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TitleWill of John Heckford of East Mersea 1578
AbstractWill of John Heckford of East Mersea 25 September 1578 transcribed from National Archives PROB 11/61/440

Date of will     25 September 1578
Date of Probate 3 September 1579

People mentioned
Margaret wife and executrix
Margaret daughter, Elizabeth daughter, Alice daughter, Richard son, John Heckford younger son
William Roude of Bromley brother in law, William Smith supervisor, Edmond Smith tenant, John Pollard tennant.
Customary of the Manor of East Mersea Hall.

Transcription by Jenny Ennew March 2022

1.   In the name of god Amen The vth[25] day of September In the yeare
2.   of our Lord god A Thousand five hundreth Seaventy Eight In the xxth [20]yeare of the raigne of o[ur] sov[er]aigne
3.   Lady Quene Elizabeth &c[etera] I John Heckford of Estmirsie being sicke in body but whole in remembraunce
4.   doeth make and ordeine this my last will and testament as followeth first my soule I com[m]end unto the
5.   hands of allmightie god And my body to the yearth &c [etera] Secondly I will and give unto Margaret
6.   my daughter tenne pound[es] to be paid unto her at the age of ty[20] yeares or in the day of her marriage
7.   w[hi]ch she cometh first unto. I give unto Elizabeth my daughter tenne pound[es] to be paid her in
8.   in like case.I give unto Alice my daughter tenne pound[es] to be paid her in like case And I will
9.   the overlivers (i.e survivors) of my said three daughters have the Dead[es] p[ar]te if any of them dye before theire
10.   severall ages before menc[i]oned equally devided. Item I give my house and Landes unto Margaret
11.   my wief for the terme of her naturall lief And after her decease I will yt remaine unto my
12.   sonne Richard Heckford his heires and assignees uppon condic[i]on that my said sonne Richard paie or
13.   cause to be paid unto John Heckford my younger sonne twentie pounds monthie two yeares after he shall
14.   come to the said Land[es] as is aforesaid And if my sonne Richard doeth not paie unto John his brother
15.   twenty pounds with[in] two yeares as is aforesaid then I will all the said house and lands unto
16.   John my sonne his heires and assignes for ever And he to paie unto his brother Richard twenty
17.   pound[es]and the said John to enioye (i.e enjoy) the lands to him his heires and assignes for ever And if any
18.   of my said sonnes doth dye before the said twentie pounds be paid as is aforesaid in this my last
19.   will and testament be paid by the one brother unto the other, That
20.   then I will that he that shall
21.   enioye the said house and land[es] as is aforesaid shall paie the same twenty pound[es] unto my daughters
22.   then living to be equally devided And if both my sonnes Richard and John doeth dye without heires
23.   of their bodyes lawfully begotten then I will all the said house and Land[es] shall remain unto my iij (three)
24.   daughters their heires and assignes for ever equally divided both and p[ar]te like. I give unto the poore
25.   mans boxe of Eastmirsie x[ten] s [shillings] to be paid within twelve monethes next after my decease Item I
26.   make and ordaine Margaret my wife my sole executrix of this my last will and testament
27.   The rest of all my goods that are not here named my debts being paid and my legacyes being
28.   p[er]formed I give them unto my wief Further I will that if my wief doth not prove
29.   this my last will and testament then I nominate and appointe William Roude of Bromly
30.   my brother in lawe myne executor uppon condic[i]on that he be bound to each of my
31.   children in as good bond[es] as my sup[er]visor can devise to paie them theire legacyes and other good[es]
32.   according unto the true intent and meaning of this my last will geving him for his paines twenty s [shillings]
33.   and his charges borne of \my/other goodes that he spendeth neadfully about my will . Item I make Will[ia]m
34.   Smith sup[er]visor of this my last will and testament. These bearing witnes William Smith and
35.   Edmond Smith with others And hath made Surrendo[ur]s of all my house and Lands into the hands
36.   of the Quenes Maj[es]tie to the p[er]forming of this my last Will and testament by the hand[es]of Will[ia]m
37.   Smith instede of the bayliff and in the p[rese]nce of Edmond Smith and John Pollard tenaunts.
38.   Customary of the manor of Estmirsie Hall .

Probate granted 3 September 1579

SourceMersea Museum