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TitleWill of John Harvey of East Mersea husbandman 1661
AbstractWill of John Harvey husbandman of East Mersea 22 August 1661 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 16/98

Transcription by Jenny Ennew Sept 2022

1.   In the name of God Amen the seaven and
2.   twentieth day of August An[n]o R[egie] R[egi]s Caro[li] sec[un]di nunc Ang[li]e et [cetera] decimo tertio An[n]oq[ue] d[omi]ni
3.   1661 (translates as' In the year of the reign of the king now Charles the second etc thirteen and in the year of our lord 1661') I John Harvey of East Mersea in the County of Essex husbandman being weake in
4.   body yet p[er]fect in memory doe make & declare my last will & testam[en]t in manner & form
5.   following Inpr[m]is I bequeath my soule into the hand[es] of Almighty God my maker trusting
6.   to be saved my body I commit to the earth from whence it was taken to be buried in
7.   descent sort according to the discrec[i]on of my executix herein after named And as to the
8.   worldly tallent (ie wealth) w[hi]ch God in his mercy lent me here I bequeath as followeth That
9.   is to say First <.........> whereas I have already been beneficiall in the p[ro]vision for my
10.   two daughters Katherin the late wife of John Start and Grace the wife of Thomas Harris
11.   I doe therefore give & bequeath unto the said Katherin the sum[m]e of Twenty shillings to
12.   be paid unto her within two years next after my death : and unto the said Grace the
13.   sum[m]e of Forty shillings to be paid to her w[i]thin Twelve months next after my death And
14.   I doe give unto John Harris son of the said Grace the sum[m]e of Forty shillings of lawfull
15.   money to be paid at his age of one & twenty yeares Item I give and bequeath
16.   unto John Harvey my sonn the sum[m]e of Ten pounds of lawfull money to be
17.   paid to him within two \yeares/ <...........> next after my decease Item I give and bequeath
18.   unto my son daniel harvey all my Freehold land w[i]th th[e] appu[r]t[e]nance[s] lying in East
19.   Mersea afores[ai]d To hold to him & his heires forev[er] from & imediately after the death
20.   of Elizabeth my wife And that she during such her life shall have & take the
21.   rents & p[ro]fitts thereof & of ev[er]y p[ar]t thereof for & towards the educac[i]on & bringing up my
22.   young children And in case my \s[ai]d/ sonn Daniel shall dye & dep[ar]t this mortal life w[i]thin
23.   age leaving noe issue of his body then all & ev[er]y the same Freehold land with
24.   th[e] appu[r]t[en]ances shall be & remaine unto Elizabeth and dorcas my daughters and to
25.   their heires of their bodys equally to be devided And if the s[ai]d Elizabeth & dorcas shall dye
26.   w[i]thout yssue of their bodys that then the same land shall remaine & be unto my other
27.   children then liveing & to their heires forev[er] equally to be devided betweene them Item
28.   I doe give and bequeath unto the s[ai]d Elizabeth & dorcas and to each of them Twenty
29.   pounds a peice to be paid at their respective age of one & twentie yeares or day of marriage
30.   w[hi]ch shall first happen And if eyther of them dye before the same shalbe come due that
31.   then the p[ar]t f her or them deceasing to remaine to my wife for her life and at her
32.   death to be equally devided amongst such my said three children Daniel Elizabeth

33.             sig' [the mark of]
34.             John Harvey
35.   Memorand [um] that the word yeares in
36.   the midle of this sheet was First
37.   enterlyned : Michael Coule
38.   sig' [the mark of]
39.   Joanna Coule

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1.   and Dorcas as shalbe then liveing sheare & sheare like [rest of line crossed out]
  [line crossed out]
2.   And in case my Coppyhold house & land in
3.   East Mersea afores[ai]d shall not be surrendred according to the use of this my will
4.   & the custome of the manno[ur] of East Mersea \ hall/ but shall for want thereof discend &
5.   come to my \afore/s[ai]d son John then & in such case my s[ai]d guift of ten pounds to him shalbe
6.   void & I give him onely one shilling : Item I give and bequeath unto my
7.   said wife Elizabeth the said Coppyhold house & land with the appur[ten]anc[es] To hold
8.   to her and her heires forev[er] Item I give and bequeath unto my son in law Grigory
9.   Church the sum[m]e of Ten shillings to be p[ai]d w[i]thin a yeare after my death All
10.   other my movieable goods & Chattles plate Jewells debts & ready mony whatsoev[er ]
11.   my debts being paid & funerall expenses discharged I give & bequeath unto the s[ai]d
12.   Elizabeth my deare & welbeloved wife who I make sole executrix of this my last
13.   will requiring that she out of what I have given her shalbe at the charge of the
14.   educac[i]on & bringing up my s[ai]d three children daniel Elizabeth & dorcas soe revoking
15.   all former wills I doe ordaine this my last will Inwittnes whereof to this
16.   my last will containing two sheetes of paper to the first sheete thereof I have
17.   sett my hand & to this sheete my hand & seale the day & yeare in the
18.   First sheete first above written: /
19.   Sealed published & declared to be
20.   the last will of the testato[ur] in p[rese]nce
21.   Of Michael Coule :
22.   Memorand[um] that the sev[er]all words in the
23.   first three lynes of this sheete were
24.   first obliterated Michael Coule
  Sig' [the mark of]
Joanna Coule

SourceMersea Museum