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TitleWill of William Jackman of East Mersea 1621
AbstractWill of William Jackman husbandman of East Mersea 15 May 1621 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 6/259

Transcription by Jenny Ennew January 2023. Checked by Sue Howlett

William Jackman husbandman of East Mersea wants his houses and lands of East Mersa and a house called Reveshaull to be sold by his wife together with John Pollard Thomas Harris and William Locke two years after his death. He gives £20 to his son Robart one and a half years after it has been sold. Sons Richard and Thomas are to receive £20 when they reach the age of 21. As is his daughter Elizabeth.If any of them die before receiving their share then it is to be divided between the survivors.
His house Snowes and customary tenements he leaves to his wife Elizabeth and requests son William to help her but if he refuses and she falls into debts then she can sell the house to pay the creditors.
He leaves £5 to daughter Martha Tunbridge.
His wife is his sole Executor.

1.   In the name of god. Amen The xvth day of May 1621 in the nintenthe yeare of the Raigne of
2.   o[ur] most gratcious Sov[er]aign Lord James by the grace of god of Kynge of Inglond Scotland
3.   Fraunce & eyerlond Defender of the Fayth Item I William Jackman of Eastm[er]sey in
4.   the doyocies of London Husbandman. Sicke in Bodye but p[er]fitt in Remembrance
5.   thankes be to god therfore doe Ordayne & make this my Last wyll & Teastement in
6.   manner & forme followinge; first & principallie I Comend my Soule into the handes of
7.   Allmighty god my Creator and to Jesus Christ my Allone Saviour; and my Bodye to the
8.   Earthe. Item I wyll that all those my Free hold Land[es] ;houlden of the manner of Eastm[er]sye haul [Hall]
9.   and Reveshaull shalbe \Soulde / within twoe yeares after my decease;by my wyfe John Pollard Thomas
10.   Harris & William Locke;or any two of them,to the most Advantage, And the monye thereof
11.   cominge with the use & prophett [profit] therof Arisinge & p[ro]cured to be Imployed & bestowed in manner
12.   And forme hearin expressed; I gyve unto Robart my sonne twentye pounds to be payed unto
13.   him within one half year after it shalbe sould; Item I gyve unto Richard my Sonne xxli [£20] to be
14.   payed unto him at his age of xxj [21] yeares; Item I gyve unto Thomas my sonne xxli [£20] to be payed unto
15.   him when he shall Acomplishe his age of xxi [21] yeares Item I gyve unto Elizabeth my daughter
16.   twentye pounds to be payed unto hir when she shall acomplishe hir age of xxi [21] yeares And I
17.   Wyll that the sayd Legacyes shalbe payed \out of the sayde free Land[es] /as aforsayd. And the overplus (surplus) of the prise or money and
18.   the use & benefett of the sayd money therof cominge & arisinge; shalbe equally devided & payed
19.   amonge them with their sayd Legacyes p[ar]te & p[ar]te Like; at their severall ages And yf [if]it happen that
20.   Any of them dye befor they have recyved their porcions I wyll the parte of the deceased shalbe
21.   parted amonge the Longer Lyvers ; Item I wyll that he or they into whose hands the money shall
22.   happen to come on be payed into .shall enter into sufficient bonde unto my sayd Children sev[er]ally
23.   when it shall concerne for the due payment of their sayd porcions at their sev[er]all ages
24.   Item I gyve my custom[er]ie tenement & Lands called Snowes to Elizabeth my wyfe for the tyme of
25.   hir naturall Lyfe towards the paying of my depts . And I wyll that Willia[m] Jackman my sonne
26.   p[re]sently after my decease Shalbe redye & helpfull to and with myne Executrix :his mother
27.   towards the paying of my depttes;And [yf] if my sonne Wylliam Refuse so to doe ;or doeth suffer or
28.   see his mother to fall into daunger or truble of Lawe by reson of my deptes or Creditours
29.   Then I wyll that my sayd tenement & Lands called Snowes shalbe souled by my wyfe & and tenant that she shall nomynate.
30.   And the money therof cominge to be Inployed by hir to the paying of my depts Item I gyve unto my daughter Martha Tunbridge the sume of fyve
31.   pounds to be payd unto hir w[it]hin two yeares after my decease.All the residue of my goods and
32.   Chattels I gyve them unto Elizabeth my wyfe whom I doe ordayne and make my Sole Executrix
33.   to see this my wyll p[er]formed & my depts payed & my body brought the Earthe; In wytnes
34.   that this is my wyll. I have hearunto sett my hand & Seale the day & yeare above written
35.   Red ,Sealled & deliv[er]ed       Wm
36.   for his wyll in the             sig Jackman
37.   p[re]sent[es] of           his + m[ar]ke
38.   John Walke
39.   Wm + Ainger
40.   Wm Smythe

SourceMersea Museum