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TitleWill of Lydia Dearsley of East Mersea 1821
AbstractWill of Lydia Dearsley Widow of East Mersea 13 June 1821 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 40/4/29

Document from Carol Wyatt, transcribed by Elaine Barker May 2023

The will of Lydia Dearsley, widow, of East Mersea was written on 13th June 1821. She died on 18th September 1821 and the will was proved on 19th October 1821 before the Reverend Nathaniel Forster. She appointed Thomas May Esq of West Mersea Hall and Lydia Hammond of Little Hampton in Sussex to be executor and executrix. The will is witnessed by Daniel Green, Henry John May and Robert Kadman.

Lydia directed them to sell all her real estate for the best possible price whether by auction or private sale. From the proceeds, her debts, funeral expenses and her executors' costs in proving the will are to be met.

She makes several monetary bequests and any residue is to be shared between her executors.

This is the last Will and Testament
of me Lydia Dearsley of East Mersea in the
County of Essex Widow which I make in manner
and form following, that is to say, First I
nominate constitute and appoint my Friend
Thomas May of West Mersea Hall esquire and
Lydia the wife of John Hammond of Bury Lane
Little Hampton in the County of Sussex Executor
and Executrix of this my will And I order
and direct the said Thomas May and Lydia
Hammond or the survivor of them of them or the
Executors or Administrators of such Survivor
with all convenient speed after my decease to
make Sale and dispose of All and Every my
Copyhold or Customary Messuages or Tenements
Lands Hereditaments and Real estate whatsoever
and wheresoever either by Public Auction or
Private Contract and either together or in parcels
as to them my Executor and Executrix shall deem meet for the best price or prices that can
or may be obtained for the same And I will
and direct that the receipt or receipts of them the
said Thomas May and Lydia Hammond or of the
Survivor of them or of the Heirs Executors Administrators
of the Survivor shall be good and sufficient discharge
or good and sufficient discharges to the purchaser or
purchasers thereof for his her or their purchase
money or purchase monies or any part thereof And after
such Receipt or receipts shall be given such purchaser or
purchasers shall not be obliged to see to the application
thereof nor be answerable or accountable for the
misapplication or non application of the same or any
part thereof And the money to arise and be produced by

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such Sale and Sales I will and direct shall be applied
by my said Executor and Executrix first in payment
and discharge of all and every the just debts that I
shall owe at the time of my decease my Funeral
expences, and the charges of proving and attending the
execution of this my Will And from and after payment
and satisfaction thereof I give and bequeath the sum of
One hundred pounds of lawful English money to the said
Lydia Hammond to and for her own Use and Benefit
The Sum of Fifty pounds of like lawful Money to Dearsley
John Su\?/der The Sum of Ten pounds of like lawful
money to Mary the wife ofRobert Reed and the Sum of
five pounds of like lawful money to Hannah the wife of
Thomas Pirkis And as for and Concerning
all the remainder of the Monies to arise and be
produced by such Sale or Sales and the rest and
residue of my Personal Estate whatsoever and
wheresoever I Give and bequeath the same to my
Executor and Executrix the said Thomas May and
Lydia Hammond equally to be divided between
them share and share alike And hereby revoking
all former and other Will and Wills by me at any time
heretofore made I declare this only to be and contain
my last In Witness whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and seal the thirteenth day of June
in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred
and twenty one
            Lydia Dearsly

Signed Sealed Published and
Declared by the said Testatrix Lydia
Dearsley as and for her last Will and
Testament in the presence of us,
who in her presence at her request
and in the presence of each other have
hereunto subscribed our names as

    Daniel Green
    Henry John May
    Robert Kadman his mark

The elenth day of October 1821 Thos May Esq
and Lydia Hammond the Executor and Executrix
within named were sworn to the truth of this will
and to the true performance thereof and that the
Effects sworn to me under the sum of
two hundred pounds - £200 -
Before me
Nath[aniel] Forster Surrogate

The Testatrix died in the Parish of East
Mersea on the eighteenth day of September

Proved on the nineteenth Day of October\in the year of our Lord/ one thousand
eight hundred and twenty one before the Reverend
Nathaniel Forster, Clerk Surrogate &c[etera], by the Oath
of Thomas May Esq and Lydia Hammond the
Executor and Executrix to whom Administration
&c[etera]? was granted they being first sworn duly
to administer.

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SourceMersea Museum