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TitlePriest's House Peldon Indenture 22nd July 1726
AbstractPriest's House Indenture 22nd July 1726

Transcribed by Elaine Barker July 2020

1.   This Indenture Made the Twenty Second day of July in the Twelfth year of the Reign of our Sovereign
2.   Lord George by the grace of God of great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c [etcetera] anno
3.   D[omin]i one Thousand Seven hundred and Twenty Six Between Richard Turner of Malden in the
4.   County of Essex gent Nephew and next heir of Thomas Turner late of great Wigborough in the said
5.   in the said County of Essex gent dec[ease]d of the one part and Matthew Martin of Wivenhoe in the
6.   said County of Essex Esq[uire] of the other part Witnesseth that for and in considerac[i]on of Five Shillings
7.   of lawfull money of great Britain to the said Richard Turner in hand paid by the said Matthew Martin att
8.   or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents The receipt and payment whereof is hereby Sufficiently
9.   acknowledged and Testified He the said Richard Turner Hath bargained Sold and Demised and by These
10.   presents doth bargaine Sell and demise unto the said Matthew Martin All that Messuage or Tenement
11.   with the houses outhouses buildings yards gardens and orchards thereunto belonging with their app[ur]ten[an]ces
12.   called Slyes or otherwise as the Same are Scituate lying and being in Peldon in the said County of Essex
13.   adjoining to or near the Church yard there and are now in the Tenure or occupac[i]on of John Bullock or
14.   his assignee or assigns And also all ways easements lights waters watercourses com[m]ons profits privileges
15.   and advantages whatsoever to the said Messuage or Tenement and premisses or any part or parcell
16.   thereof belonging or in any wise app[er]taining And the Reverc[i]on and Reverc[i]ons Remainder and
17.   Remainders thereof and of every part and parcell thereof To Have and to Hold the said Messuage
18.   or Tenement houses, outhouses buildings yards gardens and orchards and all other the premisses hereby
19.   bargained Sold and demised or herein or hereby meant menc[i]oned or intended so to be and every part
20.   and parcell thereof with their and every of their app[ur]ten[an]ces unto the said Matthew Martin from the day
21.   next before the day of the date of these presents for during and unto the full end and Term of Six
22.   Months from thence next ensueing and fully to be compleat and ended Yeilding and paying
23.   therefore unto the said Richard Turner his Heirs or Assigns one pepper corne only at the Expirac[i]on of
24.   the said Term if the same shall be lawfully demanded To the intent that the said Matthew Martin may be in
25.   the actuall possession of the herby bargained and demised Messuage or Tenement and premisses within their App[ur]ten[an]ces
26.   And may by force and vertue of these presents and of the Statute for Transferring uses into possession in that
27.   behalf made and provided be enabled to accept and take a release of the Reverc[i]on and Inheritance of
28.   the same premisses unto him the said Matthew Martin and his heirs forever In Witness whereof
29.   the parties aforesaid to these presents have hereunto Interchangably Sett their hands and Seales the
30.   day and year first abovewritten

[Reverse] 22nd July 1726
    nbsp;   } lease for a year

SourceMersea Museum