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TitleCourt Baron of West Mersea 1725
AbstractCourt Baron of West Mersea, 1725 transcribed from ERO D/DEt T167

Transcription and translation by Elaine Barker and Trevor Hearn October 2023

The document is in Latin. There is a translation to English further down the page.

Court Baron of West Mersea from Court Rolls for 1725 transcribed from Essex Record Office document. Transcription of the court roll.

[In margin: Maneriu[m] de Westmersey 1725]

1   Cur[ia] Baron[is] Johannis Kidby gen[erosi] d[omi]ni Manerij p[re]d[icti] tent[a] ib[ide]m decimo
2   Octavo die Januarij Anno Regni d[omi]ni nostri Georgij dei Gra[tia] Magne Britanie Francie
3   & Hib[er]nie Regis Fidei defensor[is] e[t]c duodecimo Annoq[e] d[omin]I 1725 Coram Thoma
4   Kidby Gen[eroso] sene[scha]ll[o] ib[ide]m
5   Cum ad cur[iam] hic tent[am] Quinto die Julij Anno d[omi]ni Millesimo septingentesimo decimo quarto Radulphus
6   Harrison gen[erosus] admissus fuit sibi & hered[ibus] suis ad unum Tenement[um] & Quinquagint[a] & Quinque Acr[as]
7   terr[e] Et Quindecim acras Maristi voc[at] Beolds cum p[er]t[inent]ijs modo ad hanc Cur[iam] comp[ar]t[us] est p[er] homag[ium]
8   quod p[re]d[ictus] Radulphus Harrison post ult[iman] Cur[iam] obijt sic inde seisit[us] Et quod Thomas Harrison filius Thome
9   Harrison defunct[i] fratris Joh[ann]is Harrison patris p[re]d[icti] Radulphi est Consanguineus & her[id]es p[re]d[icti] Radulphi
10   qui ad tunc admissus fuit Et Superinde venit hic in Cur[iam] p[re]d[ictus] Thomas Harrison & Humilitor
11   petijt de d[omi]no ad p[re]missa p[re]d[icta] se Admitti Tenentem Cui d[omi]nus p[er] sene[sca]ll[um] suu[m] p[re]d[ictum] concessit & delib[er]avit
12   seisinam p[re]missor[um] per Virgam Habend[um] & Tenend[um] p[re]missa p[re]d[icta] cum p[er]t[inenc]iis p[re]fat[e] Thom[e] Harrison
13   Hered[ibus] & ass[ignati]s suis de d[omi]no p[er] virgam ad voluntat[e] d[omi]ni s[e]c[un]d[u]m Consuetud[inem] Manorij p[re]d[icti] p[er] reddit[us]
14   & Consuetud[inem] inde prius debit[a] & de jure consuet[a] Et dat d[omi]no de fine p[ro]ut in Margine sed fides respuatur e[t]c

English Translation
The Manor of West Mersea
Court Baron of John Kidby, gentleman, Lord of the aforesaid manor, held there on the eighteenth day of January, in the twelfth year of the reign of our Lord George, by the grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, etc. and in the year of the Lord 1725, in the presence of Thomas Kidby, gentleman, steward there.

When at the court here on the fifth day of July in the year of the Lord one thousand seven hundred and fourteen Ralph Harrison, gentleman, was admitted to himself and his heirs to one tenement and fifty five acres of land and fifteen acres of marshland called Beolds with the appurtenances. It was brought to this court by homage that the aforesaid Ralph Harrison died after the last court, and that Thomas Harrison, the son of Thomas Harrison, the deceased brother of John Harrison, the father of the aforesaid Ralph, is kinsman and heir of the aforesaid Ralph, who was then admitted and after that Thomas Harrison came here to the aforesaid court and humbly asked the Lord to be admitted to the aforesaid premises as a tenant to whom the Lord through his foresaid had devised and resolved the seisin of the premises by rod to have and hold the aforesaid premises with the appurtenances of the aforesaid Thomas Harrison to the heirs and assigns of the aforesaid from the Lord by the rod at the will of the Lord according to the custom of the aforesaid manor by the rents and the custom due therefrom before and customary by law and gives to the Lord the fine as in the margin, but fealty was refused etc.

Published5 July 1725
SourceMersea Museum