ID: MBK_RDW / R.D. Wilson (David)

TitleMy Life at Sea April 1941 - August 1951
AbstractDavid was the son of the Rector of Peldon. He joined S.S. WILLESDEN April 1941. After various voyages, she was en route from USA to Middle East when she was sunk by the German raider THOR. The crew were taken to Japan, where David spent 3 ½ years in a Prisoner of War camp. He returned to England on the EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA, to a mixed reception. When he had recovered, he went back to sea. October 1950 he married Ina and in December 1951 came ashore - to work for HM Customs.
David started to write the book in 1972. It was finished in 1999 and produced by Grandson Christopher. There are no contact details in the book and we are unable to discuss any copyright issues.

David's story was produced for Peldon by Ted Sparrow as part of his On Our Doorstep series.. It has since been edited with minor updates, and is available on the Mersea Museum website. See OOD_039

The wartime story from the book on the Second World War Experience Centre website

A copy of the book is available in Mersea Museum archives.

AuthorR.D. Wilson (David)
SourceMersea Museum
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 My Life at Sea April 1941 - August 1951 by R.D. Wilson  MBK_RDW_001
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Title: My Life at Sea April 1941 - August 1951 by R.D. Wilson
Source:Mersea Museum