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TitleAbstract of the Bullock wills of Great Wigborough, Peldon, Tollesbury and West Mersea

1528 Margaret Bullock of Great Wigborough [ERO D/ABW 3/12]
Her late husband, John, is buried on the South side of St Stephens Churchyard and she wishes to be buried with him. In this pre-Reformation will, Margaret requests masses to be sung for her soul by the Grey Friars of Colchester. Her sons are John the Younger and John the Elder (both her executors) William and a married daughter Johan Deyer. Son-in-law, Robert Dyer. No properties or land are mentioned but she leaves the family brand and earmark plus a large amount of livestock to William. We have the wills of all three sons.
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1549 William Bullock of Layer Breton [ERO D/ABW 3/154]
The son of Margaret above, no wife is mentioned. His children are John, William, Joan, Anne and Margaret. He mentions Sir John de Vere and his estate at Elmesthorpe (Leicestershire) presumably as Lord of his copyhold land. He mentions both brothers, John the Elder and John the Younger, bequeathing his land and property to their children should his own die without issue. Named properties are Grovelands, Bunsters and Gunnecroft all in Tolleshunt Major, a leased tenement called Waystlyns in Layer Breton, Shervyns in Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Burned Down in Layer Breton, Birch and Great Wigborough. He has stock at a tenement called Clarkes. His effects include oxen, horses a cart and a plough and utensils for brewing, cheesemaking, baking and milking, he also leaves bows and arrows. The will ends with a verse of poetry in a different hand.
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1553 John Bullock the Younger of Great Wigborough [Nat Archives PROB-11-43-553]
The son of Margaret above. His wife is Margaret, and he has sons John, George, Robart and the youngest, Henry. His daughters are Joan, the eldest, Margaret the second daughter, Anne third daughter, Jane and Mary. He also makes a bequest to his sister's daughter Margaret Dyer. He leaves part of Rowses to his wife during her life. He also leaves two properties, Warestock and Gales and a croft called Podes Croft to George. He leaves Mersea properties, Martels and Brewers, Greate Carters Nicottes and Churchmans to John, then if he dies to Henry etc. He refers to a property Barons alias Dowes [Bacons alias Dawes] on West Mersea and a lease on a farm at Fingringhoe. He leaves money to several godchildren, servants and to the poor of Great and Little Wigborough, Fingringhoe, West Mersea and Salcott Wigborough. He leaves several other Crofts, Lynnetes Croft and Metfields, parcels of land, livestock and makes bequests to his godchildren.
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1559 and 1560/61 (two wills) John Bullock, [John the Elder and son of Margaret above.]
a) 1559 [ERO D/ACR 5/216]

The will was made on 26.6.1559 His wife Margaret can remain in the North Soller of the house he lives in, which he names as Moulshams.[A Solar was the private quarters and bedroom of the head of the family]. If she marries she has to leave the house and remove her livestock from its land. If his children die he leaves their bequests to the children of his two brothers, William and John. His son and heir is Edward [see Edward's will of 1595]. John has daughters Margaret, Agnes, and Elizabeth.
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b) 1560/61 [ERO D/ACR 3/165/2] This will was written on 30.9.1560 about 15 months after the earlier will. Essentially the same, it's clear all the children are still under 21. This will is witnessed by Randall Wymsley, rector of St Stephens, Great Wigborough and Gilbert Woodward
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1561 Margaret Bullock, [ERO D/ACR 5/184/1]
She makes bequests to six children. Because they all share the names of John the Younger's children in his will it is probable Margaret is the widow of John the Younger. The children are Mary, Jane, Anne, Harry, George and Margaret.
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1571 Henry Buloke of Tollesbury [ERO D/ABW 4/291]
Written on 31st August 1571. Henry has a wife, Jone, a daughter Jone under 18. His elder son is Henry and the younger John both under 21. Henry holds copyhold land and tenements from the Manor of Tollesbury Hall. Amongst his bequests are his jerkins and hose. He lists all his debtors and what they owe. He has a brother John of Cheneford. There is no indication as to his relation to the Great Wigborough Bullocks
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1575 John Bullock [ERO D ABW 4 344]
John's wife is Agnes. The will is written on 22.3.1574/5 and proved in October 1575. It seems John was buried the day after the will was written. John is presumably the son of John the Younger since the Mersea properties he inherited are named in this will. John has five children, three children under the age of 21 Robert, Mary and Henry. His eldest son, John, inherits his father's house, Hell House, in Great Wigborough and if he has no heirs it is to go to Robert. Edward inherits all the Mersea properties and if he dies without issue then they are to pass to John. The properties are Brewers, Martells, Churchmans, Carters and Nycolls. He has arable crops growing in Tolleshunt D'Arcy.
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1575/6 Agnes Bullock [ERO D/ABW 4/351]
Widow of John Bullock above. It would appear she was buried 11th February 1575/6 almost a year after her husband. The will is dated 12/1/1575/6. Her children are John (eldest) Edward, Robert, Henry, and Marye. The four youngest are all under 21.
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1578 Henry Bullock [National Archives PROB 11/61/174]
Probably another son of John the Younger. His wife is Agnes. He has a son Henry and daughter Marie both under 21. His wife is pregnant. He begins by leaving money to the poor of Great Wigborough, Salcott Wigborough,Tollesbury, Layer Breton, West Mersea, Fingringhoe, Peldon and Tolleshunt Knights. He leaves Rowses, Gales, Marsh House, Sharpes, Widow Croft, Warestock House, a parcel of land called Great Grone, two crofts called Lymittes and Galles House with an acre of ground, two crofts of land called Matefields and a croft called Dods Croft all in Great Wigborough. In Tollesbury he holds Warners with a marsh and Huntes alias Childmaws with a marshe and Brownings held by the manor of Tollesbury Hall, also a property with a Garden in Tollesbury called Blacks which he holds from the Manor of Boyshall alias Soethe Hall in Tollesbury. Henry's sisters are Margaret Wiseman, Marie Welde and Anne Ponde. He makes bequests to his late brother, John's children. John, Edward, Robert, Henry and Marie so he is the brother of John above. John Baron of Layer Breton is to be reported to once a year in the south porch of Great Wigborough Church with the financial accounts of his estate. Henry makes two different bequests should his unborn child be a boy or a girl.
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1595 Edward Bullock [National Archives PROB 11/87/187]
The only surviving son and heir of John the Elder. He requests he be buried in St Stephen's church or churchyard and leaves money to the poor of Salcott and Goldhanger.

