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TitleEast Mersea Customary or Copyhold tennaunts 1559 D/DU 555/18
AbstractCustomary or Copyhold tennants 1559 transcribed from Essex Record Office D/DU 555/18 F4
ERO D/DU 555/18 contains the Abstracts of court rolls, manor of East Mersea alias East Hall, 1559-c1650

Transcriber Jools Hoyle 8 June 2020

1. 1.Sept[ember]. 1.Eliz[abeth]:John Abell gent[leman] by vertue of hir ma[jest]ies l[ett]ers und[er] }
2.hir privy seale, was admitted ten[au]nt unto xv } v £
3. Hie tresonacres called Stoneland & 4 acres of Salt marsh }
4.w[hi]ch late weare Tho[mas]: Abells Clarck, attainted of }Stoneland.etc.
5.high treason and p[ai]d for fine & admission }
6.Nicholas Midleton and Petronella his wife weare } the same courte admitted to all the same lands } xxxs
8.upon John Abells surrender & p[ai]d for fine & admission }
9. 22.Aug[ust]. 7.Eliz[abeth]:Nic[holas] Midleton was admitted upon the surrender }Southhideland
10.of Grace Whyter to one crofte of Land called }Palfreymans
11.Southhideland & one acre called Palfreymans to }vjs viij d
12.hold to him his heires & assignes & p[ai]d for fine } appeareth folio 34 }
14.He was also then admitted upon the surrend[er] of W[illia]m } Manedonns
15.Midleton to Two parcells of Land Customary } xs
16.called Manedonns. To hold to him and his heires and }see folio 33
17.assignes upon Condico[ns] etc as appeareth & p[ai]d }
18.The said Nic[holas] Midleton his death was presented & th[a]t The Cocke
19. 24.Sept[ember].21.Eliz[abeth]:he had held of this mannor. vij acr[es] of Land called Estland
20.the Cocke, Customary & Herriott / & j other tenem[en]t Stonyland
21.& iiij acr[es] of Land called Estland Cust[omary] & Herr[iott] and Manedonns other p[iece] of land called Stonyland by estimac[i]on Southhide
23.xv acres of land &iiij acres of marshe Customary. Palfreymans
24.And one p[iece] of land w[i]th pasture for xvij sheepe Wisdoms marshe, called Manedonns /
26.and one croft of land called Southhide / w[i]th one
27.acre of land called Palfreymans. All w[hi]ch he had
28.surrendered to the use of his last will1, whereby
29.Elizabeth his widdowe was admitted to all the p[re]misses
30.for xij y[ere]s. / and the howse and lands called the Cocke for
31.terme of hir Life.
32.John Midleton being within age, (by W[illia]m Smith) was
33.admitted to Stonylands, Whyters, (int[er] alia) The Cock,
34.Manedonns, Motts, Bogrelly and Sheaes. To holde him & the heires of his body /. The Lo[rd]: had for fines/ vj£ xiijs iiijd
36.Will[ia]m Smith was appointed his Guardian./
37.The Lo[rd]: had for \2/ Herriotts [ Note 2 ] vallewed p[er] the>x£
38. 10.Sept[ember].22.Eliz[abeth]:William Smith had lysence for xij y[ere]s. to lett }
39.the lands sometimes Nic[holas] Midleton. to whomesoe[ver] } xijs
40.him pleased, and paid for this by lysences }
41. 19.Sept[ember].23.Eliz[abeth]:The death of John Midleton, sonne of Nic[holas]: was found and
42.that without yssue of his body. That Pheba & Elizabeth
43.weare his Sisters & heyres./
44. 11.Aug[ust].33.Eliz[abeth]:Elizabeth did marry Will[ia]m Smith, Pheba did marry}
45.Samewell Maye./ whoe at this court weare admitted } all the p[re]misses according to Nic[holas] Midletons will }
47.The fine is not entered. }

Note 1 Copyhold land couldn't be bequeathed directly but your will would say that you wanted a named heir to have it, which the court would normally agree (and charge a fine for the heir to take over the land).
Note 2 A feudal service, originally consisting of weapons, horses, and other military equipments, restored to a lord on the death of his tenant; afterwards a render of the best live beast or dead chattel of a deceased tenant due by legal custom to the lord of whom he held, this render was commuted in many cases for a fixed money payment

KeywordsPaul Freeman's
Published1 September 1559
SourceMersea Museum