ID: MARG_001

TitleStrood Receipts 1556 from ERO D/P 77/25/1
AbstractReceipts of Strood land, Mersea for 1556, transcribed from Essex Record Office D/P 77/25/1

Transcriber: Trevor Hearn 19th July 2019
There is a translation to modern English further down the page

1 the R[eceipt]es [ Note 1 ] of the stroude land
2 for the yere of o[ur] lorde god 1556
3 It[e]m R[eceived] of younge John Jeffere & olde John du[n]nynge    
4 for the hole yers ferme of the p[ar]yishe land due
5 att o[ur] ladye daye in lenttxlixviij s viij d
6 [ ] R[eceived] of the wydo mydelton for the hole yers ferme
7 [ ] stroud land called Downs & sabberd[es]xxij s
8 [ ] R[eceived] of the wydo goodwyn for the hole yers ferme
9 [ ] [...] due at mygyellmasvij s vj d
10 [ ] R[eceived] of Rob[er]t fokys for a parcell of the stroude land
11 [ ] myghellmasvij s
12 It[e]m R[eceived] of John ha[m]mond for the hole yers ferme of
13 carters Due at myghellmasiij s
14 R[eceived] of younge John Jefferye and younge John dunynge
15 for the halffe yers ferme of the p[ar]yshe land
16 Due at myghellmas laste paste ano domo 1556xiiij s iiij d
17    &nbap; Su[m]ma [........]v li xj s vj d

Note 1. The symbol in the original text literally transcribes as "Res"; in the context of this document, the symbol has been transcribed as "R[eceiptes]" for the heading, and "R[eceived]" in the body of the document.

Translated to modern English by Trevor Hearn 24th July 2019

1 The receipts of the Strood land
2 for the year of our Lord God 1556
3 Item: received of young John Jeffrey & old John Dunning
4 for the whole year's farm of the parish land due
5 at our Lady Day in Lent£10 18s 8d
6 [ ] received of the widow Middleton for the whole year's farm
7 { ] Strood land called Downs and Saberds22s
8 [ ] received of the widow Goodin for the whole year's farm
9 [ ] [...] due at Michaelmas7s 6d
10 [ ] received of Robert Fokes for a parcel of the Strood land
11 [ ] Michaelmas7s
12 Item: received of John Hammond for the whole year's farm of     
13 Carters due at Michaelmas3s
14 Received of young John Jeffrey and young John Dunning
15 for the half-year's farm of the parish land
16 due at Michaelmas last past 1556 AD14s 4d
17      Total [..........]£5 11s 6d
SourceMersea Museum