ID: OOD / E.J. Sparrow

TitleOn Our Doorstep
AbstractIn Memoriam
The Second World war 1939 to 1945
How those living in some of the parishes south of Colchester were affected by World War 2.

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On Our Doorstep Parts 1 and 2
On Our Doorstep Parts 3 and 4 (Part 4 starts Page 58)
There is a list of people at WW2_OOD_INDEX . Use Find (Ctl - F) to find a person.

Available on web.

The book contains a large amount of research by Ted Sparrow over several years and relects his desire the share the details of the local men who died in WW2.
Ted Sparrow died August 2018

AuthorE.J. Sparrow
SourceMersea Museum