TitleDeeds of Sleyes Peldon

Sleyes is the cottage on the corner of Church Road and Church Green in Peldon. The links below go to transcriptions of some of the earlier Deeds of Sleyes.

SLY_001_101     Sleyes Peldon conveyance John Lawrence John Anger 1635
SLY_002_101 Sleyes Peldon conveyance John Lawrence John Anger 1635
SLY_003_101 Sleyes Peldon Will of John Hopkins 1734
SLY_004_101 Sleyes Peldon letter from James Boys 1741
SLY_005_101 Sleyes Peldon will of Jonathan Bennet of East Mersea 1760
SLY_006_101 Sleyes Peldon Regrant and Admission of Edward Ransom
SLY_007_101 Sleyes Peldon sale by Edward Ransom to John White 1772
SLY_008_101 Sleyes Manorial Surrender to John White 1772
SLY_009_101 Sleyes Manorial Admission of John White 1774
SLY_010_101 Sleyes sale of property to Joseph Ward 1780
SLY_101 Sleyes Admission of Joseph Ward
SLY_012_101 Sleyes - sale Mary Wilsmore to Martin Harvey
PPS_001 Indenture Priest's House (Slyes) Peldon 1726

History of Sleyes, Peldon
Other transcribed wills and deeds

SourceMersea Museum