TitleList of Pete Tye Farm Deeds
AbstractThe deeds to Pete Tye Farm, Peldon, listed below, were loaned by the current owner. The earliest is dated 1777 and the last (on microfilm) dated 1929. As a result of the 1922 Law of Property Act, this copyhold property of the Manor of Peet Hall was converted to freehold and the purchaser of the farm in 1929, Stanley Ellis, was the first freehold owner.
PTF_1777_001     24 Oct 1777     Manor of Peet Hall Admission of Sarah Denew
PTF_1803_001 24 Nov 1803Land-Tax Redemption Certificate - Josh. Quincey
PTF_1803_0027 Dec 1803Land-Tax Registration Joseph Quincey
PTF_1811_00126 Sep 1811Joseph Quincey to John Hance lease
PTF_1821_00127 Sep 1821Manor of Peet Hall surrender of Joseph Quincey and Sarah his wife
PTF_1845_0011 Feb 1845Manor of Peet Hall sale of Copyhold - will of Sarah Quincey
Henry Bean, Samuel Edwin Bean, George Robinson, Chas. S. Benning, George J. Christmas, Henry H. Mason
Bought at auction 25 Oct 1844 - £2,974.
PTF_1845_002 22 Feb 1845Manor of Peet Hall Admission of George Robinson
PTF_1854_00112 Apr 1854Draft lease of Pete Tye Farm. George Robinson to Thos. Mills
(only title page scanned)
PTF_1854_00227 Nov 1854Manor of Peet Hall admission of Francis Robinson
PTF_1855_00112 Aug 1855Peet Hall license to demise to trustees G. Robinsons Will
PTF_1857_0012 Mar 1857Will of George Robinson - Abstract of Order
PTF_1857_002 16 April 1868Emerson v Mason, Emerson v Pearce. Clarkes purchase.
Description of farmhouse, particulars of lands
PTF_1858_00114 Jul 1858The Tye Farm Peldon.Thomas Mills to Benjamin Clark
PTF_1858_00214 Jul 1858The Tye Farm. Thomas Mills to Mr Benjm. Clark
PTF_1863_0011 Jun 1863Manor of Peet Hall Admission of William Bird on death of Fras. Robinson
PTF_1868_0015 Oct 1868Manor of Peet Hall William Bird to William Clarke absolute surrender
PTF_1868_00231 Oct 1868Pete Tye Farm conveyance - account
PTF_1868_00327 July 1868Chancery Court Order for payment of purchase money
PTF_1868_0049 Oct 1868Covenants on surrender of Copyhold Estate Pete Tye Farm. William Clarke to Mrs Ann Sheldrake
PTF_1868_0059 Oct 1868Manor of Peet Hall. Wm. Clarke to Ann Sheldrake conditional surrender
PTF_1868_0061868Pete Tye Farm further abstract of title [most not scanned]
PTF_1868_0071868Pete Tye Farm further abstract of title
Samuel Edwin Bean, Charles George Christmas, will of Sarah Quincey
PTF_1868_0081868Abstract of Title will of Geo. Robinson. Francis Robinson, Wm. Emerson [most not scanned]
PTF_1868_00929 April 1868Abstract of Title will of G. Robinson. W.M. Clarke. Copyhold estate of the Manor of Peet Hall [Most not scanned]
PTF_1868_0101868Abstract Emerson v Mason in Estates of George Robinson deceased. [most not scanned]
PTF_1868_0115 Oct 1868Surrender of Copyhold Estate Pete Tye Farm Peldon
PTF_1868_0129 Oct 1868Manor of Peet Hall Admission of William Clarke upon surrender of William Bird
PTF_1870_00128 Jul 1870Receipt for costs ref Peet Hall Manor
PTF_1871_0014 Mar 1871Conditional surrender from Wm. Clarke of Fingringhoe to Ann Sheldrake. Warrant of satisfaction.
PTF_1912_00120 Nov 1912To Mr W.B. Clarke, Rye Farm, Layer-de-la-Haye. No duty payable on death of father.
PTF_1912_00229 Nov 1912Wm Clarke (deceased). Pete Tye Farm. No Incremental Value duty payable
PTF_1913_0016 Sep 1913Release conveyance copyhold farm Pete Type Farm. Will of late Wm. Clarke. W.B. Clarke, F.J Clarke
PTF_1929_001 10 Oct 1929Conveyance between William Benjamin Clarke and Frank Joseph Clarke, and Stanley William Ellis of Lawford Hall Farm (purchaser)

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