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TitleWill of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 1574/5 ERO D/ACW 4/344
AbstractThe Will of John Bullock of Great Wigborough 22 March 1574/5 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ABW 4/344

Transcriber Elaine Barker December 2020

1.   In the name of God Amen the xxij day of march Anno D[omi]ni 1574 and in the Raigne [illegible - of our]
2.   gracious sov[er]aigne lady Elizabeth by the grace of God Queene of England France [torn - defender]
3.   of the fayth &c[etera] I John Bullocke of the p[ar]ishe of much Wigborowe in the [torn - County of Essex]
4.   in the Dioces of london being \ sicke in body nev[er]theles of/ holle mynd p[er]fect Rem[em]ebra[un]ce do make [illegible]
5.   ordeyne & make this \my/ p[re]sent Testame[n]t conteyninge hereine my last will in manner [torn - and forme]
6.   folowinge fyrst I \yealde &/ bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God my Creator [illegible]
7.   & Sanctyfyer & my body to be buryed in the Church\yard/ of much wigberowe aforeseid Item I
8.   bequeath unto the poore of the p[ar]ishe of wigborow aforeseid vj shillings viij pence to be deliv[er]ed to the collectors [torn - of?]
9.   the seid p[ar]ishe & payd to the poor on thissyde the feast of S[ai]nt John Baptyst next after
10.   my death. It[em] I gyve unto Agnes my wief viij mylch keene & twen ty ewe
11.   \w[i]th their lambes/ & all my Impleme[n]t[es] of houshold & houshold stuffe halfe my Cropp of wheat growinge in
12.   the p[ar]ishe of Tolshunte Darcye It[em] I gyve mor unto her the tares & oat[es]? A boore
13.   A Sowe & iiij[or] pigges. Ite[m] I gyve unto Robert Bullock my sonne xx li[bre] of lawfull
14.   money of Ingland to be payd to him at his Age of xxj[ti] yeres. Ite[m] I gyve
15.   to henry Bullock my sonne xx li[bre] of lawfull money of Ingland to be payed unto him
16.   at his Age of xxj yeres , Ite[m] I gyve & bequeath unto mary Bullock my
17.   Daughter xx li[bre] of lawfull money of Ingland to be payed to her at her Age of xxj[ti]
18.   yeres; Ite[m] I will th[a]t if either of my seid \three/ chyldren dye before thei Atteyne or come to their
19.   Ages of xxj[ti]\yeres/ then I will th[a]t his or \their/ p[ar]t or porcion before bequeathed shall remayne & \be/ payed
20.   unto the Survivors or Survivour of my seid thre children at their severall Age of or
21.   Ages of xxj[ti] yeres aforesaid. / Ite[m] I gyve xx\& bequeath/ to John Bullocke my Sonne iiij [or] \cowes & two stere / Bullockes of ij
22.   yeres Age Apece, to be delyv[er]ed to him At Maye daye next after my death. Ite[m] I [torn - gyve?]
23.   unto the seid John my sonne \forty/ shepe Remayninge in the Tenure of John Songar
24.   of wigborowe aforeseid to receyve them at the feast of S[ai]nt mychell Tharch[angel]
25.   next after the date of this my last will, of w[hi]ch fortye \ewe/ shepe I wyll he shall have [torn- xx?]
26.   the[re] for & towards the payeme[n]t of my legacies in this my p[re]sent testame[n]t & not other
27.   Ite[m] I gyve & bequeath more unto the seid John my sonne ij mylch keene in the Tenure of
28.   the seid John Songar to be deliv[er]ed at Mayday next after my death & also the
29.   other half of my Croppe of wheat growinge at Tolshunt darcy aforeseid / Ite[m] I [torn - gyve?]
30.   unto Edward Bullocke my sonne iiij[or] calves of a yere olde & x lambes Remayninge [torn]
31.   my home groundes w[i]th their dam[m]es. / to be delyv[er]ed to him at the feast of S[ain]t John Bap[tyst]
32.   next after my death. Ite[m] I gyve & bequeath to Agnes my wief All my Custom[ary]
33.   houses & lands \ w[it]h all & singuler their App[ur]tennces/ in much wigborowe aforeseid Called hell howse duringe her naturall lyfe
34.   \in consideration th[a]t she do kepe & bring uppe my chyldren/ if she do so longe kepe her self A wydowe. / And if the seid Agnes my wief
35.   marye agayne, then I will th[a]t the seid Agnes my wyfe shall foregoe & loose her bequeath of
36.   howses & lands aforeseid & have & receyve onely iiij libre [pounds] of lawfull money of Ingland on [torn]
37.   the seid howses & grounds yerely duringe her naturall lyfe in consideracion of her Thyrds.
38.   to be payed unto her by my executor at ij \usuall or feastes of payment/ tymes in the yere by even porcions. Item I will
39.   gyve & bequeath unto \the seid/ John Bullocke my sonne \after the death or mariage of Agnes my wief/ & to his heyres \of his body lawfully begotten/ uppon this condycion folowinge
40.   my seid Customary howses & groundes w[i]th all & singuler theire App[ur]ten[au]nces
41.   Called hell howse, th[a[t th[i]s th[a]t he \ after w[hic]h death or the maryage of Agnes my wief do kepe sufficiently p[ro]vided for my other children/ do Faithfully & trully fulfill &p[er]fo[rm]

