ID MARG_150_011

TitleWill of Margaret Bullock of Great Wigborough 1561 ERO D/ACR 5/184/1
AbstractWill of Margaret Bullock of Great Wigborough 25 November 1561 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ACR 5/184/1

Transcriber Elaine Barker January 2021

In the name of god amen An[n]o 1561 the 25 of november I margaret bullock
wydow of moch widborow et c[etera] doe make & ordaine my last will &
Test[a]m[en]t et c[etera]. first I bequeath my Soule to allmightie god et c[etera]
It[e]m I geve to Mary my daughter 2 bease price 17 s a pece & 10
ewes shepe price 2 s 8d apec[e] & she to be at her Choise the second
fetherbed the second Coverlett a payer of blankettes next the best
2 pillowes next the best the seconde transome [Note 1] with a bedsteade
in the Lower Chamber. A cubbord the second hutch [chest or coffer] the second
brasse potte with a possenet [Note 2] the greatest kettell a charger of pewt[er]
It[e]m I geve to Jane my daughter a Cowe price 17 & 10 ewes
shepe price 2s 8d apec[e] & to be at her Choise & a matteras
a white Coveringe a paier of Canvas sheetes & 20 s of money
which money & houshold both of marie & Jane to be deliv[er]ed unt[o]
them at thage of 21 yeares or at the daye of their mariage yf they
marye before. It[e]m I geve to anne my daughter one Cowe price
17s & 20s of money. It[e]m I geve to harry my sonne an ould
Angle [Note 3]. It[e]m I geve to george my sonne 20s to be paid by my
exec[u]t[or] at the ages of 18 yeares. It[e]m I will all my good\moveables/ &
unbequeathed unto margaret my daughter whome I make
my sole executrix to take up my debts & to pay my dettes
& legaseis and to see my will p[er]formed & george harmond to be
my overseere & to have for his paynes 5s wittnes Rob[er]t yarle
Rob[er]t Gounis

Note 1: transome = a cross beam (part of a feather bed) or bolster
Note 2: possenet = a small metal pot or vessel for boiling with a handle and three feet
Note 3: Angel = a gold coin first introduced to England in 1465

Published25 November 1561
SourceMersea Museum