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TitleSurrender of Rolves [ Rolls? ] in North Peete by Walter George 1657
AbstractSurrender of Rolves in North Peete by Walter George, Customary Tenant of Manor of Pete Hall, transcribed from Draft court book, Manorial, Manor of Peet Hall and Finginghoe. Draft court minutes. 1656-1659. Essex Record Office document D/DMb M159.

Transcriber Elaine Barker 27 April 2021

The Eighteenth day of September in the yeare of
our Lord one thousand sixe hundred fifty seaven

Peete hall Be it remembred that the daye & yeare above written
Walter George A Customary tenant of the Manor aforesaid
did surrender into the hand[es] of the Lord of the same Man
nor by the hand[es] of William Rush instead of the Lord[es]
Baylife in the p[re]sence of John Shawe gentleman
& William Moore two Customary tenant[es] of the same
Manor witnessinge the same accordinge to the Custome
of the said Manor all that his mesuage or tenem[en]t &
two yard Land[es] & an halfe [Note 1] & five acres of Lingland [Note 2]
Customary called Rolves in North peete [Note 3] to which the said
p[re]misses the said Walter at the Court holden for
the Manor afores[ai]d the two and twentith day of July
in the fowerth yeare of Charles Late kinge of England [c 1628 Charles succeeded in 1625]
was admitted tennant to the only use & behoofe of
Isabell Edward[es] of Colchester in the County of Essex
widdow & of her heires & assignes for ever upon
Condic[i]on that if the said Walter George his heires
or assign[es] doe well & truely pay or Cause to be payd unto
the s[ai]d Isabell her heires or assign[es] \at or/ with in the now
dwellinge house of the said Isabell scituate in Colchester
afores[ai]d the full some of one hundred & sixe pound[es] of good &
Lawfull money of England in maner & forme followinge that is
to say thre\e/ pound[es] p[ar]te thereof in & upon the nyneteenth
day of March next Comeinge after the date heereof & one
hundred & three pound[es] residue in & upon the twentith
day of September which shall be in the yeare of our Lord one
thousand sixe hundred fifty & eight then [this?] [pre[sen]te??] surrend
=der to be void

John Shaw}Walter
} Tenant[es]      George
William Moore}

This surrender p[re]sented at a Cort holden

Note 1; yardland (or virgate) is an archaic unit of land reckoned to be roughly ¼ of a hide (30 acres)
Note 2: lingland: ling is heather
Note 3: Rolves in North Peete is possibly Rolls Farm which is on Pete Tye Common, the northernmost part of the Manor of Pete Hall.
The will of Robert George 1609 probably refers to the same house and land - see MARG_373_011

SourceMersea Museum