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TitleWill of John Ive of West Mersea 1518
AbstractWill of John Ive of West Mersea 1518 transcribed from Essex Record Office document D/ACR 2/81/3

Transcriber Graeme Chalklin 13th February 2022
There is a translation to Modern English further down the page

Test[a]m[entum] Joh[ann]is Ive de westm[er]sey

1   In the name of god Amen the xijth day of August
2   In the yer[e] of our[e] lord god ml vc xviij I John Ive of
3   westm[er]sey in the Countie of Essex beyng in hole
4   mynde and good memory thanked be almyghti god
5   make my testame[n]t and laste will in the man[er] and forme
6   folowyng First I com[m]end my soule to almyghti
7   god to our[e] blessed lady saynt Mary & to all the
8   holy company of hevyn and my body to be buried
9   in the churchyard of saynt petyr & paule w[i]t[h]in the said
10   towne of Mersey Item I bequeth to the hie Awt[er] for my
11   tithes forgote[n] xijd And for my fathers bequest xvjd
12   Item I bequeth to Agnes my wiff my teneme[n]t
13   called Loves w[i]t[h] all the app[er]ten[au]nce therto belongyng
14   the terme of her leff/except a gardyn plott called
15   Ivys gardyn the which gardyn plott
16   I gyve to Roberd my son to bilde an house theruppon
17   And aft[er] the decese of my wiff I will my teneme[n]t
18   be sold by myne executo[r]s to Thomas my son xxs
19   w[ith]in the price And if the said Thomas die or he cu[m]
20   to the p[ur]chasyng of the said howse or teneme[n]t the[n]
21   I will that Roberd my son shall have it xxs w[ith]in the p[ri]ce
22   And to pay to Isbell Ive and Denys Ive to eche of the[m]
23   xxs and to Willia[m] Ive vjs viijd And I bequeth to the
24   saide Willia[m] Ive my bote w[ith] althyng therto belongyng
25   And if the forsaid Isbell and Denys & Willia[m] die or thei
26   come to the day of the[i]r marriage then I will the
27   mony of them so departyd be disposed by myn[e]
28   Executo[ur]es for the helth of my soule & thers as it
29   shall seme them most best to the plesur[e] of god
30   It[e]m I bequeth of the sale of my said teneme[n]t
31   xs for an obet to be kept yer[e]ly w[i]t[hi]n the saide p[ar]ish
32   church that it come to the vicar vjd & to the
33   Clerke ijd The residue of all myn[e] other good[es]
34   above not bequethed I gyve them unto Agnes
35   my wiff & Willia[m] Webbe paying my dett[es] and
36   to fulfill this my p[re]sent testame[n]t I orda[in] and
37   make the forsaid Agnes & Willia[m] myne executo[r]s
38   & I bequeth unto the forsaid Willia[m] Webbe for his
39   labur ijs witnes of the p[re]misse willia[m] polard &
40   John Gylot w[i]t[h] other

Translation to Modern English by Graeme Chalklin

In the name of God, Amen the 12th day of August in the year of our Lord God, 1518.
I, John Ive, of West Mersea in the County of Essex, being of good health and sound mind, thanks be to Almighty God, make my testament and last will as follows.
First, I commend my soul to Almighty God, to our blessed lady St. Mary and to all the
holy company of heaven. My body is to be buried in the churchyard of St. Peter & Paul within the same town of Mersea.
I bequeath to the High Altar, for tithes forgotten, 12d, and for my father's bequest 16d.
I bequeath to Agnes, my wife, my tenement called Lows, with all the items belonging to it, for the rest of her life, except a garden plot called Ivys, which I give to Robert, my son, upon which to build a house.
After the death of my wife, I will that my tenement be sold by my executors to Thomas, my son, for the value less 20 shillings, and should Thomas die, or he purchases the said house or tenement, then I will that Robert, my son, shall have it for the value less 20 shillings, and to pay to Isabell Ive and Denys Ive 20s each and to William Ive 6s 8d.
I bequeath to William Ive my boat with everything belonging to it.
Should Isabell, Denys or William die or marry, then I will the money of those who have died to be disbursed by my executors for the health of my soul and theirs, as it shall please God.
I bequeath from the sale of my tenement 10s for an obit to be kept yearly within the said parish church that the vicar receives 6d and the clerk 6d (or 2d?). The residue of all my other goods, that are not bequeathed above, I give to Agnes, my wife, and to William Webbe to pay my debts, and to fulfill this my present testament.
I order and make the aforesaid Agnes and William, my executors.
I bequeath to William Webbe, for his labour, 2s.

Witnessed by William Polard, John Gylot and others

SourceMersea Museum