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TitleWill of John Cooke seafarer of East Mersea 1620
AbstractWill of John Cooke seafarer of East Mersea 2nd March 1620 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 5/129

Transcription by Jenny Ennew November 2022

Date of Will 2 March 1620/21
Date of Probate 8 April 1611 [??]

John Cooke leaves his house called Parises and land to his mother then to pass to brother Robert on condition he pays his sisters Margret Rose Susand & Elizabeth £3 each.
His share of boat called Samuell and boat furniture is to be sold and shared between mother and sisters.
Best clothes to be sold and money shared between mother and sisters
Robert and sisters Rose and Susand to receive a chest each.
Various amounts of money to be given to god children John Harris Elizabeth Waler Ellsebeth Cooke John Loker Mary Sparke Margret Lyngard

1.   In the name of god Amen:in the yeare of our lord 1620 :And on the
2.   second daye of march. I John cooke of Eastm[er]sey within  the deiocies of
3.   London seafaryng man Beynge sicke in Bodye but perfect in 
4.   Remberance thankes be geven to god: do ordayn And make this my
5.   Last will and testament in maner and form followinge: fyrste I
6.   Commend my sowell into the handes of Allmightye god my 
7.   crehatouer & to Jesus chryst my only savoyer & Redemer & my
8.   Bodye to the Earth Item I gyve unto my mother my house
9.   and land with the Apurtenances ther unto belongyng called 
10.   Parises[?] or By what other name or names so ever it be called deueringe
11.   the tyme of her natuerall lyfe keepinge it in good & suficynt
12.   Reparatciones: .And after her desease I give it unto Robert cooke my
13.   Brother  upon conditcion that he shall paye or cause  to be payed unto
14.   Margret cooke my Eldest syster the sume of  three poundes of good &
15.   lawfull monye of England with in on yeare after my mothers desease
16.   and allso to paye unto Roose cooke my syster the sume of three poundes
17.   of good and lawfull monye of England with in on yeare & a hallfe after
18.   my mothers  deseas and unto Susand cooke my syster £3 of good &
19.   Lawfull monye of England with in too yeares after my mothers deseas
20.   and allso  unto Ellzeabeth cooke my syster the sume of £3 of good &
21.   Lawfull monye of England with in too yeares & A hallfe after my 
22.   mothers deseas and if it please god that Anye of these my  systers do
23.   depart this mortal lyfe Befor they have Receayved  the portion afor
24.   sayd then I will that the other of my systers or syster then  lyving
25.   shall have it Equallye deveyded Amonge them And my mynde & will
26.   is that iff Robert my Brother sholld Refeuse or not paye to Anye off
27.   my systers the portcyons A for geven or  Anye part ther of then I will
28.   that my systers shall have my house and land with all the Appurte
29.   nances ther unto \called by the name A for sayd/ belongenge unto them and to ther heayres for Ever
30.   paying unto my brother Robert the sume off twellve poundes 
31.   of good & lawfull monye of England within on year & ahallfe after theye
32.   do In Joye the same : Item I will that my \part of the/ monger called the Samuell
33.   and my part of the skyfe with ther furniture ther unto belonginge shall
34.   Be soulld & the monye ther ofto bee Equallye devoyded betwenne my 
35.   mother my Brother & my systers  Item I will that my cloake my beste
36.   hat & my best dubelet shall be soulld & the monye thereof to be Equallye devoyded
37.   Betwenne my mother & my systers all the Resdew (ie Residue) of my warringe
38.   Aparell I gyve them unto Robert my Brother Item I give unto
39.   Robert my brother my best cheste And I gyve unto Rose my syster
40.   Another hutch (chest) And I gyve unto seusand my syster the hutch
41.   that she have it \only/ in liefe Item I give unto John harris my godsonne
42.   three shillinges of good & lawfull monye of  England to be payed unto him betweene [missing word here?]
43.   and Saynt  John  Baptist next cumyng Item I gyve unto Ellseabeth
44.   Waler my god daughter 18d to be payd unto [her] at Saynt John Baptes
45.   next cumyng Item I gyve unto Ellsebeth cooke my god chylld 18d 
46.   to be payd unto her at Saynt John Baptis next comying Item
47.   I gyve unto John loker my god chylld 12d to be payd unto him
48.   presentlye after my deseas  

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49.   Item I gyve unto Marye Sparke my god chilld 18d to be payd
50.   unto her presentlye after my desease Item I gyve unto Margret lyngard
51.   my god chylld 12d to be payd presentlye after my desease & all the
52.   Residew of my godes unbequeved I will they shall be soulld by myne
53.   mother whom I make myn exatrise [ie executrice] to see my deptes to be payed
54.   my bodye sembellye Brought to the Earth & this my will to bee 
55.   fullfylled Witnes that this is my will I do set to it my hand and
56.   delyver it to my Excetre[es] the daye & year Above writen
57.   The marke of
58.   John cooke
59.   In the presence of
60.   Robert Thembell
61.   his marke
62.   And Tho[mas] Harris

Probatum viijodie Aprilis Anno d[omi]ni 1611[??] iuramento exectrici [etcetera] Cora[m] vene[rabi]li viri M[agister] Thoma Withers Archi[di?co]no

(Will proved on 8 April 1611 [??] on the oath of the executrix, before the Venerable Master Thomas Withers, Archdeacon of Colchester)

SourceMersea Museum