His wife is Bridget and is offered the house called Gales and Gobbettes. The mansion house that Edward lives in is not named, but probably Moulshams. He has four daughters Joan, Mary, Amie and Bridgett. Sister Elizabeth Samford and nephew Oliver Samford.

His only son, Edward, is his heir and executor. [This was the Edward who was to become Sir Edward of Faulkbourne in 1637 see his 1646 will below. His mother was Joan Collen so it is clear his father married again and Bridget is a second wife]. There is a Joan Bullock who died in 1580 in the St Stephen's burials' register so clearly their son, Edward, was born then or before. John Collen, Edward's brother-in-law, is asked to be one of the supervisors of this will.
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1609 Henry Bullock of Great Wigborough [ERO D/ACW 5/18]
Married Anne. He names three children, all under 12, Henry, Edward and Mary. He himself was a baby when his father died and is only 32 - 33 when he dies. As a child, he was the subject of a fraud trial when his uncle, Richard Wiseman, was accused of taking over a property left in trust for the child Henry. A brass commemorates Henry's death in 1609 in St Stephen's Church Great Wigborough.
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1611 Edward Bullock of Great Wigborough [ERO D/ACW 5/142]
Edward's wife is Jone. He bequeaths Brewers and Martels, Nicoles Churchmans and Cartors on Mersea to his wife, the same properties John the Younger bequeaths to Edward's brother. He has a son Edward and two younger children Henry and Anna, they are all under 21. He mentions a sister Mary and a brother Robart.
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1624 Joan Bullock of West Mersea [ERO D/ABW 46/101]
A widow, she leaves a joined bed, two featherbeds with their blankets, sheets and pillows to her daughter Anna Bullock. Her executor is her son, Henry, to whom she leaves an unspecified legacy bequeathed by his father to be delivered upon Joan's death. Joan leaves 10 shillings to the poor.
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1626 Robert Bullock of Great Wigborough [ERO D/ACW 10/48].
His wife is Anna who was a widow and formerly married to Westbroome. He has a son Robert who is under 21. He refers to his 'cousin' (niece) Abigail, daughter of his brother John Bullock, his executor.
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1646 Sir Edward Bullock of Faulkbourne Hall [National Archives PROB 11/197/603]
Born in Great Wigborough [see his father's will above, Edward Bullock 1595]. He makes monetary bequests to his kinsman Edmund Bullock of old Walsingham, Norfolk, to Lady Anne de Grey and to two servants. His executor is his son Edward Bullock br>
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1646 Henry Bullock of West Mersea [ERO D/ACW 14/121]
His wife is Martha, and he has a daughter Mary and a married daughter, Martha Wendon. He owns Little Haywards in Peldon. He bequeaths Bullockes, Bruers, Carters which seem likely to be 'Brewers and Castors' in the will of Edward in 1609, Henry is possibly his son. His son-in-law is named as William Wendon and the witnesses to the will are John Woolhouse, George Thornbacke, and John Hawkins.
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1660 John Bullocke of Great Wigborough [ERO D/ACW 16/34]
Seems not to have a wife or children. He wills that he be buried in the chancel of St Stephens and gives his lands in Wigborough to his sister's son, Thomas Harper. It is not clear what the name of the property is, it could be gales. He leaves money to his sister's daughter, Elizabeth Mot and to a son of another sister, John Burton. His executor Thomas Harper dies before supervising the will so his son, Thomas, aged 9 and Elizabeth Mott aged eleven are unable to administer the will. They choose Mary Deane their aunt on John's side.
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1706 Thomas Bullock of Peldon, carpenter [ERO D/ABW 40/47]
No wife is mentioned. He bequeaths his son John one shilling and all the goods listed in an inventory. He mentions a daughter Elizabeth Brown and a grandson, John Bullock. His executor is Edward Digby.
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1814 Samuel Bullock of Peldon [ERO D/ABW 120/3/15]
Starting out as a carpenter in Peldon like his father, grandfather and great grandfather before him, Samuel became a major landowner in the area and the description of 'Gentleman' in the will shows how far he had come. His wife and all his children except his daughter, Jane Creek predecease him and Jane, along with his six grandchildren, are beneficiaries of the will. He appoints his friends, John Wilkin of Inworth, John Cooke Spurden of West Mersea and Edward Harvey of Great Horkesley as executors together with his daughter. He wills that all his properties be sold. He requests he be buried in the family vault in Peldon Church Yard. He makes provision for his workmen to receive 10 shillings each and their wives to have black gowns and gloves. The poor widows of Peldon receive five shillings. No properties are named but we do have the subsequent auction schedule see 'The Bullock Family of Peldon'
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