ID: MARG_505

TitleWill of Annys Webbe widow of Peldon 1513/14
AbstractWill of Annys Webbe widow of Peldon 8 January 1513/14 transcribed from Essex Records Office D/ABW 1 / 219/1

Transcription by Elaine Barker June 2022

In this pre-Reformation will of 1513/14, widow Annys [or Agnes] Webbe, [Note 1] makes the usual commendations to God, St. Mary and all the company of heaven and requests her body be buried in the churchyard of St. Mary's, Peldon. She leaves money to the church's high altar and for repairs and also to the 'Warkkes' of St. Paul's, London. [Note 2] She leaves money for a priest to sing thirty masses for the benefit of her soul and those of William and Janice Knott.

Individual bequests are made to Annes Tye, Jone Polly, Margaret Gale and Johan Fyld. She leaves the residue of her belongings between her four sons, Robert, William, John & Thomas Fox. The executors are her sons Robert and William who are entrusted to dispose of her goods as they think best for the good of her soul. [Note 3]

The witnesses are Thomas Webbe and John Marchaunt with others.

Test[amentu]m Anne Webbe de peldon

In the name of god Amen the viijth day of Ianuarij In the yere
of the Reigne of Kyng herry the viijth the vth [ie fifth year of his reign] I Annys Webbe
Wydowe of peldon in good & hole mynde beyng make
my testament & laste will in this man[er] & forme folow
yng First I bequeth my sowle to god almyghti to our[e]
lady saynt Mary & to all the company of hevyn and my
body to be buried in the church yarde of saynt Marys of
peldon a forsaid Also I bequeth to the high Awt[er] of
saynt Marys of peldon a forsaide for my tithes & offrygg[es]
forgoten & necligently paide xijd Also I bequeth to the
Warkk[es] of powllys in london iiijd Also I bequeth to the
Rep[ar]ac[i]ons of peldon church a forsaid xxs Also I bequeth
to an honest prest to celibrate a tryntall of masses at
peldon a forsaid xs for my sowle & Willia[m] Knott[es] and
Janys his wif[es] all Cristen sowll[es] Also I bequeth to
Annes Tye iij shepe Also I bequeth to Jone Polly a shepe &
vjs viijd Also to yonge Margaret Gale A shepe Also to
Johan Fyld a bushell of whete Also I will the Residue
of my good[es] both moveable & unmoveable above not bequeth
my dett[es] paide & my will fulfilled be evynly bytwene my iiijer
sonnes Roberd Willia[m] John & Thomas Executo[ur]s of this my laste
Will I make & orden Roberd Fox & Willia[m] my sones to disspose
my good[es] for the helth of my sowle as thei thynke best
Witnes herof Thomas Webbe & John Marchaunt w[i]t[h] other moo
The day & yer[e] a bove said

Note 1: I believe this to be Agnes Webbe of Peldon, widow of Robert Webbe [ERO D/ACR 1/150/4] MARG_502
Note 2: 'Warkkes' probably means the 'works', meaning repairs but the nave of St. Paul's in London (the Mother church of Peldon) was known as 'The Walks of St. Paul's' requiring further research.
Note 3: Agnes's four sons presumably are from a previous marriage.

SourceMersea Museum