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TitleWill of Steven Smyth, yeoman, of West Mersea, 1625
AbstractWill of Steven Smyth, yeoman, of West Mersea 14 August 1625 transcribed from ERO D/ABW 47/227.

Transcription by Maggie Anderson December 2023

Steven Smyth, yeoman, of West Mersea
Date of will: 14th August 1625
Date of death: unknown
Date of Probate: unknown

Steven, being very sick but of perfect mind and memory, bequeaths his soul to Almighty God and desires his body to be buried as deemed by God. He makes the following bequests:

* his lands and tenements know as Wooderhouse and Granges in West Mersea are to be sold by his friends, Daniel Cole of Colchester, and Christopher Scarlett of Nayland, together with Steven's wife, Anna Smyth; the proceeds of sale are to be paid to Anna subject to the following conditions: (1) payment of £100 to John Smyth (son) at the age of 18 years; (2) payment of £80 to Marie Smyth (daughter) at the age of 18 years; (3) payment of all outstanding debts; (4) residue to Anna Smyth (wife).
* Anna is to make a bond to Daniel Cole and Christopher Scalett, aforesaid, to cover the payments to John and Marie specified above.
* further bequests to John Smyth (son): one feather bed with steadle and accoutrements, the table in the hall, one brass pot.
* further bequests to Marie Smyth (daughter): one feather bed withe the steadle and accoutrements, the parlour table, one brass pot.
* Anna to raise the children until they receive their legacies and she to receive the residue of the estate.
* Anna is appointed sole executor and is to ensure the body is decently buried and the will proved.

Transcription of the will:
1   In the name of God amen the xiiiiten day of August in the first yeare of the Raygne of our Sover
2   aine Lord Charles of England Scottland France and Irland king defender of the fayth and in the
3   yeare of our lord god 1625 I Steven Smyth of westmersea in the Countie of Essex yeoman being
4   Verie sick in bodie but of sound and p[er]fett mynde and memorie thanks be given to god for it doe
5   ordayne and make this my last will and Testament in manner and forme following first and
6   princypallie I bequeath my soule to allmyghtie god and my bodie to be buryed where it shall please
7   god to appoynte It[em] my will and my mynde is that all my Tenaments and lands lying in
8   westmersea Called by the name of Wooderhouse and Granges by whatt name or names soever
9   they are called else shall be sould by my Ryght Trustie and well beloved frends Daniell Coale
10   of Colchester & Cristofer Scarlett of Nayland and Anna my wif whom I ordayne and
11   Appoynte [... & in fold] for to sell the same and the sum or sumes of monies for the which it is souled
12   shall be and Remayne unto the sayd Anna my wif upon these Conditions hearafter specyfied
13   that is to say for the payment of a Hundred pounds to my sonn John att the age of xviiiten
14   yeares and fower score pounds <..> to my daughter marie att the age of xviiiten yeares and
15   allso for the true payment of all my detts and what shall Remayne my son John and
16   my daughter marie & all my detts being first payd the Rest shall be to Anna my wif Allso
17   my will and my mynde is that my Trustie and well beloved frends Daniell Coale and Cristo
18   fer Scarlett beforsayd or on of them shall take Sufficent bond of the aforsayd Anna my wif
19   for the true payment of the hundred pounds given to John my sonn and Allso for the paym
20   ent of the fower score pounds given to marie my daughter att their severall ages aforsayd
21   Allso I give unto John my sonn on fether bed w[i]th the steadle and all things that their unto
22   belonging w[i]th the table in the hall and the forme their unto belonging w[i]th on brasse pott
23   allso I give unto marie my daughter on feather bed bed w[i]th the steadle and <...> all other things
24   their unto belonging wth the leafe table in the p[ar]lor and the forme with the same w[i]th on brasse
25   pott Allso I will that Anna my wife shall have the bringing up of my said Chilldren till they
26   Com to Reseive their legasies All the Rest of my moveable goods I give and bequeath unto
27   Anna my wif whom I ordayne & make sole Executor \ to this my will / to see my bodie in decent sort buryed
28   my will p[ro]ved and p[er]formed and my sure Trust and Confydence in hir is In wittnes wherof
29   I the said Steven Smyth have here unto sett my hand and sealle the day and yeare first above written

        Styhin Smyth
Sealled and deliverered in the p[re]sents
us of Joshua Warren and Nicholas

Published14 August 1625
SourceMersea Museum