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TitleWill of John Boxted of West Mersea 1622
AbstractWill of John Boxted husbandman of West Mersea 1622, transcribed from Essex Record Office D/ABW 44/241

Transcripition by Jill Waters September 2022

Will of John Boxted, of West Mersea, dated 29 April 1622
Date of creation (from ERO) 10 July 1622
People mentioned are:
Thomas Boxted - son
Margaret Boxted - wife and executrix
John Boxted - youngest son
John Boxted - eldest son
Samuel Boxted - grandson - son of eldest son John Boxted
Tymothie Boxted - grandson - son of eldest son John Boxted
John Boxted - eldest son's son (ie. Grandson )
Oseth - wife of Richard Durrell
Ezechell Weaold
Robert Mann - signatory and scribe
Richard Smyth - signatory
W[illel]mo (William) Smyth - signatory
Places mentioned : West Mersea; Balland; Bantockes gate; Peethaull (Peet / Pete Hall)

1.   In the name of god Amen the ixth day of Aprill A[nn]o dom[ini] 1622 and in the nintenth yere
2.   of the Raign of o[ur] Sov[er]aign Lord James by the grace of god Kynge of Ingland Scotland
3.   Fraunce & eyerland defender of the Fayth etc. I John Boxted of Westm[er]sey in the
4.   diocies[e] of London; husbandman; Sicke in Body but p[er]fett in Remembrance <...>
5.   doe Ordayne & make this my Last wyll & Testement in manner & forme followinge
6.   First & princiepally I Comend my Soule into the hand[es] of Allmighty god my Creator
7.   And to Jhesus Christ my Allone saviour, And my Body to the Earthe: I gyve All that
8.   my house & Land[es] Called Balland[es] Lyinge in Westm[er]sey w[ith]all the Appurtnances unto
9.   Thomas Boxted my sonn and to the heyeres of his Body Lawfully Begotte
10.   <...> willinge that Margret my wyf have & Inioye (enjoy) All the sayd house & lands
11.   duringe the terme & tyme of hir wydowhod, And yf she hapen to marrye then I wyll then
12.   that Thomas my sonn shall paye unto the sayd Margrett his mother Fortye shillings by yeare
13.   duringe the terme of hir Naturall Lyf, by even & equall porcions; half yearly And
14.   yf it happen that Thomas my son dye w[it]hout Isseu then I gyve the sayd tenement & land[es]
15.   w[ith] ther Apurtnances unto John Boxted my youngest sonne & his heyers; It[e]m I gyve unto
16.   John Boxted my eldest sonn the sume of Sixe Pound[es] Lawfull englyshe money to be payd
17.   unto him within three monethes next after my decease It[e]m I gyve unto John Boxted my
18.   youngest sonn All that my Cottage at Bantock[es] gate to him & the heyers of his body
19.   It[e]m I wyll that yf it happen the sayd John Boxted \my youngest sonn/ do dye w[ith]out Isseu of his Bodye then
20.   I gyve the sayd Cottage unto Thomas my sonne & to his heyers; Provided that I wyll
21.   Margrett my wyf \shall have & houlde/ all that my sayd Cottage at Bantock[es] gate duringe the terme of hir
22.   <...> \wydow hood/ kepinge the house in All needfull & necessary rep[ar]acions; It[e]m I gyve unto John
23.   Boxted my Eldest sonnes child the sume of sixe shilling[es] & eight pence to be payd unto him
24.   at or before the next Cou[r]te at Peethaull houlden for the sayd man[er] for & toward[es] the
25.   payinge of a Fyne: for the Admittance of the sayd John in remaynder after the decease of
26.   Oseth the wyf of Richard Durrell, To a tenement & Land[es] late Ezechell Weaold
27.   It[e]m I gyve unto Sameuell and Tymothie the sonnes of John Boxted my eldest sonne
28.   eyther of them Fortye shilling[es] to be payed unto them when[ever] they shall acomplishe thir
29.   sev[er]all ages of twenty yeares. It[e]m I gyve unto Thomas my sonn one hutch & one Brase
30.   pott, It[e]m I gyve unto John Boxted my yongest sonne one Chist and my Least brasse
31.   Pott to be deliv[er]ed unto them At thir Ages of xx yeares <...> And I wyll that if any of
32.   the children aforsayd happen to dye I wyll that the one brother shalbe heyer \to/ the other
33.   All the Residue of my good[es] & Chattells I gyve them \unto/ Margret my wyf toward the bringing
34.   up of my Children And the p[er]forminge of this my wyll. And I ordayne & make Margret
35.   my wyf my sol Execrutrix to se this my wyll Fullfylled & kept
36.   Wytnes that this is my Last wyll I have hearunto sett my hand & seall the day and
37.   year above written In the p[re]sent[es] of
38.   Robert Mann           John Boxted
39.   Richard Smyth           his marke
40.   W[illel]mo Smyth

Published29 April 1622
SourceMersea Museum