TitleBritish Cruisers lost 22 September 1914
AbstractDuring the early months of World War 1 the Royal Navy maintained a patrol of Cressy class armoured cruisers in an area of the North Sea off the Dutch coast. These old ships were known to be vulnerable to attack.

22 September 1914 HMS ABOUKIR was torpedoed by German submarine U-9. The captain of the ABOUKIR thought he had struck a mine, and ordered HMS CRESSY and HMS HOGUE to rescue survivors. As they stopped, they in turn were torpedoed and all three ships sank with the loss of 1,459 out of the 2,200 men on board.

Many of the crew were Royal Naval Reserve personnel. Seven local men lost their lives in this disaster.

Ralph Cutts Avis,
(known on Mersea as Ralph Mussett.)
West Mersea HMS CRESSY
Willie Cook Rowhedge HMS CRESSY
Albert Eley East Donyland    HMS HOGUE
Thomas Edward Funnell West Mersea HMS ABOUKIR
Walter William Ingate Tollesbury HMS HOGUE
Frederick Russell Tollesbury HMS CRESSY
Gabriel Charles Webb Tollesbury HMS ABOUKIR
KeywordsRalph Mussett, Ralph Cutts-Avis
SourceMersea Museum