ID: MARG_526

TitleWill of Mary Goulstone widow of West Mersea, 1619
AbstractWill of Mary Goulstone widow of West Mersea, 1619, transcribed from ERO D/ABW 17/229

Transcription by Jenny Ennew June 2023, checked by Trevor Hearn

1.   In the name of god amen I mary goulstone of
2.   west mersey in the county of esexe widdowe though
3.   sicke in boddy yet well in mynd thankes be to god
4.   ther fore dooe make and ordayne this my last will
5.   and teastement in manner a forme as followeth the
6.   \the twelth Aprill/
7.   and for my boddy to be be berid wheare it shall
8.   apoynt and as for my wor[ld]ly goodes as followeth
9.   It[em] I geve and Bequeath unto Willam Harvye too
10.   keattells too postnets thre tubes and a keeler
11.   It[em] I g[i]ve and Bequeath unto Mary harvye the daughter
12.   of Willam harvye xv shillings <..> on[e] fether beade
13.   one flock boulster one half hedded bedstedell
14.   one pety cote one dacuctes chist and one payer of
15.   shetes too be put in to the handes of Richard durell
16.   too be payd unto the sayd mary at the age xviij (18)
17.   yeares of age.It[em] I give and bequeth unto soeara (Sarah ?)
18.   hearvye the daughter of Willam harvye xv (15)s
19.   of lawfull Inglish mony and fether bedd
20.   in the parrler bedstede boulster two civerrlits
21.   thre pillowes one sheat thes goodes thus given
22.   to be delivered in the handes of Richard durell
23.   presantly after my deseas and he to paye unto
24.   mary at hir age of xviij (18) yeares of age It[em] I give
25.   unto Richard durrell wife one murry [Note 1] petycote
26.   to be delivered presently after my desease It[em]
27.   I give unto the wif[e] of my brother one merry petycot[e]
28.   to be delivered presently after my desease It[em]
29.   I give unto the wif of myhgle \hearvie/one segrene [Note 2]
30.   pettycot to be deliver to her presently after my
31.   deses It[em] I unto the wif of Willam Browne one
32.   clock to be delyverr presently at my deseas
33.   It[em] I give to my kinsman gorge myller my
34.   stu[c]k goune [Note 3] to be dely[vered] presently after my
35.   decsese It[em]I give to mary filld the wif of
36.   Roborrt Filld my morry gowne to be
37.   delyvered after my decsease
38.   It [em] I give unto Richard meiler my
39.   best hat to be delyvered presently after
40.   my desease It[em] there is thirty shillinges
41.   in my sone Willam harvye which he is too
42.   pay into the handes of my execotors within
43.   one quarter of a yeare after my deseas
44.   All the reast of my goodes unbequeathed too
45.   Richard durrell whom I make my solle ecxe
46.   ter to prove my wille to paye my detes and
47.   to bring my boddy desently to the grounde
48.   Redd sealed and delyvered
49.   in the presenc of us
50.   The marke of [mary] goulstone
51.   Samuelle Cooke
52.       his marke
53.   Willam Browne

1. murry:- is an archaic word for "purple" derives from Mulberry as in the tree
2. segrene:- seagreen
3. stu[c]k is archaic for short and goune for gown. So " short gown" According to OED gowns were an item of clothing for men and women at this time.

Published12 April 1619
SourceMersea Museum