ID: MARG_441

TitleWill of Petter Blowers of East Mersea 1624/25
AbstractWill of Petter Blowers of East Mersea 19 January 1624/25 transcribed from ERO D/ACW 9/203

Transcription by Meg Ross and Maggie Anderson July 2022

1   In the name of God Amen the xixth [19th] day of
2   January in the ijth [22nd] yeare of the Raigne of o[ur] most
3   Gratious lord Kinge James kinge of England Scotland
4   France and Eyerland deffender of the Faith Anno Domi[n]e
5   1624. I Petter Blowers of Eastm[er]sey in the County
6   of Essex Tayler being sicke in body But of Good
7   and p[er]fitt Remembrence thankes be geven to God for
8   yet do ordayne and macke this my last well and
9   Testament in maner and Forme following First
10   I geve and bequeth my Soulle to almighty god my
11   Cretor and to Jesus Christ my Redemer by whom
12   my suer Trist and Confidince is to be saved and my
13   body to the Earth at the decration of my Executor
14   It[e]m I do geve and bequeth \unto/ Petter Blowers my sonne
15   one Ewe shepe to be deliv[er]ed p[re]sently \after/ my dessase
16   and Thre Poundes of Curent mony of England to be
17   payd to him when he shall com[e] to the age of xxj years
18   allso I geve unto him a Framed tabell and Thre Jo[i]ned
19   stoles \and a forme/ iij huches and bed a boulster a pellow a blanket and
20   a Cov[er]ing to be deliv[er]ed to him at the dessease of Susane
21   my wyfe It[e]m I do geve and bequaeth unto Susana my
22   daughter Thre Poundes of Curent mony of England
23   to be payd unto hur att the age of xxj yeares and my well
24   and mening is that yf Petter my sonn and Susana my
25   daughter do yther of them dep[ar]t this life befor thay
26   do come to the age of xxj yeares \and w[i]thout hayer[es]/ the one of them to be
27   the other[es] hayer and yf both of them doth dep[ar]t this life
28   befor thay shall com to the ages of xxj year[es] and yther of
29   them without hayer[es] and Susanna my wife then living
30   then I geve the aforsayd Sixe poundes unto Susane
31   my wyfe . But yf Susana my wyfe be dead before
32   any of my Children Petter or Susana then I do
33   geve Five poundes of the aforsayd Sexe poundes unto
34   William Blowers my Brother and Twenty shillinges
35   unto \Hewe?/ Blowers my Brother
36   Item xx\I geve/ unto Susana my daughter my best bed and
37   a bed stedell a boulster and ij pillowes and a Cov[er]inge
38   one small huch a lettell boxe and Cobboard to be deliv[er]ed
39   at the dessease of Susana my wyfe all the Rest of my
40   Goodes unbequethed I do geve unto Susana my Wife
41   whom I do macke my sole Executor to se this my
42   well proved my deptes payd and the legeces in
43   this my well to be payd and my body in decent sort
44   browght to the Earth and this my well in Ev[er]y poynt
45   p[er]formed as my suer Trist (sure trust) and Confidece in hur is
Sealled & deliv[er]ed in the p[re]sentes
of us and befor the Sealing thes
wordes Twenty shillinges unto
Hewe Blower[es] my Brother
wer[?] playn I do geve unto Susana
My daughter wer playn

    p[er] me John Pollard    
    John GoodwinPetter
his m[ar]ke
Published19 January 1624/25
SourceMersea Museum