be ov[er]sears of
this my will and everye thinge mencioned to be well
& truly p[er]formed & kepte in ev[er]ye article & clause as
the trew meaninge of this my last will and
Testam[en]t is

SourceMersea Museum