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TitleWill of James Alcock of West Mersea
AbstractWill of James Alcock of West Mersea, 28 March 1690, transcribed from ERO D/ABW 73/148

Transcription, abstract etc by Jackie Twinn October 2023

James Alcock of West Mersea
Date of will: 28th March 1690
Date of death: unknown
Date of Probate: 17th June 1690

James commits his soul to God and requests to be decently buried at the discretion of his executors and friends named in the will. His bequests are as follows-

To his son, Richard Alcock (and his heirs): £20 to be paid within one year of the death of James; one feather bed; feather bolster; 2 feather pillows; one blanket; two covers; 2 pairs of good sheets; bedstead & accompaniaments standing in the hall chamber; one joined chest; one livery cupboard [see NOTE ONE]; one brass pottage pot.

To his son, James Alcock (and his heirs): £20 to be paid when he attains the age of 20;

To his two eldest daughters, Marie Alcock and Ann Alcock: £20 each, to be paid at the earliest of their attainment of the age of 18 or day of marriage;

To his youngest daughter, Sarah Alcock: £25 to be paid at the earleist of her attainment of the age of 18 or day of marriage;

If any child should die before reaching the stated ages or day of marriage, the respective legacy of such deceased child is to be shared among the surviving children.

To his wife, Marie Alcock: the residue of the estate unbequeathed, on condition that all debts, legacies and funeral expenses are discharged. Marie is appointed sole executrix.

Thomas Hawes, junior, is appointed supervisor of the will and is to be paid £5 fee by the executrix.

Witnessed by: Thomas Edwards, Grace Barker, Thomas Goodin

Signed, sealed and delivered on 28th March 1690. Probate granted 17th June 1690.

1   In the Name of God Amen the Twentie Eight of March in the second
2   year of the reigine of King William and Queen Marie And in the year of
3   our Lord God one thousand six hundred & Nintie I James Alcock of Westmersey
4   in the Countie of Essex yeoman being sick in bodie but in good & perfect memorie
5   prayse be given unto Almightie God doe make & ordaine this my last will &
6   Testament in manner & forme following First & principallie I Comitt my soul
7   into the hands of Almightie God my maker trusting through the meritorius death
8   & passion of Jesus Christ my only saviour & redeemer to receive aftere pardon
9   & forgivenesse of all my sins And my body to the earth out of which it was
10   framed to be decently burried at the discretion of my Executors & friends herein
11   named And as for that worldly estate w[hi]ch it hath pleased Almighty God of his free
12   mercie to bestow upon me I give and bequeath as Followeth Item I give and bequeath
13   unto my Son[n] Richard Alcock & to his heires the sum[m] of Twentie pounds of law
14   full mony of England to be paid to him within one year after my decease Moreover
15   I give unto Richard Alcock my son[n]e one feather bedd & feather bolster & two
16   feather pillowes one blankitt two Coverletts And two payer of good sheetes and
17   the Bedsteadle & all therto belonging now standing in the hall chamber And also
18   one joyned Cheest upon the said chamber And one Liverly cubbord [NOTE 1] upon the kitchen
19   chamber And one great brass pottage pott Item I give unto my son[e] James Alcock
20   & to his heires the sum[m] of Twentie pounds when he shall attaine his age of Twentie
21   yeares Item I give unto Marie Alcock & Ann Alcock my two eldest daughters
22   the sum of Twentie pounds apeece to be paid them at ther ages of Eighteen yeares
23   or upon ther days of Marriage Item I give unto my youngest daughter Sarah
24   Alcock the sum[m] of Twentie five pounds of lawfull mony to be paid her at her age
25   of Eighteen years or upon her day of Marriage And if any of these my five Children
26   shall depart ther life in their Nonage that then ther legacies to be equally divided
27   amongst the survivo[rs] of them Item all the rest of my goods chatles & moveables what
28   soever unbequeathed I give unto my loveing Wife Marie Alcock upon condition she
29   pay my debts & legacies & discharge my funerall And doe make her sole Executrix of this
30   my last will & testament revocking all other wills formerly by me made And I doe request
31   Thomas Hawes junio[r] of Westmersey to be superviso[r] of this my last will And doe order that
32   my Executrix pay him five pounds of lawfull money for his care In witnesse whereof I have
33   hereunto set my hand & seale this day & year above written
34   Sealed & declared to be the last will of the testator w[ith]in named
35   in the presence of Thomas Edwards     sign
36               sign             sign
37   Grace Barker     Thomas Goodin     James Alcock

NOTE 1: A Livery cupboard is a cupboard for keeping clothes; or, a cupboard with perforated doors for the storage of food; or, a cupboard used for bread and wine in sleeping quarters. In the context of this will, the most likely use here is in the second definition. [Source: The Local Historian's Glossary of Words and Terms by Joy Bristow]

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Probate Clause:
1   Apud Colc[estris] : 17 : Junii 1690 :
2   Coram M[agist]ro Julia[n]o Shelton Cl[er]ico
3   Surr[ogato] etc Probatum fuit hu[iusm]o[d]i
4   Testa[mentu]m Juramento Ex[ecu]triciis
5   Sui etc : de bene etc : Jutat[e]
6   Salvo etc. fit


This will was proved at Colchester on 17th June 1690 before Master Julian Shelton, clerk, surrogate etc by the oath of the exeuctrix etc; well and truly sworn etc; saving [all rights] etc.

It is done.

Published28 March 1690
SourceMersea Museum