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TitleWill of John Harvey of East Mersea 24 October 1635
AbstractWill of John Harveye of East Mersea 24 October 1635 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 12/103

Transcription by Jenny Ennew October 2022 (Sue Howlett notes etc in italics.)

Essex Record Office dates this 14 January 1635/36
People named:
Prudance [Prewdance, Prudence] Wife
John son
Marey [Mary] daughter
Jeremey Harveye godchild
Richard Harveye the younger
Thomas keyes, Richard Robbesoun, John Let - signatures

1.   In the name of god Amen I John Harveye of Eastm[er]seye in the doyoces of Lundun do
2.   on the 24ty daye of october 1635./ do make this my last will and testemente in
3.   manner and forme Followinge Fyrst I Comend my soull into the handes of Allmytye
4.   god my Crehatour and to Jesus christe my onlye savyor and Redemer and my bodye 
5.   to the Earth./ The worldye goodes which god of his mercye hath bestowed on me 
6.   I gyve them as Followeth Fyrst I gyve to Prudance \my/ wyffe All my landes and
7.   and tenementes with ther Apurttenance for tearme of her naturall lyffe and after
8.   her deceace to John my sunn hee paying to marye my daughter the sumbe of twenty
9.   pundes of good & lawfull monye of Inglande to bee payd to her within Fower yeares
10.   Affter hee do injoye the lande and for want of payeng the sayd sumbe of £20 at the 
11.   tyme Aforsayd I will that marey my daughter shall have & injoye all my landes
12.   and tenementes to her and her heyeres and shee to paye to John my sunn the
13.   sumbe of twenty pounds within Fower yeares affter shee do in Joye the same .
14.   Item I do gyve to Jeremeye Harveye my godchilld Fyve pounds of goode and lawfull
15.   monye to bee payd to him at the age of on and twentye yeares and whosoever do injoye
16.   my landes at that tyme to paye the same Allso I do gyve to Richard Harveye the
17.   yonger Fortye shillinges at his Age of two and twentye yeares to bee payd to him frome
18.   thoes that do then Inioye my landes./ Item I gyve to John my sunn my best dankst (ie Danish)
19.   Chest to bee dellivered to him presentlye affter my decease. All the Resdew (ie Residue) of goodes
20.   Unbequeaved I give to Prewdance my wyffe and do make her my executrix & to 
21.   paye my deptes performe my will and to see my bodye somblye brought to the 
22.   Earth witnes this to bee my will I do set to my hand seall the daye and year
23.   Above sayd in the presence of thos[e] whose names are under written :/

Thomas Keyes                 John Harveye
his  mark                      his Wille

Richard Robbesoun
John Let[?]

KeywordsPrudence, Mary
SourceMersea Museum