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42.   all my will legacies & bequeaths willed gyven \or/ bequeathed in this my last will & testame[n]t
43.   and paye all my debtes And also Surre[nd]er & Realease his? hold Right Interest & tytle w[hi]ch I
44.   [torn] \shall have in/ all my Customary howses & lands \in/ weast mearsea after my decease, And yf the seid John my
45.   Sonne doe dep[ar]t out of this naturall lyfe w[i]thout heyers of his body lawfully begotten then I
46.   \will/ the same howses & groundes w[i]th all & singuler their App[ur]ten[au]nces shall be & Remayne unto
47.   Robert Bullocke my sonne & his heyers for ever payenge out all such legacies of this \my/ p[re]sent
48.   Testam[en]t as shalbe due to be payed after the death of the seid John my sonne. Ite[m] I gyve
49.   & bequeath unto Edward Bullock my sonne \uppon thys condycion folowinge/ & to the heyers of his body lawfully begotten
50.   All my Customary howses & lands in weast m[er]sea w[i]th all & singuler their App[ur]ten[au]nces called
51.   by the names of Bruers, martells Churchmans, Carters & nycolls, viz that he
52.   shall not receyve any Rent, Com[m]odyty\or p[ro]fytt/ out of the same or any of the[m] w[i]th
53.   their App[ur]ten[au]nces untyll after fower holl yeres fully expyred after the feast of S[ai]nt mychell [torn]
54.   Tharchangell next to come After the date of this my p[re]sent Testame[n]t, And I will that [torn]
55.   John my sonne shall have & receyve the holl yerly Rent of the seid fower yeres towards the [torn]
56.   payme[n]t of my legacyes bequeathed in this my p[re]sent Testame[n]t: And if the seid Edward[torn]
57.   my sonne do dep[ar]te out of th[i]s naturall lyfe w[i]thout heyers of his body lawfully begotten [torn]
58.   then I will all the seid howses & lands in mearsea aforesaid to be & remayne unto John [torn]
59.   Bullocke my sonne in forme aforebequeathed to the seid Edward. At[torn]
60.   I will furder concerning my Customary howses & groundes aforeseid called hell howse, th[a]t if the
61.   seid John my sonne do refuse to p[er]forme & fulfyll all this my p[re]sent will & testame[n]t
62.   in forme aforeseid, then I will the seid \Edward Bullocke my sonne shall have & enioye my seid/ howses & grounds w[i]th all & singuler their
63.   App[ur]ten[au]nces called hell howse in such forme & w[i]th lyke co[n]dycions as is befor
64.   bequeathed to John my sonne & th[a]t the[n] the seid John shall have & enioye \all/ my seid
65.   Customary howses & lands in mearsea in lyke forme & w[i]th the same co[n]dicions it is be[queathed - torn]
66.   to Edward Bullocke my sonne / All the Residue of my moveable goods & Chattell wh[ich - torn]
67.   before not gyven nor bequeathed I will & gyve unto John Bullock my sonne, who[me - torn]
68.   I make sole executor of this my p[re]sent Testame[n]t, And Edward Bullock of wigborowe aforeseid
69.   yeoma[n] Sup[er]visour to whome I gyve for his paynes tenne shillinges of lawfull money of Ing[land - torn]
70.   I utterly Revoke & dysanull all & every other will or wylls gyft or gyftes, bequeath or
71.   bequeath or bequeathes, legacie or legacies by me here\to/fore at any tyme made willed gyven
72.   or bequeathed ./ In wytnesse whereof I have subscribed my marke & sette my seale,
73.   the day & yere above wrytten/ In the p[re]sens of John Mott, thelder, John P[torn]
              will[ia]m Maulden, Will[ia]m physter     and of
              me John Sparow, Clerk wryter

[Latin sentence saying the will was proved October 1575]

SourceMersea Museum