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TitleWill of Edward Popley Rector of Great Wigborough 1558/9 ERO D/ABW 28/230
AbstractThe Will of Edward Popley Rector of Great Wigborough 1558/9 ERO D/ABW 28/230

Transcribed by Elaine Barker October 2020

1.     In dei no[m]i[ne] ame[n] the vij day of march in the yere of o[ur] lord god ml
2.     vc lviij [1558] I Edward popley clerk p[ar]son of mych wygborough
3.     in the cownti of essex beyng Syke in bodi but praised
4.     bi god of good & p[er]fyght Reme[m]brance Revokyng all will[es]
5.     be fore by me made and do make this my p[rese]nt testame[n]t
6.     conteynyng in yt my last will Fyrst I gyve and beq[ue]the my
7.     soule in to the hand[es] of almyghtti god the father and to his sonne
8.     Jh[es]us Chryt by whose death and passion I acknowledge my selfe
9.     to be Redemed bysechyng the blessed vyrgn mari w[i]t[h] all the
10.     Celestiall compani of heve[n] to pray for me and my body to
11.     be buried at the dyscret[io]n of my exec[utor] and my Frend[es]
12.     It[em] I geve and beq[ue]the to Edward popley my bed th[a]t
13.     I lye in w[i]t[h] all th[a]t belongith to yt a peire of shett[es] &
14.     my tabell in the hall w[i]t[h] the frame and the forms th[a]t belongith
15.     to yt a tabell clothe the best ij napkyns A silver spone a
16.     Cheier my Rede hutche a cowe the best and vj shepe yf
17.     thei be not solde a fore a yerelyng a posnet [a small pot with a handle and three feet] a chafer [a vessel for heating water]
18.     ij peut[er] dishes a Sauc[er] [a sauce dish] a porreng[er] [a small bowl with a handle] on[e] of the best a platter
19.     It[em] I geve to besse popley the postbed in the soller
20.     w[i]t[h] all th[a]t belongith to yt and the new coverlett of dymy[t]i [Note 1]
21.     a peir of shett[es] a peir of blanket[es] ij tabell napkyns
22.     the Rounde tabell a spruce hutch a sylver spone a cow
23.     next the best vj yonge shepe yf thei be not sold a veall
24.     calf a cheier ij peut[er] dishes a Sauc[er] a porre[n]g[er] of
25.     the best makyng It[em] I geve to John Palm[er] my bey gel
26.     dyng in the stede of his bed my blak geldynge my cupberd
27.     a cow vj yonge shepe yf they be not sold a veall calf
28.     a cheier ij tabell napkyns ij peut[er] dishes a Sauc[er]
29.     a platter a silver spone ij andyrns a spyt my brasse
30.     pott a gredge [?] and my harnes[es] It[em] I geve and beq[ue]th to breget

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31.     palm[er] my trendell bed w[i]t[h] all th[a]t belongeth to yt a peyr
32.     of shett[es] a peir of blanket[es] ij napkyns the tabell in the
33.     Kechyn w[i]t[h] a forme ij peut[er] dishes a Sauc[er] a porre[n]g[er] a
34.     platter my litill hutch a cow a veall vj shepe yf
35.     thei be not sold A cheier It[em] I geve to jane palmer
36.     the flock bed I bought of wud w[i]t[h] all th[a]t belongeth to yt
37.     as a peier of shet[es] a peier of blanket[es] a coverlet ij
38.     peut[er] dishes a platt[er] a porreng[er] a cow and ij yong shep
39.     yf thei be not sold It[em] to mare palm[er] a flokebed w[i]t[h]
40.     a bolst[er] a peier of shett[es] a peir of blanket[es] a coverlet
41.     ij dishes of peut[er] a porreng[er] A cow & ij shepe yf they be
42.     not sold It[em] I geve to margaret palmer xxvj s viij d
43.     to be p[ai]d her at the day of hyr mariage yf she dy before
44.     she mari the[n] th[a]t xxvj s viijd to be devidid betwyx besse
45.     popley and haryett p[ro]vidid and my will is that all thes
46.     legacis th[a]t I have geve[n] to edward besse haryett mari
47.     and Jane Remay[ne] in the kepyng of there mother till the
48.     dai of there mariages yf ani of the[m] dye before they
49.     mare the[n] hyr part to be eqally devidid among[es] the
50.     Rest the[n] levyng also my wyll is yf ther mother mari that
51.     the[n] he th[a]t shall mari hyr shall be bound in an obligat[ion] of
52.     xx li[bre] and ij good abill and Suffetie[n]t Suertis [i.e.Sufficient Sureties] w[i]t[h]
53.     hym be fore he mare ther mother for the true de
54.     lyvery of thes legacis to the foresaid children to my
55.     executor and overseer on the dais of ther mariag[es] yf so
56.     doing this to do or can[n]ot do th[a]t it se th[a]t shall be lofull
57.     for my exec[utor] and overseer to take all thes legacis
58.     be for geve[n] ought [i.e.out] of ther hand[es] be fore she mare
59.     also yf ther mother dye be fore the said children mare
60.     in lyk man[er] the childrens portion to be had any ought of
61.     his hand[es] be my exec[utor] and overseer also I will th[a]t whe[n] my

