ID: MARG_522

TitleWill of John Goulstone the younger sailor of West Mersea
AbstractWill of John Goulstone the younger Sailor of West Mersea 5th November 1617 transcribed from ERO D/ABW 17/217

Transcription by Jenny Ennew June 2023 Checked by Elaine Barker

1.   In the name of god amen the fift[h] day of november
2.   in the xvth yeare of the Reigne of o[ur] soveraine Lorde
3.   James by the grace of god now Kinge etc in Anno
4.   D[om]ini 1617 I John Goulstone \the younger /of Westmersea in the
5.   Countie of Essex Saylor doe macke this my last will
6.   and Testament, first I bequeath my soule into the
7.   handes of almightie god and my bodie to be buried
8.   where it shall please god to appoint Ite[m] I give
9.   and bequeath unto John Goulstone my sonne tenn
10.   poundes of good and lawfull monie of Inglande
11.   to be paide by my executir at his age of one and
12.   twentie yeares It[em] I give unto my brother zacheri Goulstone all my weareinge apparell which he
13.   shall have w[i]thin one fortnite my death I[tem] all
14.   the Residue of my moveable goods dett[es]
15.   and Readie monie unbequeathed I give them unto
16.   Margret my wife to bringe up my Childe pay
17.   my dett[es] & legacies & bringe my bodie decently to
18.   the grounde And I will that iff my Childe dye
19.   before th[e] age of xxi (21) yeares then the legacie to
20.   him given shall remaine to my wife .And I
21.   ordeine and make the saide Margret my wife sole
22.   Executrice of this my last will & testament to se[e]
23.   the same proved fulfilled & kept accordinge to
24.   true intent & meaneinge therein specifyed
25.   furthermore I give to John Goulstone my farther
26.   tenn shillings w[i]thin one month next after my
27.   death to be paide by my wife: In witnesse where \of/
28.   I have hereunto put my hand & seale the day and
29.   yeare first above written In the presence of those
30.   witnesses.
31.   John Goulstone
32.   his marke
33.   Sealed & pronounced
34.   to be his last will and
35.   testament In the p[re]sence
36.   of us Timo[thy] Hearne and
37.   William Browne

SourceMersea Museum