ID: MARG_506

TitleWill of Joan Page of Wolvettes Peldon 1523
AbstractThe Will of Joan Page of Wolvettes Peldon 24 August 1523 transcribed from ERO D/ACR 2/194/1

Transcription by Elaine Barker June 2022

In this pre-Reformation will, Joan Page of Wolvettes [Note 1], widow, makes the usual commendations to God, St. Mary and the company of heaven and requests she be buried in Peldon churchyard. She makes bequests to the High Altar of Peldon Church, to Paul's Pardon in London and to the Grey Friars in Colchester to sing 30 masses for her and her friends' souls.

She bequeaths a sum of money to her daughter, Joan, and all the remainder of her goods to her son, John, whom she makes joint executor with John Westwood. She requests her son arranges an annual obit (mass for the dead) for her for five years.

Testamentum Johanne Page de Wolvett[es]
In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen The yere of oure lorde god Ml vC xxiijti [1523] and the xxiiijti dey
of Auguste I Jone page of wolvett[es] wedow ordeyne and make my testament and
last wyll yn thys man[er] and forme folowyng First I bequeth my soule unto Almyghty
god And to owre lady saynt mary and to all the holy co[m]pany of hevyn And my
body to be buried yn the church yarde of our blessyd la[d]y of peldon Also I bequethe
to the hie Auter of peldon Aforseide for my tithes and offeryng[es] for goten ijs
Also to powlys pardon iiijd Also to the grey Fryers of Colchester for to say a trentall
for me and my fry[n]des xs Also to Jone my dought[er] iij iiijd The resydew of my
goodys not bequethed I gyve unto John my sone whome I make on of myne
executors and John Westwod the other Also I wyll that John my sone shall
kepe an obett for me the space of v yere ev[er]y yere the valew of iiijs and
he shall have my blyssyng wytnes here of syr John prest And
John page John Westwode

Note 1: It is likely Joan is the widow of John Page of Wolvettes whose will of 1516 [ERO D/ACR 2/53/1] is also transcribed MARG_504 . The will of Rose Page, 1546 [ERO D/ABW 28/81] has also been transcribed. The name 'Wolvettes' has not survived and as yet we do not know which property it refers to.

Published24 August 1523
SourceMersea Museum