ID: WW2_NAM_001

TitleWW2 & Korean War casualties with a Mersea link
AbstractMen and women who were killed in WW2 who have a connection with Mersea Island.
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Allen, Roy Charles   West Mersea  Died 17 Jun 1946WW2_RCA
Armstrong, Richard Victor   Urmston  Died 31 Mar 1941GHT_005
Balls, Derek Anthony   East Mersea  Died 23 Apr 1951WWK_DAB
Beadle, Hedley Noel   West Mersea  Died 02 Sep 1944HNB
Busk, John Westly   West Mersea  Died 16 Mar 1940WW2_BSK
Butler, Alfred Charlton   West Mersea  Died 21 Dec 1944WW2_ACB
Chatters, Ronald Arthur   West Mersea  Died 02 Sep 1940WW2_RAC
Christmas, Alfred Herbert   West Mersea  Died 10 Sep 1941WW2_AHC
Crossman, Arthur Charles   West Mersea  Died 22 May 1941WW2_CMN
Cudmore, Herbert   West Mersea  Died 21 Dec 1944WW2_CUD
Cutts, Douglas Benjamin   West Mersea  Died 27 Apr 1941WW2_DBC
Dale, Donald Arthur   West Mersea  Died 22 Aug 1941WW2_DDL
Duncan, Alexander Jamieson   Plockton  Died 12 Sep 1940WW2_AJD
Ecclestone, Edwin Clifford   West Mersea  Died 28 Sep 1943WW2_ECT
Farthing, Arthur Bernard   East Mersea  Died 11 Jul 1944WW2_ABF
Farthing, John Charles   West Mersea  Died 19 Aug 1941OOD_016
Gowing, Sidney David   West Mersea  Died 07 Mar 1943WW2_GNG
Heard, Eric Thome   West Mersea  Died 25 May 1944WW2_ETH
Hewes, Owen Kitchener   West Mersea  Died 18 Jun 1941WW2_OKH
Hillaby, George Ernest   West Mersea  Died 30 Sep 1940WW2_GEH
Hudson, Huberht Taylor   West Mersea  Died 15 Jun 1942
Hudson, Huberht Taylor   West Mersea  Died 15 Jun 1942WW2_HTH
Kelly, Christopher Gilbert   West Mersea  Died 15 Aug 1944WW2_CGK
Kinder, Frank   West Mersea  Died 18 Feb 1945WW2_FKD
King, Martyn Aurel   West Mersea  Died 16 Aug 1940WW2_MAK
Laker-Wright, Stewart   West Mersea  Died 06 Nov 1945WW2_SLW
Magson, Vincent John   West Mersea  Died 8 Mar 1945WW2_VJM
Martin, Peter   West Mersea  Died 23 Oct 1942WW2_PJM
Michell, Ian Vincent   West Mersea  Died 8 Mar 1945WW2_IVM
Nesmyth, Henry   West Mersea  Died 01 Jul 1942WW2_NSM
Passadoro, Charles   West Mersea  Died 13 Apr 1940WW2_CHP
Passadoro, Denis Joseph   West Mersea  Died 05 Feb 1943WW2_DJP
Pullen, Frank   West Mersea  Died 01 Apr 1942WW2_FPL
Purkis, Robert   West Mersea  Died 13 Jan 1944WW2_PKS
Sampson, George Henry   West Mersea  Died 15 Jun 1942WW2_GHS
Stoker, George Thomas   West Mersea  Died 04 Jun 1941WW2_GTS
Stoker, Horace   West Mersea  Died 17 Jun 1942WW2_STH
Stoker, Sarah Lilian   West Mersea  Died 17 Jun 1942WW2_STH
Tales, James   West Mersea  Died 14 Jul 1942WW2_JTL
Taylor, Edward James   West Mersea  Died 07 Jun 1942WW2_EJT
Turton, George Henry   Manchester  Died 31 Mar 1941GHT_001
Williams, Robert Gardiner   West Mersea  Died 11 Dec 1943WW2_RGW
Williamson, Fred   West Mersea  Died 03 Jun 1944WW2_FWN

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SourceMersea Museum