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TitleEast Mersea Courte Baron ERO D/DU 555/18
AbstractEast Mersea Courte Baron Essex Record Office ref. D_DU_555_18
ERO D/DU 555/18 contains the Abstracts of court rolls, manor of East Mersea alias East Hall, 1559-c.1650

Transcribed by Jools Hoyle (checked by Sue) 27 January 2021

Courte Baron.

1. 1.Sept[ember]. 1.Eliz[abeth]: Imp[rim]is at this Courte all the tennaunts w[hi]ch appeared }
2.did atturne by paym[en]t of a penny & did fealtye }
3. 12.Sept[ember]. 2.Eliz[abeth]:It[e]m Robart Cam[m]ock was amerced for fayling to}
4.doe suite at this court, being a ten[au]nt of this Manno[r]} iij d
5. 17.July. 3.Eliz[abeth]. It[e]m Rob[er]t Cam[m]ock was amerced for fayling at this }
6.court ij s & five other ten[au]ntes iij d p[er] peece} iij s iij d
7. 14.Aug[ust]. 4.Eliz[abeth]: It[e]m the homage presented that J[oh]n Harvy had not}
8.repayred the howsen appointed by th[e] Leete. held} xLj s
9.17.July. 3.Eliz[abeth]: (as in folio. 1.) & therefore had forfeited}
10. It[e]m the homage appointed th[e] said Harvy to repaire}
11. the Barne, Kitchen & Malting howse of his tenem[en]t }
12. called Martells, before the next courte upon }
13. paine of Forfeiting the same into th[e] Lords hands}
14. and that forever. }
15. 11.Aug[ust]. 5.Eliz[abeth]: It[e]m upon the death of Tho[mas]: Webbe, none making}
16. clayme to th[e] Lands whereof he died seised, at the }
17. next court, they weare seised into the Lords }
18. hands as in folio. 25. appeareth. }
19. th[e] same court.It[e]m Grace Baker paid for leave to lett hir lands}
20. for xxj yeares} xij d
21. 12.Sept[ember]. 8.Eliz[abeth]:It[e]m it is a Custome of this mannor, That the first} A custome
22. begotten Daughter after the death of hir auncestor} see fol[io].36.
23. shall inheritt Customary Lands & tenem[en]ts to hir &} A[nn]o.43.
24. to hir heyres, alone by hir self & not with hir} Eliz[abeth]
25. other Sisters in Coparceny. see folio. 7. of th[e] book}
26. th[e] same Court. It[e]m Richard Kynott being heire & under age, the}
27. see 20.No[vember]. 8.Jacobi. Custody of his body & lands weare com[m]itted to Willi[a]m}
28. Fyner untill he should attaine unto th[e] age of xv} A Custome.
29. yeares payeng to the Lo[rd]: of the mannor for the}
30. halfe of the premisses yearely at th[e] manno[r] feaste} vide folio. 18.
31. usually xiij s iiij d, cleare of all Charges & reprises}
32. untill such time as he should come to xv yeares}
33. of age according to th[e] Custome of this manno[r]}
34. see further folio 16 of this book.         xx\& in folio. 29./ }
35. 12.Sept[ember]. 8.Eliz[abeth]: It[e]m Thomas Jollye was taxed at vj s viij d bycause Joane}
36. Bennet, now his wife, did before hir mariage demise hir} vj s viij d
37. Customary Lands (folio. 18.) for 4 yeares w[i]thout lysence}
38. to Nic[holas] midleton contrary to the Custome.}
39. 15 Aug[ust]: 11.Eliz[abeth]: It[e]m Nic[holas] midleton for felling iij Pollards & ymployeng them}
40. upon his freehold Lands (as at a court held 10.Sept[ember]: 10.Eliz[abeth]}
41. submitting himself to th[e] mercy of the Lo[rd]: was fynde at}iij s iiij d
42. at th[at] courte.It[e]m Theare \was/ a certeyne custome in this mannor \now}
acknoledged by which/ nyne}
43. see A[nn]o.33.H[enry].8.Customary ten[au]nt[e]s weare then \found/ indebtid to paie unto] } A custome.
th[e Lord } see 20.
44. It[e]m.2.Oct[ober]:24.Eliz[abeth] for not collecting of his rents when theare turne came} No[vember].
45. where this custome Liij s iiij d ev[er]y one to be collected & raysed by the yssues of } 8.Jacobi.\
46. is lardgely explayned
      & is now entred
      folio. 45. /
their Lands yearely untill it weare discharged . as in fol[io] 10 }

Keywordscamock, cammock
Published1 September 1559
SourceMersea Museum