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62.     exec[utor] shall delyver the childerns portion to ther mother that
63.     ther port[i]ons to be prai [torn] and they to be at ther chest
64.     at the dai of mariage [torn - whichever?] they woll have ther por
65.     tio[n]s or mony It[em] I will yf Edward popley depart this
66.     world be fore he com to the age of xviij yeres that the[n]
67.     the bed wych I have geve[n] hym w[i]t[h] all th[a]t belongith to yt
68.     Remay[n] to john palmer he then beyng alyve yf he be ded
69.     the[n] to besse yf she be alyve yf she be ded the[n] to
70.     Haryett It[em] I geve to my Syst[er] paryche halff a Seme [i.e. cartload]
71.     of wheat half a Seme of malt a veall calf &
72.     a great chease and xs in mone to be paid w[i]t[h]in a
73.     quart[er] aft[er] my decesse yf she be then levyng all the Rest
74.     of my cattell to be sold to help to bryng up my chil
75.     dren before said It[em] I will al my Rayme[nt] in
76.     lyk man[er] to be sold to bryng the[m] up w[i]t[h]all alsoe to
77.     mak them sum cott[es] with yt or the mony th[a]t shall cu[m] of yt
78.     It[em] I will th[a]t ther mother and my exec[utor] have all my
79.     corn and cheast [probably cheat - wheaten bread OED] to kepe the children w[i]t[h]all in lyk
80.     man[er] al my pulle[n] and hogg[es] It[em] I geve to John palm[er]
81.     my young mare and to edward saving the horse coltes w[i]t[h] cotes
82.     to have the[m] It[em] my bok[es] to be sold to the most adva[n]tage
83.     to the behove of edward It[em] I geve to besse popley vj li[bre]
84.     xiij s iiijd to be p[ai]d hyr at the dai of hyr mariage It[em]
85.     to haryet palm[er] iij li[bre] at the dai of hyr mariage yf any
86.     of them dye before the dai of mariage hyr part to be devy
87.     ded among al of those the[n] levyng It[em] I geve to mare and
88.     jane xl s apece at the day of their mariages yf yt ca[n]
89.     be spared the Residew of all my gud[es] dett[es] and a vry [ie every?]
90.     my det[es] beyng payde and my will fulfillid I geve the[m]
91.     to John palm[er] and to edward popley part and p[ar]t lyk

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92.     alweis p[ro]vidid and my wyll is that ther mother shall have
93.     the kepyng of edwird besse [torn] haryet mare & Jane till
94.     thei be abell to be pu[t] [torn] to service and thei to be alowd
95.     as I have declarid afore for [torn] ther kepyng [&] wych john and
96.     Edward I mak my exec[utors] and Mr Cleme[n]t Robert[es] to be
97.     my sup[er]viser most hertely prayyng hym to be [guardian?]
98.     and fre[n]de [?] to ther mother and to them and to act then in
99.     this ther office of executership to whom I geve for his
100.     paynes over and above his cost[es] xxs ther beyng
101.     wytnessis mr Roughe sich vycor of heibridge tho[m]as Sames
102.     the elder Richard Sames and thomas Sames wrety[n]
103.     w[i]t[h] my own hand p[er] me edwardum poplei cleric

Note 1 dimity = A hard-wearing cotton fabric woven with stripes or checks

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