ID: PH01_MARG / Elaine Barker

TitlePeldon Wills and documents transcribed
AbstractPeldon Wills and Documents transcribed by Mersea Archive Research Group
The original copy of most documents are held by Essex Record Office or the National Archives.

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Samuel Edwin Bean of Peldon, gentleman, 1848 TNA PROB 11/2155/380

Jacob Brown, Lord of Manor of Pete Hall Peldon, 1770, ERO D/Del T327

Samuel Bullock of Peldon, gentleman 6 November 1814

Thomas Bullock of Peldon, carpenter 25 Feb 1706 ERO D/ABW 79/7

Commyns, Peldon ERO D/ABW 10/229

Richard Cranfield if Peet Hall Farm, Peldon 1839 declaration. ERO D/Del T327

Will of Abraham Fokes [ Foakes ] of Peldon 1597 ERO D/ABW 15/49

William French, yeoman of Peldon 1607 ERO D/ABW 15/98 3

Inventory of Robert Harrison, blacksmith of Peldon 1808 ERO D/DU 2878

Will of John Haxell of Peldon 1842 ERO D/ABW 136/1/35

Will of William Hedge of Peldon 1650 PROB 11/268/126

Will of John Lawrence of Peldon 1612 D/ABW 24/117

Will of John Lorrance of Peldon 1646 ERO D/ACW 14/144

Will of Henry Marveile of Peldon 1579 ERO D/ABW 25/271

Will of Thomas Page of Peldon 1583 PROB 11/77/407

Will of Samuel Munt of Peldon Hall 1653 TNA PROB 11/275/327

Indenture for Mary Wade of Peldon 1692

Will of John Wayland of Peldon 1788 TNA PROB 11/1173/41

Will of Joan Waywold, Peldon 30 April 1584 ERO D/ABW 40/47

Will of the Reverend Francis Onge of Peldon 1666/67

John Cornelius Marriage Allegation 1641

Rectory - Indenture to fund rebuilding in 1852

Priest's House (Slyes) Peldon indenture 1726

Sleyes Peldon conveyance John Lawrence John Anger 1635

Sleyes Peldon conveyance John Lawrence John Anger 1635

Sleyes Peldon Will of John Hopkins 1734

Sleyes Peldon letter from James Boys 1741

Sleyes Peldon will of Jonathan Bennet of East Mersea 1760

Sleyes Peldon Regrant and Admission of Edward Ransom

Sleyes Peldon sale by Edward Ransom to John White 1772

Sleyes Manorial Surrender to John White 1772

Sleyes Manorial Admission of John White 1774

Sleyes sale of property to Joseph Ward 1780

Sleyes Admission of Joseph Ward

Sleyes - sale Mary Wilsmore to Martin Harvey

Elaine Barker
Peldon History Project

AuthorElaine Barker
SourceMersea Museum