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TitleWill of Edmund Rokhell of Langenhoe, 1504
AbstractWill of Edmund Rokhell of Langenhoe, 1504 transcribed from ERO D/ACR 1/80/1

Transcription by Trevor Hearn July 2023

Edmund Rokhell of Langenhoe
Date of will: 7th April 1504
Date of death: unknown
Date of Probate: unknown

Edmund Rokhell bequeathes his soul to Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints in Heaven.

He leaves 12d to the high altar of St Mary's church, Langenhoe for tithes unpaid or forgotten (a standard mechanism to lessen any potential time to be spent in purgatory).

He also leaves 2 bushels of grain to the Grey Friars in Colchester to pray for his soul. He also leaves 10 shillings to the canon of the same institution to buy a cow; the calves born from the said cow each year are to be donated to the church on the anniversary of the death of Edmund in perpertuity.

He bequeaths the residue of his estate, after the funeral expenses have been settled, to his wife, Joanne, and to any children they may have, in 7 and 30 days after Edmund's decease.

He appoints his wife, Joanne, and his father, John, executors to the will.

He appoints John Carter supervisor of the will.

Witnesses are: John Feriar of Donyland, William Hammond, Thomas Coke of the same & others.

The will is written in Latin.

    Test[a]m[entum] Edmu[n]di Rokhell de langho
1   In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen septimo die mensis Ap[ri]lis Anno d[o]m[ini]
2   Mill[es]imo quinquentesimo iiijto Ego Edmu[n]dus Rokhell
3   de langho compos ment[es] & bone memoris condo test[a]m[entum]
4   meu[m] in hunc qui sequit[ur] modu[m] Imp[ri]mis do & lego A[n]i[m]am
5   mea[m] deo o[mn]ipotenti b[e]ate marie v[ir]gini & om[n]ib[us] s[anc]tis
6   p[ar]adisi corpusque meu[m] sepeliend[um] in Cimit[er]io eccl[es]ie
7   mee p[ar]och[ialis] b[e]ate marie de langho p[re]dicte It[e]m lego
8   sum[m]o Altari euisd[e]m eccl[es]ie p[ro] decimis meis oblit[is] xij d
9   It[e]m lego Comientui f[atr]um mi[n]or[ibus] de Cochest[er] duos busshell
10   frumenti ad orand[um] p[er] a[n]i[m]a mea It[e]m lego y canonne
11   d[i]c[t]e eccl[es]ie x s sterlingor[um] ad emere una vacca ut
12   ip[se] ex increment[is] fructuu[m] euisd[e]m vaccae consynet
13   seu consynari faciat in a[nn]u[m] d[i]c[t]a[m] eccl[es]ia obitu[s] Anniv[er]-
14   sarij mei singlis Annis in p[er]p[er]tuu[m] Residuum vero om[n]i[um]
15   bonor[um] meor[um] p[re]ter expens[orum] necessarias in die sepul-
16   tue mee fact[er] & in die vij & xxx post decessu[m] meu[m]
17   do & lego Johanne uxore mea & libero nua[m] int[er] nos
18   p[ro]creat[er] qua[m] Johanna[m] uxore mea cu[m] Joh[an]ne Rokhell
19   patre meo constituo & ordino executores meas ad
20   disponend p[er] a[n]i[m]a mea sup[er]visore vero dict[er] volun-
21   tat[is] mee constituo Johan[n]i[m] Carter de Colchest[er] fysh-
22   monger hijs testib[us] Johanne Feriar de donyland will[elim]o
23   hamond Thoma Coke de eade[m] & alijs

English translation of the will

Will of Edmund Rokhell of Langenhoe

1   In the name of God, amen. The 7th day of April
2   1504. I, Edmund Rokhell
3   of Langenhoe being of sound mind and good memory make my will
4   as follows. First, I give and bequeath my soul
5   to Almighty God, the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the saints
6   in Heaven, and my body to be buried in the churchyard of my parish
7   church, the Blessed Mary of Langenhoe as aforesaid. Item: I leave
8   12d to the high altar of the said church for tithes forgotten.
9   Item: I leave to the assembly of minor friars of Colchester [Note 1] two bushels
10   of grain to pray for my soul. Item: I leave to the canon
11   of the said church 10 shillings sterling in order to buy a cow so
12   that he may donate, or cause to be donated, annually to the said church,
13   the calves of the said cow produced each year, on the anniversary of my death
14   in perpetuity. The residue, indeed, of
15   all my goods, having paid all necessary funeral expenses,
16   and in 7 and 30 days after my death,
17   I give and bequeath to Joanne, my wife, and any children we may have.
18   be disposed for my soul. My wife, Joanne, with my father, John Rokhell
19   I make and ordain my executors
20   but I appoint John Carter of Colchester, fishmonger, supervisor
21   of my will
22   before these witnesses: John Feriar of Donyland, William
23   Hammond, Thomas Coke of the same & others

Note 1: This would be the Greyfriars (Franciscans) in Colchester

Published7 April 1504
SourceMersea Museum