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TitleWill of Mercie Titterell of West Mersea, 1648
AbstractWill of Mercie Titterell, widow of West Mersea 27 November 1648 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 15/66.

Transcription by ackie Twinn May 2024

Mercie Titterell, widow, of West Mersea

Date of will: 27th November 1648
Date of death: unknown
Date of Probate: 6th December 1648
Mercie bequeaths her soul to Jesus Christ and requests her body to be buried at the discretion of her executor. Bequests are as follows:

40 shillings to the poor of Peldon.
5 shillings to as many of her godchildren as her daughter, Elizabeth Noakes, seems fit.
40 shillings to each of Elizabeth Wright, kinswoman, John Gale, kinsman, and to Stephen Gale.
The residue of the estate is bequeathed to Mercie's daughter Elizabeth Noakes for the benefit of herself and her children. Elizabeth is also appointed sole executrix.
Witnesses: Francis Onge, Joanna Linn & Mary Perce.

Novembe[r] 27 Anno D[omi]ni 1648

1.   Be it knowne to all men That I Mercie Titterell
2.   of Westmersey in the Countie of Essex widdow
3.   being of whole minde doe make and ordaine
4.   this my last will and Testament as followeth
5.   I[te]m I bequeathe my soule to my Lord Jesus And my
6.   Body to be buried at the discretion of mine Executor
7.   I give Fortie shillings to the poore of Peldon and
8.   five shillings a peece to so many of my Godchildren
9.   as my daughter Elizabeth Noak[es] thinks fitt And
10.   I give Fortie shillings to Elizabeth Wright my
11.   kinswoman And I give Fortie shillings to John
12.   Gale my kinsman And Fortie shillings to Stephen
13.   Gale And all the rest of my goods & Chattells
14.   whatsoever I give unto my daughter Elizabeth
15.   Noakes for the benefitt of her selfe and Children
16.   whom I make my whole and sole Executrix of
17.   this my last will and Testament To w[hi]ch I sett
18.   my hand and seale the day and yeare above
19.   written The marke of Mercie Titerell
20.   in the p[re]sent[es] of

21.   Francis Onge
22.   the m[ar]ke of Joanna Linn
23.   Josiah Francklyn
24.   the m[ar]ke of Mary Perce

Concordat cum ori[gina]li Testament[um]
Collat p[er] ma[gistr]o Tho. Gaell

6th decemb[e]r 1648
Rec[eiv]ed the originall will of the s[a]id Mercie
Titterell deceased to the use of Eliz. Noak[es]
                  the m[ar]ke of
my wife I say rec[eived] By me       Ralph Noak[es]

SourceMersea Museum