ID: MARG_447

TitleWill of Jane Clover of West Mersea 1628
AbstractNuncupative Will of Jane Clover widow of West Mersea 29 June 1628 transcribed from ERO ref D/ABW 49/90

Transcription by Jackie Twinn and Sue Howlett May 2022

On 29 June 1628 Jane Clover, widow of West Mersea, spoke her wishes to witnesses who drew up her (nuncupative) will as follows:
To her daughter Jane she bequeathed a bed with posts, a featherbed, a mattress stuffed with pieces of cloth, a new bolster, three pillows, four pillowcases, two lockram (linen) sheets, two canvas sheets, two blankets and a bedcover. Also a brass pot, iron pot, large brass kettle, three chests and a small pot with three feet. After her burial and payment of her debts, all remaining moveable good were bequeathed to her daughter Jane, who was to be her executrix.
Until Jane reached the age of maturity, she was to be looked after by Nicholas Durrell. If he died before Jane came of age, she was to be looked after by her aunt, Anne Befe. The testator's spoken wishes were witnessed by William Dymond, Henry Thurgood and Marie Thurgood.
The will was proved on 31 July 1628.

1.   Memorandum that the ix[29]th day of June Anno d[omi]ni 1628
2.   Jane Clover of Westm[er]sea in the county of Essex widowe being
3.   of good and p[er]fect mind & memorie \Did/ make & declare her last will \nu[n]cupative/ (ie her bequests were spoken to others who recorded her wishes)
5.   or dispp[o]sur (ie disposal) of her goods in these word[es] followinge or the like in effect
6.   vizt (ie videlicet or viz) She gave & bequeathed to her daughter Jane her
7.   posted bedstedd w[i]th a featherbedd & a flockbedd and a newe bolster
8.   and three pillowes foure pillowbeeres a paire of Lockram sheetes
9.   <a paire of Lockram sheetes> and a paire of Canvas sheet[es]
10.   two blankett[es]& a Cov[er]lett a brasse pott an Iron pott a
11.   great brasse kettle and three chest[es] & a posnett (small pot with handle and three feet) All the Rest
12.   of her moveable good[es] she being decently buried and her debt[es]
13.   paid she gave & bequeathed to Jane her
14.   daughter whom she no[m]i[n]ated and appointed to be her executrix
15.   And she willed that Nicholas Durrell of Westm[er]sea
16.   afores[ai]d should have the custodie & keeping of her said
17.   daughter Jane so longe as <she> he the s[ai]d Nicholas
18.   Durrell shall live <she the s[ai]d Jane being> \duringe/ her
19.   minoritie And in case he the s[ai]d Nicholas should happen
20.   to Dye before the seid Jane her daughter should
21.   come of age then she willed that Anne Befe[?] her
22.   suster shuld have the custodie & keeping of her seid
23.   daughter And these word[es] were spoken in the
24.   p[re]sence & hearing of William Dymond Henry
25.   Thurgood and MarieThurgood

probat[ur] apud Colc[hester] ultimo ( last day of) Julij 1628
proved at Colchester)
          fit (confirmed)

Published29 June 1628
SourceMersea Museum