ID: MARG_523 / 2 February 1692/93

TitleWill of Edward Webb gentleman of West Mersea 1696
AbstractWill of Edward Webb gentleman of West Mersea 1692/93 transcribed from ERO D/ABW 74/151

Transcription by Elaine Barker June 2023

The will of Edward Webb, gentleman of West Mersea, was written on 2nd February 1692 in the reign of William and Mary. He commends his soul to God and bequeaths his properties to his wife, Susan Webb, for life provided she does not remarry. These include Smyths in Great Horkesley, a copyhold tenement with 30 acres, copyhold crofts and fields in Ardleigh belonging to the Manor of Piggots Hall amounting to 16 acres also his home, a copyhold messuage and orchard in West Mersea called Gills alias Cookes held by the Manor of West Mersea Hall.

After Susan's death if the child she is now pregnant with is a girl, Edward leaves the Horkesley property to this unborn child but if the child is a boy the property is left to his eldest daughter, Susan.

Following his wife's death he leaves the Ardleigh property to his eldest daughter Susan and the West Mersea property to his daughter Mary.

Susan is to pay out of the proceeds of her inheritance £80 to her sister, Mary but if the unborn child proves to be a boy he is to pay Mary £40 out of his inheritance.

Edward bequeaths £20 to his brother-in-law, Joseph Sheldrake.

After funeral expenses and debts are paid his remaining belongings and money are to be shared equally between his wife and children, the children to inherit upon their 21st birthdays. In the meantime their mother is to manage their money for them but should she remarry the properties are to be put into the hands of Edward's executor to administer and provide board, clothing and education for his children and ensure at 21 each child receives their inheritance. Should any of the children die their share is to be divided between the survivors.

Edward appoints Joseph Sheldrake and Susan Webb executors.

The will is witnessed by Thomas Edwards, Thomas Farrow and William Taylor

In the name of God Amen the second day of Februarie in the 4th year of the reigne of our
sov[er]inge Lord & Lady William & Mary of England Scotland & Ireland King & Queen defenders of the faith &c[etera]
And in the year of our Lord God 1692 I Edward Webb of West mersey in the Countie of Essex gentleman
being sick in body but in good & perfect memorie prase be given unto Almightie God for the same doe make
& ordaine this my last will & testament in manner & forme following First & principally I com[m]itt my
soul into the hands of Almightie God my Maker trusting through the Meritorius death & passion of Jesus
Christ my only Saviour & redeemer to receive free pardon & forgivenesse of all my sins And my body to the earth
out of which it was framed to be decently buried at the discretion of my friends herein named And as for that
worldly goods w[hi]ch it hath pleased Almightie God to bestow upon me I give & bequeath as followeth Item I give
& bequeath unto Susan Webb my loveing wife All that my Coppyhold Messuage or tenem[en]t & lands with
the appurtenances therto belonging lying & being in Horsley Magna in the County of Essex containinge
thirtie acres more or less called by the Name of Smyths And also all that my tenem[en]t & Coppyhold lands
lyinge in Ardleigh in the Countie afforesaid holden on the Mannor of piggitts hall (that is to say) three
crofts called Mutgolds fields & two crofts called Buttescroft & one feild called broomefeild containing in
the whole sixteen acres And also all that my Coppyhold Messuage & Orchard w[i]th the yards gardens & apper
tenances therto belonging w[hi]ch I now dwell in called by the Name of Gills al[ia]s Cookes lying & being in West mersey
holden upon the Manno[u]r of West Mersey hall in the Countie afforesaid dureing her naturall life upon condi
cion she keepth her selfe unmarried And after her decease I give & bequeath the Messuage or tenem[en]t w[i]th the lands
& appertenances therto belonging in Horsley Magna as abovesaid to the child my wife now goeth w[i]th in case it be
a daughter but in case it be a son I then give the afforesaid Messuage or tenem[en]t w[i]th the lands & appertenances
in Horsley Magna to my Daughter Susan Webb & to her heires for ever Moreover I give unto Susan Webb my
Daughter after my wife's decease All that my Coppyhold tenem[en]t & sixteen Acres of land w[i]th all the app[er]tenances
therto belonging lying in Ardleigh as abovesaid & to her heires for ever Item I give & bequeath unto my daug
hter Mary Webb the house Orchard yards & gardens in w[hi]ch I now dwell in called Gills al[ia]s Cookes as abovesaid after
my wife's decease to she & her heires for ever Item my minde & will is that if Susan Webb my eldest Daughter shall
be h[e]ire to the lands that her mother is joynterd [Note 1] in that then she shall pay out of that land when she shall
enjoy it the sum[m] of fower score \pounds/ to my daughter Mary Webb but in case the child that my wife now
goeth w[i]th be a son & he enjoyeth the afforesaid lands that then that son[n] shall pay upon the enjoyment of
the said lands the sum[m] of Fortie pounds to my daughter Mary Webb of lawfull mony Item I give unto
Joseph Shildrake my brother in law Twenty pounds of lawfull mony Item all the rest of my goods
Chatles moneys & Moveables whatsoev[er] unbequeathed (my debts & funerall charges first payed) by sea &
land I give to be equally divided amongst my wife & children every one share & share like And my
childrens p[ar]ts or shares to be payed unto them as they shall attaine unto ther sev[er]all ages of one & twenty \years/
And my wife to take the improvement of my childrens p[ar]ts or shares untill they shall attaine to ther
sev[er]all ages afforesaid in case she keepeth her self unmarried but provided she shalbe married to another
man that then every childs p[ar]t afforesaid of the stock shalbe payed into my Executors hands And my said
Executo[u]r shall take the custody & care of all my children & pay them the p[ar]ts or shares at ther sev[er]all ages
afforesaid And take the rents & p[ro]fitts of all my lands & tenem[en]ts herein bequeathed for the board cloathing
educating or bringing up \the/ said children to that tyme of ther parting from her Furthermore
my minde & will is that if either of my said children shall depart ther lives in ther minoritie that then
the p[ar]t of them soe dyinge shalbe equally devided between the survivo[u]rs of them both of the lands & legacies
And lastly I doe Nominate constitute & appoint Joseph Shildrake my brother in law w[i]th Susan Webb my
wife Executors of this my last will & testament revocking all other wills w[hi]ch soever formerly by me made
In Witnesse wherunto I have hereunto set my hand & seale the day & year first above written
Signed sealed & declared to be the last
will & testament of the testator w[i]th in
named in the p[re]sence of
Thomas Edwards               Edward Webb
Thomas Farow
William Taylor
[Reverse side]
Probate was granted on 3rd May 1693

Note 1: jointure = an estate settled on a wife for the period during which she survives her husband

Author2 February 1692/93
SourceMersea Museum