ID: MARG_534

TitleWill of Henry Brown of West Mersea
AbstractWill of Henry Brown of West Mersea 28 February 1649 transcribed from ERO D/ACW/ 15/214

Transcription by Jenny Ennew September 2023 checked by Trevor Hearn

1.   In the name of God Amen. The eight and twentieth day of February in
2.   the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred forty and nine I Henry Brown
3.   of West mersey in the County of Essex and in the dioces(s)e of London being sick and
4.   weake in body ,but of sound and p[er]fect Remembrance ( praised be God) hereby revo-
5.   king and disanulling all former wills,I doe make and ordaine this my Last will and
6.   Testament. And first I give and bequeath my Soule unto Almighty God and my
7.   Body to be buryed at the discretion of my Executrix.Item I give and bequeath
8.   unto Elizabeth the wife of Peter Gent my eldest daughter, by Margaret my first
9.   wife, twenty five pounds to be payed to her within nine moneths after my decease
10.   Item I give and bequeath unto Allice my second daughter, by Margaret my first
11.   wife, the summe of forty pounds to be payed to her within nine moneths after my decease.
12.   Item I give and bequeath unto Mary my yonguest daughter by Margaret my first
13.   wife the summe of forty pounds to\be/ payed to her within nine months after my
14.   decease . Provided alwayes, that if either of my two yougner daughters shall
15.   die within the space of nine moneths above written, then her part or Legacy then
16.   deceased to be wholy given to the other of my yonguer daughters surviving ; and
17.   if both of them dye within the space of the fore said nine moneths , then both theire
18.   Legacyes to remaine to Elizabeth my eldest daughter But if they all dye within
19.   the space of the foresaid nine moneths, and my eldest daughter without Issue ,then their
20.   whole Legacyes are to remaine and be given to my beloved Kinsman Steven Brown
21.   of Thurlington in the County of Essex . All the rest of my Chattells and Goods moveable
22.   and immoveable I give unto Prudence my wife whom I make and ordaine my sole
23.   Executrix of this my last Will and Testament, and shee to bring up my Children
24.   during the space of the nine moneths above written, to discharge and pay my debts
25.   and Legacies, and to see my body honestly bestowed in the earth. Item I make
26.   and ordayn Steven Brown of Thurlington aforesaid, and Peter Gent my
27.   Sonne in Law, Supervisors of this my last will and Testament, to see this my
28.   Will p[er]formed and to have for their paines each of them ten shillings,all Costs
29.   and Charges born. In witnesse whereof I have hereto sett my hand and
30.   Seale the day and yeare above written

      (Signatures unreadable)

      Henry (his mark) Brown

On the reverse:

Probatu[m] fuit Test[amentu]m
hui[sm]o[d]I apud Colcestr[ie]
20 die April[is] 1656 Cora[m]
M[agist]ro Adamson Surr[ogat]o no[minat]e
Prudencie Brown Reli[ct]e Ex[ecut]rici
In eod[em] no[m]i[n]ate primitus de bene e[t]c


This will was proved at Colchester
on 20th April 1656 before
Master Adamson the said surrogate
Prudence Brown, widow, the said executrix
Of the same having first sworn well etc

      It is done

Published28 February 1649
SourceMersea Museum