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TitleEast Mersea Courte Leete 1589 D/DU 555/18
AbstractEast Mersea Courte Leete ERO D/DU 555/18
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Transcribed by Jools Hoyle 23 May 2020

1. 5. Aug[ust]. 5. JacobiIt was ordeyned that no Ten[au]nt or inhabitant of this mannor shall suffer their horses or great cattle to goo & fall upon the co[m]mon marshe, streets or high wayes on paine for ev[er]y offence __x s
2. Item. 1. Maij 15 Jac[obi]   It[e]m that ev[er]y resiant [resident, OED] that ought to paye co[m]mon fine & shall refu[se]
3. by the space of a month next ensuing the Leet shall forfeict _____xij d
4. 1. Maij. 15. Jac[obi] the homage presented That divers forreyners dwelling [out]
5. of this Mano[r] had trespassed against the Lo[rd] of this Manor
6. in caryeng Ballast from the Lords soyle called Eastm[ersey]
7. Stone
8. 3. Junij. 16. Jac[obi]: The inhabitants of Eastmersy weare ordered to repayre the
9. Butts before the first of August next upon paine of x s
10.   a[nn]o. 17. Jac[obi]:- The homage presented that the Common Fine hath ever
11.a[nn]o. 17. Jac[obi]:- binne xix s But bycause Baron Southerton late Lord
12.a[nn]o. 19. Jac[obi]: of this manno[r] sold & freed thease ten[eme]nts viz- Martells
13.20 July. A[nn]o. Jac[obi] Bromans, Bury, Staneland, WestLand, Cobbs, Werwards
14.Girdlers, Cockmans, and Stoneacre late p[ar]cell of this
15.mano[r] / w[hi]ch ever used to paye three Shillings & eight penc[e]
16.towards the said co[m]mon fine / Therefore now at this courte
17.they give onely xv s iiij d for the co[m]mon fine /
18.But it is to be enquiered whither those tene[me]nts be so
19.discharged of the iij s viij d as is pretended, or not
20.A[nn]o. 18. Jac[obi]. The surveyours of the highewayes weare ordred to fill a pitt
21.lately digged in the highe waye upon the greene leading
22.towards the land called Wymbyes , before Wicesond[ay] [Whitsunday?] next
23.upon payne of the forfeicture of x s /
24.A[nn]o 18. Jac[obi]. The Terrtenaunts [landholders OED] of WareLand weare presented for
25.encroching upon the Highe Wayes etc. & ordred to redress it
26.before the feaste of All Saynts next, upon forfeict[ure] of xl s
27.A[nn]o. 18. Jac[obi]: The ten[au]ntes of the land late of Edw[ard]: Greene weare ordered fense the said land towards KateStreate before Candlemas [2nd Feb]
29.daye next upon forfeicture of xl s
30.A[nn]o. 18. Jac[obi]: The Bayly was co[m]aund[e]d to reteyne to the Lords use, an
31.old Mare prized vj s viij d, w[hi]ch was strayed into this
32.Manor & had binne p[ro]claymed etc.
33.A[nn]o. 18. Jac[obi]: W[illia]m Smith and George Sherlock weare ordred to new the tene[me]nt called the Cocke, w[hi]ch lately was consumed
35.w[i]th fyer etc /
36.A[nn]o. 19. Jac[obi]: Alex[ander] Newman victualer was fyned at xx s for selling
37.lesse measure of beer than he ought. /

This Book:
Compiled in the 1650s to record known information about EM Hall Manor and its tenants for the Lord of the Manor, John Handford of Mitcham, Surrey. He inherited EM Manor from his father, Sir Humphrey Handford, Alderman of the City of London, The book has maps, an index and lots of pages regarding Free and Customary Tenants etc as well as Demesne lands (held directly by the Lord of the Manor).
Sue Howlett

SourceMersea Museum