ID: MARG_358

TitleWill of William Pugle, husbandman, of West Mersea
AbstractWill of William Pugle, husbandman, of West Mersea 28 December 1607 transcribed from ERO D/ABW 30/99

Transcription by: Jackie Twinn April 2024

1.   In the name of god Amen the xxviijti daie of December in the fift yeare
2.   of the Reigne of o[ur] soveraine Lorde James now kinge et[cetera] and in the
3.   yeare of our Lorde god 1607 I Will[ia]m Pugle of Westmersea in [th]e Countie
4.   of Essex husbandman beinge sick of bodie but of p[er]fect remembrance doe
5.   make this my last will and testament in forme followinge first I
6.   Comende my soule into the hands of almightie god and my bodie to be
7.   buried where it shall please god to appoynt: Item I give and bequeath
8.   unto Richarde Smith my daughters sonne all those my twoo tenements
9.   lyinge and beinge in the p[ar]ishe of Tyllingham in the Countie of Essex
10.   w[i]th all and singuler the lands and appurtenances unto them belonging
11.   Comonly Called and knowne by the names of Whiskets & Gratnels
12.   or by anie other name or names whatsoever which I will shall
13.   remaine unto him the saide Richarde Smithe and to his heires for
14.   ever, but if it shall happen the said Richarde Smith to dep[ar]te this
15.   life before he come to the age of thirtie yeares and without
16.   heires of his bodie lawfully begotten then I will that Elizabeth
17.   the wife of John Pollarde of Eastmersea shall have the one
18.   of the saide twoo Tenements Called whiskets w[i]th all the lands &
19.   appurtenances thereunto belonginge to hir & hir heires for
20.   ever, And my will and meanige is that the other Tenements with
21.   all the lands & apurtenances thereunto belonginge Called
22.   Gratnells shall remaine unto my daughter Ann the wife of
23.   Nicholas Durell for and dureinge the terme of hir natureall
24.   life and after hir decease I will the same shall remaine unto
25.   hir twoo daughters Ann Smith and Elizabeth the wife of John
26.   Pollarde aforesaide p[ar]te & p[ar]te like between them to them and
27.   their heires for ever: It[em] I will and my meaninge is that the saide
28.   Richard Smith shall paie out of the saide twoo Tenenements unto
29.   the saide Elizabeth the wife of John Pollarde the sume of
30.   twentie pounds of good & lawfull monie of Inglande in maner
31.   & forme followinge vi[de]l[i]c[e]t tenn pounds w[i]thin three yeares next
32.   after my decease & other tenn pounds w[i]thin fower yeares next
33.   after my decease if he the saide Richarde doe so longe live but if
34.   he die before the same be due so that one of the saide tenements
35.   come to hir the saide Elizabeth from the gifte of the saide monie
36.   to cease: It[em] I give to the poore of westmersea iij s & iiij d and I
37.   give to the poore of Kel[ve]done tenn shillinges to be paide w[i]thin one
38.   yeare next after my decease: All the rest of my goods
39.   unbequeathed I give them unto the aforenamed Richard Smithe
40.   whome I ordeine & make him my sole execut[or] of this my last
41.   will & testament to se the same p[er]formed & my bodie decently
42.   brought to the grounde: In witnes whereof I have herunto
43.   put my hande & seale the day & yeare first above written
44.   These beinge wittnesses
  Timo[thy] Hearne and   William Pugle
              his marke
Richard Pollard

Published28 December 1607
SourceMersea Museum