ID: MARG_372

TitleSurrender of Rolves [ Rolls? ] in North Peete by Walter George and admission of Thomas Reynolds 1658
AbstractSurrender of Rolves in North Peete by Walter George, Customary Tenant of Manor of Pete Hall and admission of Thomas Reynolds.

Transcribed from Draft court book, Manorial, Manor of Peet Hall and Finginghoe. Draft court minutes. 1656-1659. Essex Record Office D/DMb M159.

Transcriber Elaine Barker 1 May 2021

Peete hall ff Be it remembered that the One and twentieth day
of June in the yeere of our Lord One thowsand
sixe hundred fiftie and eighte Walter George A
Customary tenant of the Mannor aforesaid did
surrender into the handes of the Lord of the Mannor
aforesaid by the handes of William Cockerell insteade
of the Lordes bailiff in the presence of John Shaw
Gent[leman] and William Moore - Two Customary
tennants of the same Mannor the same witnessing
according to the Custome of the said Mannor As well
all that his Messuage or Tenement and two yard
lands & an halfe and five acres of Lingland [Note 1] [copia fecit in the margin Note 2]
Customary called Rolves in North Peete [Note 3] (To
which said surrendered premisses the said Walter
George at the Courte houlden for the said Mannor
the two & twentieth day of July in the fourth yeare
of the reigne of Charles late king of England & c[etera] [Note 4]
was admitted tenant) As also all other his landes
tenements and hereditaments whatsoever they be
with their and every of their appurtena[u]nces, by what
name or names soever they or any of them are
called or knowen by, houlden of the said Mannor
by coppy of Courteroll To and for the onely use
benifitt & behoofe of Thomas Reynolds [Note 5] of Colchester
in the County of Essex Saiemaker [Note 5] his heires &
assignes for ever./
            Walter George
William Cockerell
Jhon Shaw           At the Court houlden 13 Apr[il] 1659 the said Tho[mas]
William Moore       Renold[es] was admitted Ten[a]nt & did fealty
          The above named Walter George had the p[re]misses
          of the surrender & according to the last will of
          Rob[er]t George his father at the Court in his surr[ender]

Note 1: Lingland: ling is heather
Note 2: copia fecit = copy made?
Note 3: Rolves in North Peete is possibly Rolls Farm which is on Pete Tye Common, the northernmost part of the Manor of Pete Hall.
The will of Robert George 1609 probably refers to the same house and land - see MARG_373_011
Note 4: c 1628 Charles succeeded in 1625
Note 5: Thomas Reynolds was a Colchester cloth merchant, alderman and twice Mayor who became Lord of the Manor of Peldon Hall c 1650. See Peldon and the Mayors of Colchester for more on Thomas Reynolds.
Note 6: Saiemaker = saymaker, a maker of fine woollen cloth

SourceMersea Museum