ID: MARG_490

TitleWill of John Storie Gentleman of West Mersea
AbstractWill of John Storie, Gentleman of West Mersea, 10 April 1690, transcribed from ERO D/ABW 73/197

Transcription by Jenny Ennew January 2024, checked by Trevor Hearn

1.   In the Name \of/ God Amen the Tennth day of Aprill in the second year of the
2.   Reigne of our Sov[er]inge Lord & Ladie King William & Queen Mary And in the year
3.   of our Lord God one thousand six hundred & Nintie I John Storie of West Mersey in
4.   the Countie of Essex gentleman doe make & ordaine this my last will & Testament in
5.   manner & forme following being at p[re]sent very sick in body but in good & perfect
6.   memorie praysed be given to Almightie God for the same : First & principally I comitt
7.   my soul into the hands of Almightie God my Maker trusting through the meritorius death
8.   & passion of Jesus Christ my only Saviour & redemer to receive a full pardon & forgive
9.   nesse of all my sins And my body to the earth out of which it was framed to be decently
10.   buried at the descretion of my Executrix & friends hereafter Named And as for that
11.   worldly estate w[hi]ch God of his free mercie hath bestowed upon me I give & bequeath as
12.   followeth. Item I give unto Thomason Storie my Loveing wife dureing the terme of
13.   her Naturall life All that my Messuage or Tenem[en]t w[i]th the app[er]tenances called Sysors in
14.   w[hi]ch I now dwel holden upon the Mannor of West Mersey Hall by Coppie of Co[urt] roll And
15.   Also one parcell of land w[i]th a Cottage or Tenem[en]t neer the sea w[i]th the app[er]tenances therto
16.   belonging holden of the Mannor afforesaid. Moreover I give unto my loveing Wife Thomason
17.   Storie dureing her Naturall life All those my two Oyster layings one of them holden
18.   upon the Mannor of Wigbrough Magna cum Salcott And also of the Mannor of Copt
19.   hall be Coppie of Co[urt] roll. And the other Oyster laying holden upon the Mannor of
20.   Tolshunt Gynes als Tolshunt Bouchers by Copie of Co[urt] roll by estimation sixteen perches
21.   more or lesse. And after the decease of Thomason Storie my Wife I give the afforesaid
22.   parcell of land w[i]th a Cottage or tenement neer the sea w[i]th the app[er]tenances therto belong
23.   ing And also both the Oyster layings afforesaid unto my son John Storie and to his
24.   heires forever. And after the decease of my wife afforesaid I give All that my Messuage
25.   or Tenem[en]t w[i]th the app[er]tenances called Sysoes w[hi]ch I now dwell in as afforesaid unto Mary
26.   Storie my daughter & to her heires forever Moreover I give unto my two children
27.   afforesaid John Storie & Marie Storie the sum[m] of one hundred pounds \of lawfull mony/ apeece when
28.   they shall attaine to ther respective ages of Eighteen yeares And if either of these my
29.   two children shall dye in ther nonage or w[i]thout heires that then the survivor to be his or
30.   her heire of the Tenem[en]t \coppie/ Oyster layings or legacies afforesaid Item All the rest of my goods
31.   Chatles houshold Stuffe & boats & p[ar]ts of vessells both by sea and land whatsoever unbequeathed
32.   I give & bequeath unto my Loveing Wife Thomason Storie upon condition she pay my
33.   legacies herein mentioned And doe constitute make and ordaine she the said Thomason
34.   Storie my said wife sole Executrix of this my last will & testament revocking & disanul
35.   :ing all other wills whatsoever formerly by me made In Witnesse wherof I have here
36.   unto set my hand & seal the day & year first above written
37.   Sealed published & declared to be the
38.   last will & Testament of the within
39.   named John Storie in the p[re]sence of us
40.   John Cooke senior         John Storie(signature)
41.   Thomas Hawes senior
42.   Thomas Edwards

Published10 April 1690
SourceMersea Museum