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TitleWill of Augustine Wayland, yeoman of Great Wigborough, 1675
AbstractWill of Augustine Wayland yeoman of Great Wigborough 12 December 1675 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 18/267

Transcription by Elaine Barker

Augustine Wayland the Elder made his will on 12th December 1675 and appointed his wife Mary as his executrix. The will was witnessed by Thomas Smyth, Philip Causbout and Susan Rolfe.

He makes monetary bequests to his daughter Nomina Coofield's four daughters, Mary, Elizabeth, Grace and Ann, to his son Joseph, and daughter Mary and to his son Augustine's daughter, Sarah Wayland, to be paid when they all reach the age of twenty, or the girls marry, whichever comes first.

To his son, Augustine he leaves one shilling and his best suit of clothes. All the rest of his goods he leaves to his wife, Mary.

In the Name of god Amen:/ the twelfe day of December In the yeare of o[u]r Lord god one thousand six hundered seaventy and
five: I Augustine Wayland the Elder of greate Wigburrow In the County of Essex yeoman beinge sicke in boddy yett of
a good & p[er]fitt Memory thanckes be giveen to Allmightty god for the same, Revockinge all other Willes by me here
to fore made doe now Make & ordayne this my last will & Testament in Mannor & Forme Followinge., First I
bequeane my soule into the handes of allmighty god my maker & redeemer and my boddy I committ to the earth
from whence it cam their to be bestowed in Christian buriall att the decresion of my Executrix hereafter Named
and as for my worldely Estate whare with it hath pleased Allmightty god to Indue me with all, I doe Order and
dispose of In this Mannor Followinge Item I give & bequeane Unto Mary Cooffeild Elizabeth Cooffeilde Grace
Cooffeild & Ann: Cooffeild my fourer: Grandchilderen to Each of them the some of two poundes & ten shillinges \apeace/ of
lawful money of Englande; to be paid unto them, as they shall severally accomplish their severall ages of twenty yeares
or their day of Marriage which shall First happen, and if it shall please: god that any of my aforsaid grandechilderen shall
depate this Naturall Life before they shall accomplish their aforsaid age in w[hi]ch their aforsaid \Legacie shoulde/ be paid unto them as aforsaid
then my will & minde \is/ that her or their Legacie & gifte of them that shall not live to accomplish their age
as aforsaid shall goe & remayne & be paid as aforsaid to the surviveers or surviver of them, but if \it/ shoulde happenthat all my
aforsaid grandchilderen shoulde departe there Naturall life before their severall ages \or/ the tyme of payement as aforesaid
then my Minde is that thare afores[ai]d gifte or Legacie shall goe & remaye unto Nomina Cooffeild my Daughter for ever Item I
give & bequeane unto Joseph Waylande my sonn the some of sixti poundes of goode & Lawfull mony of England to be paid unto
him at his age of twenty yeares, Item I give & bequeane unto Mary Waylande my Daughter the some of thirty poundes of lawfull
money of Englande: to be paid unto her at her age of twenty yeares or her day of Marriage which shall first happen
and if it shall happen that Joseph my sonn shall departe this naturall life before he shall accomplish his age aforesaid then the
aforesaid sixtie poundes given unto Joseph aforesaid I give & bequeane unto Mary Waylande: his sister to be paid unto her
at her age or daye of Marriage as aforesaid and if it shall happen that Mary my said Daughter: shall not live to accomplish her
age or tyme of payemente as aforesaid then her said Lagacie givenen to her as aforsaid shall goe remayne unto Joseph her said
Brother to be paid unto him at his age aforesaid, and if it shall happen that both my said childeren Joseph: and Mary
shall not live to attayne to the age or tyme of payment of their Legacies as aforsaid, then I give & bequeane the aforsaid
thirty poundes givenen unto Mary my Daughter as aforsaid unto the Childeren of Nomina Cooffeilde my Daughter to
be equally devided amongste them \or/ soe many of them as shall be then liveinge at thare severall ages as aforsaid, Item I
give & bequeane unto: Sarahe Waylande the Daughter of Augustine Waylande my sonn: the some of five poundes to be
paid unto her at her age of twenty yeares or her day of Marriage the which shall first happen

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Item I give & bequeane unto Augustin Wayland my sonn the some of one Shillinge of Lawful Money of England to be paid
unto him with in one Monthe after my decease, Item I give & \bequeane/ unto my sonn Augustin Waylande my best sute
of wareinge Apparrell to be delivered unto him within one Month next after my decease, All the rest of my
goodes & Chattelles what soever unbequeaned I give & bequeane unto Mary Waylande my Loveinge Wife whom
I doe make & ordayne my sole Executrix of this my last will & Testament hopeinge theirby she will truly
& Faythfully p[er]forme this my Last will & Testamente accordinge to the trust & confidence in her by me reposed
In Wittnes whareof to this my last will & Testamente I have setto my seale & subscribed my Nam or
Marke beinge Contayned In these two sheetes of paper annexed together & published the same & every parte
theirof to be my last Will & Testament the day & yeare first above written In the p[re]sentes of these Wittneses
whose Names are here unto written
Sealed Signed published                 Signu'
declared to be my last will                 X
& Testamente in the p[re]sentes of     Augustin Wayland
Tho[mas] Smyth
Phillip P Causbout
Susan Rolfe

SourceMersea Museum