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TitleThe demesnes of East Mersey D/DU 555/18
AbstractThe Demesnes of Eastmersy Essex Record Office D/DU 555/18 (f.42)
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Transcribed by Jools Hoyle 14 May 2020

Survay. A[nn]o 3 Jacobi [ Note 1 ]
1.   Thomas French gent[leman] claymeth to hold by le[tt]ers pattent[s] dated
2.   4. Febr[uary]: A[nn]o. Eliz[abeth]: 31mo [1589] made to George Gower [ Note 2 ] [painter to the Queen] All that the
3.   Scite of the Mannor of Eastmersy w[i]th his rights members and
4.   app[ur]ten[au]nces in the county of Essex And all & singuler the demesne
5.   Lands &c belonging to the L[ordshi]p of the Mannor aforesaid / And all
6.   the workedayes of the Customary ten[au]nts of the s[ai]d Manno[r] / And all
7.   the houses buildings &c Lands tenem[en]ts &c and hereditam[en]ts w[ha]tsoever
8.   to the said Scite of the mannor belonging, heeretofore p[ar]cell
9.   of the possessions of the late Lord Marney, and granted by
10.   l[ett]res pattents dated 9. Febr[uary]: 10 Eliz[abeth]: to Anne Aglionby widdowe [ Note 3 ]
11.   for xxxj yeares beginninge from the tyme wherein the terme of
12.   xxj yeares granted to S[ir] Edw[ard]: Walgrave Knight by l[ett]ers patt[en]ts
13.   dat[ed] 12. Dec[ember]: 1. Marie. should expire. / viz.

14.   The Mansionall house very ruinous vj roomes / one }
15.   kitchen / one kilhouse ij roomes / one boltinghouse }
16.   one roome / one barne of iiij bayes / one stable }   acr[es]
17.   adioyneng / one haybarne 1 baye / & a porch }   ij
18.   conteyning by estimac[i]on}
19.   One close of pasture called Walbrooks, on the E. side of the house viij   acr[es]
20.   A close of pasture called Dovehowse field xvj   acr[es]
21.   A field inclosed called Churchfield xxx   acr[es]
22.   Anoth[er] field inclosed called Coatfield xxvj   acr[es]
23.   One close called Midlefield al[ia]s Newfield xxij   acr[es]
24.   One meadowe inclosed called Hoefield xxx   acr[es]
25.   Fowre fields lying together called Eadlands xliij   acr[es]
26.   One field now devyded into ij closes called Clipswell xxxiiij   acr[es]
27.   One close called Gravell pitts x   acr[es]
28.   Barne Crofte conteyning of land ij   acr[es]
29.   One close called Conver upon w[hi]ch a cottage of three} xxviij
30.   bayes (now decayed) lately stood, conteyning }   acr[es]
31.   One meadowe called the Fan viij   acr[es]
32.   Another field called Swades meadowe ij   acr[es]
33.   One field called Goldhill ij   acr[es]
34.   A peece of pasture called Blackacre j   acr[e]
35.   Marshground late wonne from the Sea xl   acr[es]
36.   A field called Smithelms xx   acr[es]
37.   A close of pasture called Rosecrofte viij   acr[es]
38.   A close of errable [ie arable] called Turcks ij   acr[es]

39.   The worke of the ten[au]nt[es]. /
40.   To hold all & singuler the p[re]misses except great trees wood und[er]woods [ie undergrowth]
41.   etc & all & all manner of Courts Baron of the s[ai]d Mannor and Leetes
42.   View of Franck plege perquisitte & profitts of courts & Leetes, Reliefs
43.   Herriotts & Escheates wayfes strayes wrecks of the sea Fishe royalties
44.   goods and chattells of Felons & fugitives, felons de se, exigents, condempned
45.   & outlawed p[er]sons, and advowsons of churches & chappells & oth[er] royalties
46.   to the s[ai]d mannor belonging, happening, yssueng [ie issuing] or coming upon
47.   To the s[ai]d George Gower his exec[utor] & assignes ... [The last word on this page is 'surrender', but as we do not have the next page with the rest of the sentence, we have ended the transcript after 'assignes'.]

Note 1 These are notes made around 1650 based on part of the Survey of East Mersea Hall Manor made 1606-1606 by John Harvey & Son. A later survey was made by Thomas Peachy in 1616, all very helpful to future Lords of the Manor who wanted to update all their lists of lands, tenants etc.
Note 2 see:
Note 3 'Aglionby, Mrs Anne: By 1562 January: 'Mother of the Maids' (to c.1570). £20 p.a. Widow of Hugh Aglionby (died by 1554), formerly Secretary to Queen Katherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry VIII; she was a Gentlewoman of the Queen's Household. 1565 Dec 25: at court took Communion with Archbishop and Lord Chamberlain. In 1568, described as Mother of the Maids, she had a lease from the Crown of East Mersea manor, Essex.' See:

This Book:
Compiled in the 1650s to record known information about EM Hall Manor and its tenants for the Lord of the Manor, John Handford of Mitcham, Surrey. He inherited EM Manor from his father, Sir Humphrey Handford, Alderman of the City of London, The book has maps, an index and lots of pages regarding Free and Customary Tenants etc as well as Demesne lands (held directly by the Lord of the Manor).
Sue Howlett

Published4 February 1589
SourceMersea Museum